Monday, January 27, 2020

Kobe Bryant Probe Underway To Find Cause Of The Crash


Government Has Decided To Ban On Arrival Visas For Chinese Nationals

Government has decided to ban is
suing of on arrival visas for Chinese Nationals until further notice due to the threat of spreading corona virus here according to Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi.

Until now on arrival visas had been issued to Chinese Nationals it has been revealed .

From now on All Chinese Nationals planning to visit Sri Lanka should apply for visas  in China until further notice Minister has stressed .

Corona Virus : Death Toll Climbs To 106 As China Tightens Measures


A Group Of 50 Sri Lankan Students Studying In China Arrived In Sri Lanka Last Evening (27)

A group of Sri Lankan students
studying in China had arrived in Sri Lanka last evening(27) from two Chinese Aircrafts under the Special mission launched to bring back the local students studying in.China due to the spreading of Corona Virus.

The group of students had arrived in from  chinese cities of Shanghai and Kun ming it has been revealed .

However after their arrival the Health unit of the Katunayake International Airport had statted that the students are in good health and left their homes without saying whether there  is a plan to quarantine them for corona virus .

A Farmer Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

A 69 year old person had been killed
whilst cutting Bran in his chena at Buduruwagala area in Wellawaya Divisional Secretariet  last morning (27) due to a Wild  Elephant attack..

The incident occurred after a  Herd of Elephants imcluding the one who had attacked the farmer entering  the village   in search of food it has been revealed .

The deceased was a resident of Buduruwagala village.

Surgical Masks Sellout In US Amidst Coronavirus fears

A Chinese Female Arrived In Sri Lanka Found As Infected With Corona Virus

A Chinese female arrived in from
Wuhan City in China had been found  positive as infected with New corona virus spreading in China accordance to the Director of Epidemeology Unit Dr.Sudath Samaraweera.

The female who is the first Corona virus infected patient found in Sri Lanka had been identified whilst receiving teatment at Infectious Diseases Hospital (IDH)in Angoda today (27)Dr.Samaraweera has stressed.

The Corona virus positive female has been identified as suspicious by the Katunayake Airport health authorities and transported her to IDH Hospital for treatment on  last Saturday  (25).

The patient is being separated  from other patients and  recieving  treatment  at the hospital according to sources .

However four others suspected as infected with Corona Virus and    admitted to IDH Hospital earlier  had been found as not infected with the virus  it has been announced.