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Foreign News-Study :How the sugar industry lied about heart disease

Internal documents from the 1960s show a Harvard coronary heart disease study was probably skewed, according to a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine Monday. The report by researchers at University of California, San Francisco, reveals the Sugar Research Foundation sweetened research in its favor — to blame fats, instead of sugars, for high rates of coronary heart disease.

In the 1960s, physiologist John Yudkin said added sugars were to blame for the upward trend in heart disease. Physiologist Ancel Keys pointed to total fat, saturated fat, and dietary cholesterol. Shortly after the two revealed these findings, the Sugar Research Foundation (now called the Sugar Association) funded a study to elevate Keys’ research. SRF’s vice president and director of research John Hickson said the Sugar Research Foundation “could embark on a major program” to squash “negative attitudes toward sugar.” His plan was to review the existing reports, find “weak points” and “replicate the…

Sri Lankan Air Lines Joined With Other Air Lines In The World To Ban" Samsung Galaxy Note 7" Smart Phone On It's Flights

Sri Lankan Air Lines has banned the using of 'Samsung Galaxty Note 7" smart phone in it"flights after several Air Lines had banned the phone over safety concerns.

Sri Lankan Air Lines had announced that it's passengers will be informed on the move to ban the smart phone on it's flights at Air Port counters.

The Guardian Newspaper has announced that Air Lines around the world now banned the Samsung's troubled "Galaxy Note 7" smart phone over the fire risks posed by the phone's lithium battery.



Eatate Unions And Estate Owners Reached An Agreement To Incrase The Daily Wage Of An Estate Worker To Rs.730

The joint agreement reached between estate unions and estate owners agreed to incraease the daily wage of an Estate Worker to Rs.730 from Rs.620 it has been announced.

Last few weeks Estate Workers had launched several protest campaigns throughout the island by demanding a daily wage of Rs.1000 for Estate Workers.However Estate Owners refused to pay such an amount by citing the current  risk prone  business enviornment.



European Union To Grant A Financial Aid Of Euros 210 Million To Sri Lanka Upto 2020

The European Union has decided to grant Sri Lanka Euros 210 milion (Around Rs.34 bilion ) as financial aid upto the year 2020 an amount doubled than the previous aid granted during 2007-2013 it has been reported.

It has been revealed during the talks held between visiting Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasimghe and the Vice President of the European Commission Federica Mogherini at Belgian Capital Brussels regarding GSP+ Application and several other issues.

Under the financial aid European Union will finance several projects including the government's peace building priority plan ,resettlement of internally displaced persons and supporting development programmes in Sri Lanka's poorest areas.

One Person Was Killed And Two Others Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Motor Cycle-Tractor Collision

One person was killed and another two including a small child were injured and hospitalized as the Motor Cycle they were travelling in colliding with a Tractor on Embilipitiya-Middeniya Road according to Police.

The deceased who is a 33 year old resident of katuwana area succumbed to his injuries on admission to the Embilipitiya  hospital and other two   injured were also admitted to the  same Hospital for treatment.

Embilipitiya Police have arrested the driver of the Tractor regarding tje accident.

A Heavy Traffic Reported From Town Hall Due To A Protest March Launched By Fishermen

A heavy traffic has been reported from Town Hall area this noon due to a protest march conducted by a group of fishermen demanding to completely ban using of "Lyla"fishing nets among fishermen.

The protest march was begun from Viharamahadevi Park in Town Hall this noon due it a heavy traffic had been reported.

Ministry Of Fisheries has earlier banned the using of "Lyla"fishing nets among fishermen and later allowed some of the fishermen to using it the Protestors have stated.



A 62 Year Old Person Was Killed Due To A Motor Cycle -Train Collision At Polgahawela

A 62 year old person was killed due to a Motor Car he was travelling in colliding with Colombo-Kurunagala bound train this morning at a rail crossing in Pol
gahawela area(North Western Province) .

The critically injured motor cyclist was succumbed to his injuries on admission to Polgahawela Hospital according to the Police.

Polgahawela Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

Over 11 Million Strokes Occur Annually In South East Asia Region Including Sri Lanka -WHO Regional Director

Over 11 million Strokes occur annually in South East Asia Region which Sri Lanka is  a member country and around 4 million in the region have died annually due to the disease according to Dr.Poonam Ketrapal Singh the director general of World Health Organization (WHO) for South East Asia.

Issuing a statement regarding the World Stroke Day which falls on 29th of October Dr.Poonam has stressed that approximately 30% of stroke survivors in the region were seriously disabled and 70% of the survivors who recover,the liklihood of suffering further strokes is greatly increased. "Recurrent" stroke accounts for around one in every four episodes of the life threatening condition.

Dr.Poonam's full statement on Stroke as follows-

The human brain is uniquely complex. The billions of neurons it contains provide the substance of reason and thought, while the functions it controls define our every move. But when the brain is deprived of blood and the oxygen it carries, or when bleeding i…

Prices Of 48 Essential Drugs To Be Reduced Up To 84% With Effect From This Friday(21)--Professor Asitha De Silva

Through the special Gazette Notification scheduled to be issued this Friday (21) prices of 48 widely used Essential Drugs are due to be reduced up to 84% according to the Chairman of Independant Drug Regulatory Authority Professor Asitha De Silva .

Addressing a special press briefing of the Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine held at Government Information Department in Narahenpita this evening Professor Asitha Silva has stated that highest price reduction of 84% applied to a widely used medicinal pill prescribed for "Gastritis".A drug prescribed for Cholesterol and another anti biotic drug will be reduced by 48% each through the Gazette.

Prices of Essential drugs prescribed for major diseases including Diabetes,High Blood Pressure ,Heart Ailments too reduced by sufficent amount he has stressed.

Stern action will be taken against Pharmacies which do not implement  new price formula Professor Silve has further added.

Addressing the Press Briefing Health Mini…

WHO Urged The Need For Governments In South East Asia Region To Make Commitment When Battling Against TB

TB remains a serious problem across the WHO South-East Asia Region, and requires the fullest attention and strongest commitment of governments, donors and civil society leaders to be effectively addressed. World Health Organization (WHO )has stated.

The press release issued by WHO regarding TB follows.

As outlined in WHO’s new global report on TB, a number of countries in the Region are among the world’s highest TB burden countries, while revised estimates based on increased case-reporting and enhanced surveillance show that the TB caseload is higher than previously projected. TB is the single largest cause of death of any infectious disease in the Region, and remains responsible for incalculable suffering, premature mortality, impoverishment and foregone development.

To get on track to achieve the SDG 2030 target and Global End TB Strategy targets by 2035, which includes reducing TB deaths by 95% and cutting new cases by 90%, countries across the Region must significantly…


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