Friday, March 26, 2010

Colombo Shanty People Are the Main TB Cariers

The People lives in Shantys in the Middle Of Colombo are the Main Carriers who are  spreading the  Tuberculosis(TB) in the Country according to the National Tuberculosis Programme of Sri Lanka.In View of this Situation the Programme already recommended the Government to shift these People who are living in Shanty's to a Urban Housing Scheme  as Immediatly  as possible as a Meassure of preventing the  spreading of the  disease.

Special Dengue Task Force To Combat Dengue Menace

A Special Task Force to Control the Spreading of Dengue was setup today at the Health Ministry Auditorium with the Participation of a number of Ministries and State Department Officials.The Cabinet Approval for the setting up of this Dengue Task Force was received two weeks ago.

The newly formed Task Force will Implement an Island Wide Programme to Combat the Spreading of Dengue which already claimed 63 lives within this year according to the Ministry Of Health.

State Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Corporation To Issue 2 Million Thyroxine Tablets

Local Drug Manufacturer The State Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Corporation(SPMC) is to issue 2 Million Thyroxine Tablets used for Patients with Iodine Deficiency to the Market  on 01st of April according to the Health Ministry.These Tablets are so far Imported To Sri Lanka from Foreign Countries  and Sometimes Due to the Short Supply of the Drug Patients of the Government Hospitals faced enormous Difficulties.

This Problem will be solved As SPMC supplying the required amount of Thyroxine Tablets to the Hospitals and Market  begining from Next Month Ministry Sources further added.SPMC already conducted six pre Clinical Trials on the Thyroxine Drug they made and the Samples of the Drug already sent to the World Health Organization(WHO) for approval.


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