Friday, August 10, 2018




All Faculties Except The Engineering Faculty Of The Peradeniya University To Be Re-Opened On Monday (13)

All faculties of the Peradeniya University except the Engineering faculty will be  opened on this Monday (13)for academic activities the University Authorities have announced.

However the dates of commencing academic activities of each faculty  will be decided by the Dean's of the faculties and informed it to the students University Authorities have stated.

Peradeniya University was closed recently due to a problem arisen at Engineering Faculty .

Private Bus Operators Have Suspended The Scheduled Island Wide Private Bus Strike

The Inter Provincial Private Bus Operators Union has decided to suspend the Island Wide continuous Private Bus Strike scheduled to be launched from midnight tomorrow (12) by taking in  to consideration the  ongoing Railway Strike and the transport difficulties faced by G.C.E Advanced Level Students according to the Union .

The Union had earlier decided to launch the continous strike by demanding to provide solutions for the  rising fuel prices and service charges.

The talks held between the Union leaders and Transport authorities over the demands too have failed it has been revealed. 

Water Levels Of Several Reservoirs In Central Hills Have Reached Spill Level

Due to the heavy showers prevailing in Western slope area in Central hills at present ,water levels of Upper Kotmale,Castlereigh and Maussakale reservoirs had been reached spill level according to the Ceylon Electricity Board.

As heavy showers continues in Central Hill areas the capacity and force of the Water in Devon Water Fall are increasing it has been revealed.

Authorities have warned the motorists to be vigilant when driving at Hatton-Colombo and Hatton-Nuwara - Eliya main roads as there is a risk of Collapsing soil mounds to the roads.



A 15 Year Old Student Had Drowned While Bathing In Jaffna Sea Belt

A 15 year old student had drowned
while bathing with a group of students in Kovalan sea belt at Kareinagar in Jaffna this evening (10) .

The deceased was a student of Jaffna it has been revealed .

A Soil Mound Collapse Restricted The Transport Activities In Hatton-Colombo Main Road

Transport  activities  of the Hatton-
Colombo main road had been restricted to a one lane due to a Collapsing of a Soil mound in to the main road at Hatton -Stadon watte area since this evening (10).

The Soil Mound was collapsed as  a result of the heavy showers prevailing in the western slope area of Central hills at present it has been revealed.

As there is a risk prevails in the area on Collapsing more Soil mounds in to the Main road ,Police had requested the motorists to drive carefully when using the road.


Railway Department Had Operated Nine Special Train Services Today (10)

The Railway Department had operated
nine Train Services to nine destinations from Colombo Fort And Maradana Railway Stations this evening (10) amidst the continuous strike launched by the Railway Trade Unions.

Accordingly the first Train  had left to Anuradhapura from Colombo Fort Railway Station at 3.55 p.m and the last Train had left at 5.30 p.m from Maradana Railway Station.

However the striking Railway Trade Unions have announced that the special train services currently that is being  operatEd  will be stopped from tomorrow.

Prices Of Octane -95 Petrol And Super Diesel To Be Increased From Midnight Tonight

Prices  of Octane-95 Petrol and Super Diesel will be increased as per the new Price formula introduced by the governmemt with effect from midnight tonight (10) according to the Ministry Of Finance and Media.

Accordingly a Liter of Octane -95 Petrol price will be increased by Rs.2 ,from.Rs.155 to Rs.157 and the price of a Liter of Super Diesel will be increased by Rs.1 from Rs.129 to Rs.130.

As per the new Price Formula approved by the Cabinet the prices of fuel will be revised in 10th day of Evryour month based on World Oil prices it has been announced.

Railway Trade Unions To Continue Their Island Wide Strike Until Their Demand Is Met

Railway Trade Unions involved in
current Island Wide continuous Strike had decided to continue the strike until their demands are met according to the Unions.

The Railway Trade Unions representing Engine Drivers,Train Guards ,Station Masters and Train Admins had also decided to stop the eight Special Train Services operated by them since yesterday (09)for the benefit of commuters from tomorrow (11).

The Unions had launched the Island Wide Strike since last Wednesday (08)evening against the government's decision to cancel the Cabinet Paper passed to sOlve salary anomalies of the Railway Workers.

Meanwhile Assistant Engine Drivers had shown their willingness to operate Train services if they are allowed to do so.

Due to the Railway Strike train services Island Wide are being paralyzed since last Wednesday evening.


Four Corona Positives Had Been Reported In The Country Today (07)

Four Corona Positives had been ģđreported in the Country today (07)increasing the total number of Corona positives reported so far to 20...