Friday, May 20, 2016


Main Water Refinery In Ambathale Is To Closed Down If The Water Level Increased To 23 Feet

The main water refinery in Ambathale ,Colombo will be closed if the water level reach up to 23 feet from the current level of 19.11 feet Minister Rauf Hakeem has announced today(20) in parliament.

However as the water level in Kelani River is decreasing at present there's no threat of closing down the Ambathale Refinery the Minister has stated.

If the Ambathale Water Refinery is close down the water supply to Colombo has  completely stopped he has further added.


Parliamentary Sessions Postponed Until 25th Of May

The Parliamentary Sessions have been postponed until 25th of May in view of enabling the Parliamentarians to visit disaster struck areas and provide solutions for grievances of those affected the speaker Karu Jayasuriya has announced.

The Parliamentarians have discussed on the problems faced by flood and landslide victims throughout the island when the Parliament met this morning.


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Colombo Additional Magistrate Thilina Gamage Has Been Sent Compulsory Leave

The Judicial Services Commission has today(20) sent Colombo Additional Magistrate Thilina Gamage on Compulsory Leave on charges of  keeping a baby elephant in his possession under a fake permit .

The Additional Magistrate in Colombo has sent on compulsory leave  as an inquiry is currently underway against him on the allegation.

The Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya has issued a notice against addition magistrate thilina gamage on Wednesday by ordered him to be appeared before criminal investigations department(CID) on 25th of May regarding the allegation.

Death Toll Due To Floods And Landslides Increased To 64

The death toll reported from the island due to the floods and landslides has risen to 64 by this evening according to the latest statistics.

Over 425,000 persons are affected due to the floods and landslides in the country and around 325,000 of them were displaced it has been reported,

Government has used boats to remove the flood victims who trapped in their houses in Colombo Suburbs and other districts .
The Department of Meteorology says that the Cyclonic storm ‘ROANU’ in the Bay of Bengal is now located about 950km north-east of Kankasanturai and that it is further moving away from the island.
Strong windy conditions over the country and in the sea areas around the island are likely to reduce gradually. Showery conditions are also expected to reduce in next two days, the department said.
However, several spell of showers will occur in North-Western, Western, Central and Sabaragamuwa provinces and in the Galle, Matara districts.
Showers or thunder showers will occur at a few places in the Eastern province after 2.00 pm
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Severe Traffic Congestion Reported From Baseline Road And Paliyagoda Due To Flood Relief Efforts

A Severe traffic congestion has been reported from Baseline Road in Colombo and Paliyagoda(In Western Province) areas this evening due to the flood relief activities currently underway it has been reported.

The traffic block in Baseline Road in Colombo has extended towards Borella area according to reports.

Police have advised the motorists to use alternative routes to ease the traffic congestion.

A Large Number Of Sri Lankans Donated Essential Goods Needed For Flood And Landslide Victims

According to the requests made by  government and non governmental organizations a large number of  essential goods needed for flood and landslide victims are being  donated by  Sri Lankans residing  in all parts of the country by showing their humanity it has been reported.

Several organization have today (20) distributed these collected items including cooked meals packets ,sanitary ware,soap and other essential items to the flood and landslide victims  with the assistance of police and tri forces.



Water Levels In Flooded Areas Decreasing Slightly -Authorities

The water levels of surrounding areas of Kelani River and other areas in Colombo has slowly decreased today(20) compared to yesterday according to the authorities.

Although the flood situation in Colombo and other districts in the country still remains water levels in flooded areas are slightly decreasing the authorities have stated.

The floods and landslides caused due to the heavy showers affected for 22 districts in the country it has been revealed.


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Colombo Chief Magistrate Has Ordered Authorities To Release 15 Elephants Temporarily

The Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya has today(20) ordered government authorities to release 15 elephants who were taken into custody recently  back to their caretakers  until the processions (perhara's) of Buddhist Temples end on  31st of August.

These elephants are due to be released to their caretakers on Rs.30 million worth bonds .

Government Authorities have taken several elephants including baby elephants to their custody recently as the  caretakers  do not have proper permits to keep these elephants.

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