Monday, March 2, 2015

The Female Who Tried To Damage Sigiriya Frescoes Has Been Sentenced To Two Years Imprisonment

The 27 year old Batticloe female who was arrested for trying to damage Historical Sigiriya Frescoes  by carving her name on the mirror wall has been sentenced to two years imprisonment for the offense by the Dambulla Magistrate Court.

The female who visited Sigiriya with her friends on 15th of February was spotted by an Archeology Officer  when she tried to scrawled the mirror wall by a sharp object .As a result Archeology Officers there arrested her and handed over to the Sigiriya Police.After produced before the dambulla magistrate court yesterday (02)she has been sentenced to two years imprisonment


President Has Cancelled The Gem Mining Licences Of Sixteen Foreign Companies

The President has cancelled the Gem Mining Licences issued for unidentified 16 Foreign Companies to search Blue Sapphires and other Gems in Sri Lankan Soil according to the President's Media Unit.President has cancelled these mining licences in view of protecting local gem miners the unit has said.

However the President's Media Unit has not mentioned clearly  whether these foreign companies whose gem mining  licences have been cancelled are already involved in  gem mining activities in the island  or prepar
ing to setup operations here.

Government To Sought Foreign Assistance For Investigating Financial Fraud Allegations Against Previous Regime

The Government has decided to seek assistance from three foreign countries to help investigate on  large scale financial fraud allegations against the previous government Prime Minister Ranil Wikaramsinha has said.According to the Prime Minister government is seeking the assistance of India ,Britain and United States for these investigations.

Government has already requested the assistance from the World Bank,US Justice Department and Major Fraud Investigations Unit in London regarding these investigations on fraud allegations against the previous government it has been reported.

Wearing Full Face Covered Helmets To Be Banned From 21st Of March

The Police have decided to impose a  ban of using full face covered helmets with effect from 21st of March in view of minimizing occurring   robberies and murders by using them.In the recent past most of the robberies and murders in the society have been occurred by men who were wear full face helmets it has been reported.

According to the Police Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana ,under this ban wearing of Helmets covering the face between eyebrows to chin would be prohibited.Those who are wearing such helmets covering full face will face a fine of Rs.1000 with effect from 21st of March he has said.

Those Who Publish Fake Social Media Posts And Spreading Rumours On Corona Situation To Be Punished-Police

Those who are posting fake posts in Social media platforms and spreading rumours ,saying coroma positives have been identified in variou...