Monday, May 31, 2010

A Health Warning To Local Vegetarians

Become a vegetarian in Sri Lanka prone to  many disseses in future as Sri Lankan Vegetarians are consuming little amount of vegetables with a large portion of  rice nutritonists warned."If the youth wants to  become a vegetarian try to consume more vegetables with less rice as in western countries they stressed".

According to a Community health survey conducted in 2006/2007 34.1 percent of sri lankan women in the 15-49 age group are suffering from anemeia and 16.6 are having low weight.This situation leads to low birth weight among the children born to these women according to the survey.Therefore nutritionists warns that Young women should consume sufficient amount of nutritious food to avoid of having malnutrion and other nutrition related disseases.

The month of june is declared as the month of nutrition.

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