Wednesday, October 12, 2016


CID Officials Had Arrested A Sri Lankan Expelled From Turkey

A Sri Lankan national who had expelled from Turkey over trying to travel France under a Rs.3 million fraudulent deal had been arrested by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officials soon after his arrivel in Katunayake Air Port today (12).

The 38 year old Jaffna Resident had been expelled to Sri Lanka  by the Turkish immigration and emigration  officials through a Turkey Air Ways flight.

However the suspect had fly to Turkey from Colombo a week ago through a valid passport it has been revealed.In Turkey he had met with   a Sri Lankan Broker and obtained  a Passport from him by spending Rs.500,000  under a different name in view of  flying  to France .

When     the  suspect tried to fly France unlawfully Turkish Immigration and Emigration Officials had arrested him and expelled to Sri Lanka.


Twelve Peradeniya University Students Had Been Remanded Over Assaulting A Group Of Fellow Students

The Kandy Chief Magistrate has today (12) remanded 12 students attached to the Peradeniya University until tomorrow (13)over assaulting a group of their fellow students who had returned from a religious festival held at a Kovil in Hanthana by using clubs .

The Magistrate had remanded the students after Police had arrested them and produced before the court over the charges of  unlawful gathering and assaulting a group of fellow students.

President Sirisena To Take An Action Against Politicising FCID,CID And Bribery Commission

President Maithripala Sirisena has said today (12)that he will take an action against politicising the activities of Police Crimes Financial Investigations Division (FCID) ,Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and the Bribery Commission if these institutions are not acting in fair manner.

Addressing a function held at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute in Colombo today President has stated that he had informed on this to Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe and the Cabinet during the Cabinet meeting held yesterday (11).

If the FCID,CID And Bribery Commission are working according to a political agenda will take an action against it the President has stressed.

The President has expressed his dissatisfaction over the way the Bribery Commission has recall former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe and Naval Commanders to the Commission.

Colombo High Court Had Sentenced A Dehiwala Based Businessman An Upheld Prison Sentence For Importing A Rejected Drug

The Colombo High Court has today(12) imposed a 10 year imprisonment upheld to 02 years and a fine of Rs.650,000 on a Businessman who was  found guilty of importing a medicinal drug to Sri Lanka which was rejected by the National Medicinal Drug Auhority in 1993.

The Attorney General had filed a court case against the  Dehiwala (In Colombo) based Businessman under 10 charges in Colombo High Court for importing the rejected drug to the country.

After hearing of the case the accused Businessman was found guilty for all the 10 charges and the  Colombo High Court Judge Pathmini Ranawake had sentenced the  upheld prison sentence and imposed a fine on him.


A 16 Year Old Girl Was Killed And Two Others Injured Due To An Accident At Sigiriya

A 16 year old girl was killed and two others were injured and hospitalized today (12) as the Cab they were traveling in veered off the road and crashed into a tree at Thennakoon Road on Sigiriya-Dambulla Road while on  the way to view Sigiriya Rock fortress.

Three persons inside the Cab were admitted to the Kimbissa Hospital soon after the accident with injuries and , the 16 year old girl among them  had succumbed to her injuries after admission to the hospital.

There were ten persons travelling in Cab at the time of the accident and the driver suddenly lost the control of the vehicle and met with the accident it has been revealed.

Police have arrested the driver of the Cab regarding the accident.

Two Persons Were Arrested For Steeling Rs.6 Million Worth Mobile Phones At Ambalangoda

Ambalangoda Police have today(12)arrested two persons including a sixteen year old school boy for steeling smart phones worth around Rs.6 million from mobile shops in the area.

The suspects were arrested with Rs.65,000 of cash in their possession it has been reported.

Ambalangoda Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

Prime Minister Wikramasinghe To Visit Brussels This Saturday To Hold Talks On GSP+

Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe is due to leave Belgian Capital Brussels this Saturday (15) to begin talks with the European Union leaders regarding the restoring of GSP+trade concession for the Sri Lankan Apparel Industry which was withdrawn from Sri Lanka during the previous regime.

Prime Minister Wikramasinghe has stated today(12)that the Sri Lanka has already filed an application to regain GSP +trade concession and he will hold talks on this with European Union leaders during his visit to Brussels.

Sri Lankan government has stated that it is confident that the GSP+trade concession will be granted to Sri Lanka by early next year.

The European Union had witdrawn the GSP +trade concession from Sri Lanka in 2010 after Sri Lanka failed to meet certain conditions regarding human right issues during the previous government .


Court Of Appeal To Re Issue Notices To Finance Minister And Eleven Others On A Beer Company Issue

The Court Of Appeal has today (12) decided to re issue notices to Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake and eleven government Officials to appear before the court regarding a case filed against them on providing a tax concession to a Beer Manufacturing Company as the notices issued previously not properly delivered.

The Appeal Court has previously issued notices on 27th of September to Finance Minister Karunanayake and eleven officials to appear before the  court today (12) regarding the case.

The Sinhala National Front and six allied groups had filed the court case seeking a court order to annul the tax concession granted to the Beer Company.

The government will loose  an income of Rs.six bilion due to the tax concession granted to the Beer Company which affected as a result of recent floods the petitioners claimed.

Heavy Traffic Has Been Reported From Lotus Roundabout To Colombo Fort Due To A Protest

Heavy Traffic has been reported   from the Lotus Roundabout to Colombo Fort area this noon as the road has been blocked due to a protest march launched by a group of Tea  estste workers demanding a hike in their wages.

The protestors had marched towards the Presidential Secretariet in Colombo Fort to hand over a letter demanding to increase their daily wage to Rs.1000.

Recently Tea Estate owners had agreed to inctrease the daily wage of a Tea Estate Worker from Rs,620 to Rs.730 the government has announced.

President Sirisena Instructed The Authorities To Investigate On An Attack On A Night Club In Colombo Which His Only Son Said To Be Involved In

President Maithripala Sirisena has instructed the Police to investigate on an  attack on  the Clique Night Club in Colombo 02 last Saturday morning as a section of media has  accused that his only son Daham Sirisena is involved in .

It has been reported that the attack on the Night Club had taken place after a son of a VVIP has left the Club premises following an arguement had with the Security Officer there who refused to allow him  enter the club.

After the departure of VVIP's son his security guards arrived in and broken several windows of the Night Club and assaulted the Security Officer there with poles and cricket wickets it has been reported.

The injured Sercurity Officer has been admitted to the Colombo National Hospital with serious injuries.

Certain Section of local media and social media had accused the VVIP's son is none other than president Sirisena's son Daham Sirisena.

At the time of the incident President Sirisena was in Thailand on an official tour and soon after his arrival in the island he has ordered the authorities to investigate on the incident Government sources said today.

Presidential Investigations Unit has launched a seperate investigation on the incident the sources had stated.


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