Tuesday, July 3, 2018



A Body Of A Wild Elephant Recovered In A Paddy Field

A body of a Wild Elephant believes to
be died due to an electrocution was recovered by the Wild Life officers at a paddy field in Nawamanikdeniya ,Welikanda area last Monday (02)evening.

The Deceased Wild Elephant who lived in a reserve at Aselapura  was around 7 feet tall and around 10-12 years old according to officials.

Prices Of 5 KG And 2.3 KG Gas Cylinders Have Been Reduced

Prices of 5 Kilo Gramme and 2.3 Kilo Gramme Domestic Gas Cylinders have been reduced by Rs.55 and Rs.25 respectively with effect from 29 th of June according to the Minister of Trade and Commerce Rishad Baduideen.

The price of a 12.5 Kilo Gramme Domestic Gas Cylinder has been reduced by Rs.138 last week.

Minister has ordered the Consumer Affairs Authority to take a legal action against those traders who are still  selling Gas Cylinders for higher prices even after the price reduction.



Chemicals In Varnish And Paints May Have A Risk Of Developing Crippling Nerve Disorder


Four Teachers Unions To Launch An Island Wide Sick Note Campaign In Schools Today

Four Teachers trade unions are due to
launch an island wide sick note campaign in State Schools against the appointments made to the Education sector on the pretext of providing solutions to the political injustice.

The discussion  held between Prime Minister Ranil wikramasinghe and Teachers trade unions yesterday(03) at Prime Minister's office had ended without reaching an agreement regarding the Unions demand it has been reported.

After the talks Teachers trade unions including Lanka Teachers Union and Education Sector Administrative Officers Union have decided to go ahead with the trade union action.

The Teachers will conduct a protest march today from Sugathadasa Stadium in Battaramulla to Education Ministry during the sick note campaign according to the Unions.

Meanwhile Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam has appealed the students to attend schools today as usual as Schools will not close due to the teachers Trade Union action.

A Disciplinary Inquiry Against State Minister Vijayakala Maheshwaran Over Her LTTE Favored Speech To Be Held Today(04)

A Disciplinary Inquiry against the State
Minister Of  Chilld  Affairs Vijayakala Maheshwaran who made a controvertial statement regarding LTTE,scheduled to be held today(04)..

The State Minister Maheshwaran due to be appeared to face this inquiry and a Disciplinary action will be taken against her as per the results of the inquiry it has been stated.

Meanwhile there were runours that the Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe had requested the President Maithripala Sirisena to remove the State Minister Maheshhwaran from her Ministerial Post temporarily until the inquiry against her is completed.

Parliamentary  sittings held yesterday (03)were adjourned until today (04) due to a tense situation occurred Regarding   the statement made by State Minister Mahehwaran on LTTE. 

Mumbai rail bridge collapse strands thousands of commuters


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A Tense Situation Has Occurred In Parliament Due To The LTTE Favor Speech Made By A State Minister

A Tense situation occurred in Parliament today(03) over the speech made by State Minister of Child Affairs Vijayakala Maheshwaren recently stating that LTTE  Should have given a life .
As the Opposition MP's opposed the statement made by the State Minister Soon after the Parliamentary proceedings,The house had been adjourned for few minutes.However soon after the proceedings of the house resumed the Opposition MP's have continued  their protest over the State Minister's statement.
State Minister Maheshwaran has stated during a function held yesterday (02) in North that the LTTE Should have given a new life and during the LTTE Rule in North there's a much freedom than now.
The Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has later informed the Parliament that a disciplinary inquiry will be held regarding the ccomment of the State Minister.

A Police Constable Has Committed Suicide

A Police Constable attached to the Thelippalai Police in Jaffna had committed suicide by his official firearm while at workplace it has been reported.
The cause behind the suicide has not yet been revealed.The body of the deceased had been sent to Thelippalai Hospital for the post mortum.


A Three Wheeler Driver Was Killed Due To A Falling Of A Rubber Tree In To His Three Wheeler

A Three Wheeler driver was killed on the spot after a  Huge Rubber tree had t fallen in to his  Three Wheeler at Udukadulaima in Ambalanwatte , Kahawatte area yesterday today(03)

The residents of the area had quickly cut the Tree,Taken the Three wheeler out of the vehicle and hospitalized,However he had succumbed to his injuries on admission according to reports.

The deceased had faced this incident  while on the way his home from Ambalanwatte area.He was a resident of North Manapitiya in Ambalanwatte area.

A Person Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

A 32 year old person was killed due to a Wild Elephant attack in a jungle area at Dosarwetiya area in Suriyawewa,Welikande yesterday(02) it has been reported.

The deceased was a resident of Kadiraveli area in Wakarai it has been revealed.

The body of the deceased had been sent  to Weliknada Hospital for the Post Mortem.

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