Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rubella Vaccine Claimed The Life Of A Second School Girl This Year

A shocking Second Death of a School Girl occurred  after Received the Rubella Vaccine this year was reported last night from Wariyapola Area of the North Western Province.The School Girl is a 13 year old who was studied at the Minuwangate School in the area and another two of her School Mates  too were got themselves admitted to the Hospital  when they developed an allergic Condition after receiving the Rubella Vaccine on last Saturday.

Soon after receiving the news of the Girls Death the Epidemiology Unit had Suspended the Rubella Vaccine Campaign with immediate effect.This suspension will remain till the conclusion of the Investigations on Death of the School Girl Health Officials stressed.

The School Girl "Ashanthi Wasna' was not shown any other disorder before been Vaccinated for Rubella according to the Health Officials.Addressing a Press Briefing at the Epidemiology Unit in Colombo this noon A Vaccine Expert Dr.Omala Wimalarathne said that a Special Investigation Team comprising the Experts of Vaccination,Allergic Conditions,Child Care,Physiology  and Pharmacology was appointed to Inquire into the  Death of the School Girl.This Team is due to leave the Wariyapola Hospital tomorrow(!3) to conduct further Investigation into this matter according to Dr.Wimalaratna.

Besides this Team the Chief Judicial Officer in Colombo Dr.Ananada Samarasekera is too conducting a seperate Inquiry on the facts revealed at  the Post Mortem of  the Girls   Death.Another School Girl  13 year old "Pashala Hansani" of Matara District in the Southern Province was collapsed soon after receiving the Rubella Vaccine on last March and Died after received the ICU Traetment.With her another 29 of her School Mates  too received Hospital Treatment for Allergies after getting Vaccinated.The Rubella Vaccine was Temporarily Suspended on that occassion  too under the Instructions of  the President Mahinda Rajapaksha. However a Special Inquiry conducted by the Epidemeology Unit and the World Health Organization Experts on the incident had cleared the Rubella Vaccination Programme for holding responsibility over the Girls Death.


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