Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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GMOA Still Trying To Launch A Strike Although Professor Carlo Appealed Them Not To Go For A Strike-Health Minister

Although the outgoing President of Sri Lanka Medical
Council Professor Carlo Fonseka has appealed from the GMOA (Government Medical Officers Association )members not to strike behalf of him  by putting innocent patients in trouble,GMOA members are attempting to launch a strike to destroy patients Minister of Health Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has stated.

In the past some ethnic groups too had persons with mentality of GMOA Members Minister has stressed.

Due to the unethical practices of GMOA Officials the union once a key trade union in the health sector,lost their reputation now and even because of the Union doctors too loosing their reputation Health Minister has said.

"Behind the every strike action of GMOA there's a political aspect.The officers of the union have meetimgs with previous government members once in two weeks ,however they are not willing to discuss on trade union matters with me.When SAITM innaugurated in 2006 not a single GMOA member opposed it that time due to threats and they are now became heroes thank to the good governance government.

Professor Carlo and i were friends since 40 long years and after left the office in Sri Lanka Medical Council he phoned and thank me for the support given to him during his tenure "Minister has further said.


People In 12 Districts Have Affected Due To The Drought

People in 12 districts of the island  have been  affected
due to a drought according to the authorities.

The worst drought hit districts are Vavuniya, Jaffna,Anuradhapura ,Polonnaruwa ,Puttalam and Monaragala in North,North Western and North Central Provinces.

The residents of  these districts have faced a drinking water problem as the water levels of almost all the reservoirs and wells especially in Polonnaruwa and Puttalam districts had  decreased it has been reported.

Crops including paddy fields have been destroyed and wild animals too affected due to the drought in these districts.

Funeral Of The Donor Of Heart For The First Heart Transplant In Sri Lanka Taken Place In Wellambada

The funeral of the 24 year old  Pradeep Kumara
Sampath  of Makumbura area whose heart was trasplanted successfully to a female heart patient in Kandy Teaching Hospital last friday (07) had taken place in public cemetry at Wellambada yesterday (10).

Except the Heart ,two kidneys and eyes of the deceased youth too have been transplanted to needy patients at the Kandy Hospital after getting permission from his father.

The brain of the  youth has declared as  died due to a road accident he faced while riding   a Motorcycle with his brother in law which collided with a van it has been revealed.The critically injured youth was admitted to the Bambarakande Hospital and later transferred to the Kandy Teaching Hospital.

He was the only boy in the family of three including two sisters.

Around 45 Students Attached To Walagedara School In Welipanna Have Been Hospitalized Due To An Infection

Around 45 students attached to the
welipanna,Walagedare school were admitted to the Darga Nagar hospital his morning (11) due to an unidentidfied infection.

These students attached to grade 6,7 and 8 have infections in several parts of their body it has been revealed.

Majority of the  students admitted to the Hospital have been discharged after the treatment .

A group of students attached to the same school have been hospitalized due to an infection on last friday(07) as well according to sources.However the cause of that infection too not yet been determined.


Image result for friendship is not a mistakeRelated image

A 61 Year Old Cyclist Was Killed Due To A Road Accident

Related imageA 61 year old Cyclist was killed after his Cycle colliding with a Three Wheeler and a Van near the Kandangoda Junction on Colombo- Ratnapura main road .

The critically injured cyclist who was a resident of Kandangoda area had succumbed to his injuries after admission to Ratnapura Hospital  .

Police have arrested the Van Driver regarding the accident.

A Youth Motorcyclist Was Killed Due To A Road Accident In Kilinochchi

Image result for accidentA youth was killed after the Motorcycle he was riding toppled over the road and crashed in to a post nearby in Dharmakeni area at Kilinochchci this morning(11).

The Motorcycle which arrived in from Jaffna was toppled over the road due to the high speed according to the Kilinochchi -Palai Police. 

The deceased had been identified as a resident of Valvitithurai area.

A Thero Of Asgiriya Chapter And Chief Incumbent Of Rangiri Dambulu Temple Stated That The Temple Will Be Open For Tourists

Image result for rangiri dambulla templeAlthough the Archeology Advisory Board has unanimously decided yesterday(10) to closed down the historical Rangiri Dambulu Cave Temple(Golden Rock Temple) temporarily for local and foreign tourists until further notice ,Dr.Godagama Mangala Thero attached to the Asgiriya Chapter  Sangha Council has today (11) stated that the Cave Temple will be  continuously open for the foreign  tourists .

The Archeology Advisory Board which met yesterday at Education Ministry in "Isurupaya " under the patronage of Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam has decided to closed down the Temple temporarily in view of beginning the   conservation  and research work  of historical art frescoes of the Temple.

The chief incumbent of the Rangiri Dambulu Temple Ambagaswewa Rahula Thero  who is in war against the Archeology Department Officials over handling conservation work and funds collected in the temple.has today stated that the Temple will be open for tourists as usual and tickets will be sold for the tourists  through the  trust of the Temple and Buddhist Affairs Commissioner's Office .

The thero has stated that he has not taken any decision to close the temple.

However during yesterday's meeting it has been decided by the Archeology Advisory Board to issue tickets to visit Rangiri Dambulu Temple through the Central Cultural Fund.

Condition Of First Heart Transplant Patient Is Improving -Director Kandy Teaching Hospital

Image result for heart transplantThe condition of the female Heart Patient undergone the first Heart Transplant Surgery in Kandy Teaching Hospital is stable and doctors are supervising her condition closely according to the Director of the Hospital Dr.Saman Rathnayake.

The medical team performed the first ever Heart Transplant Surgery  is ready perform more  in future Dr.Rathnayake has stressed.

If a proper Organ donor system is in function here then it will be easier to carry out Heart Transplant Surgeries here without any difficulty he has stated.

Meanwhile a senior Cardio Thoracic Surgeon here has stated that almost all the Sri Lankan Cardio Thoracic Surgeons  are well equipped with Heart Transplant technique and due to the lack of facilities available in Hospitals they are not able to perform this Surgery.

According to the  Western Medical circles a Heart Transplant Patient can live around 15 years after the surgery.

All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...