Friday, November 20, 2009

Ministry Of Health To Import 380,000 H1N1 Influenza Injections From Australia

The Ministry Of Health is decided  to Import a Stock of 380,000 H1N1 Naval Influenza(Swine Flu) Injection Vials with Courtesy of the World Health Organization(WHO) within the Fist Weak of December.These Injection Vials are made in Australia according to the Health Ministry Officials.

These Injection Vials will be given Five Identified Risk Groups who are Prone to Develop Serious Complications such as Infants under the Age of Six Months,Elderly People over the Age of 64 years,Pregnant Mothers,People suffering from Diseases like Heart,Kidney,Diabetes and Lung Infections under the National Immunization Programme.The Patients of other Age Groups suffering from  H1N1 Disease will be given the Injection later if a need arise Ministry Officials further added.

The decision to import H1N1 Influenza Injections was taken due to the increase of the Death rate  related to the Disease increased during last two weeks.Up to last Friday 5 H1N1 Deaths were reported from Kandy,Matara and Anuradhapura Districts.

General Sarath Fonseka Met American Ambassador

Retired Chief Of Defense Staff General Sarath Fonseka met United States Ambassador to Sri Lanka Mrs.Patricia Butenis yesterday evening.However the details of that meeting are not yet been revealed.

This meeting came at the time that United States of America tried to question General Fonseka against the Sri Lankan Government during his tour to USA recently.