Monday, January 29, 2018

Ethiopeans Threatened By An Alien Weed Invasion


Colombo High Court Rejected A Request Made By Former President's Secretary Lalith Weerathunge To Go Abroad

The Colombo High Court Judge Gihan Kulathunge has
today (29)rejected a request made by former Presidential Secretary Lalith Weerathunge who is charged over misappropriation of state funds during last regime , to grant him petmission to go to Australia .

The former Presidential Secretary Weerathunge was released on bail after arrested and remanded over the charges leveled against him.

A German Female Student Was Critically Injured After Colliding With A Train

A German female University Student was critically
injured and hospitalized after colliding with a Train travelling from Colombo to Badulla near the Kithulalla Rail station while taking photographs of the area yesterday (28).

The injured female was admitted to the Badulla General Hospital and currently receiving treatme


Five Persons Were Arrested Over Illegally Excavating A Tressure

Police have arrested five persons who were illegally excavating a tressure at Alakolaella area in Koslanda last evening (28).

During the raid Police have also taken in to custody equipment in possession of the suspects which used to excavation work.

The suspects are residents of Koslanda and Wellawaya areas of the ages 20 to 25 years it has been revealed.

A 60 Year Old Person Was Killed After Colliding With A Train

A 60 year old person was killed after colliding with a
slow Train travelling from Colombo Fort to Awissawella near the Nugegoda Railway station last evening (28).

The Critically injured person had succumbed to his injuries on admission to the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital.

Uva Chief Minister To Appear Before Human Rights Commission Over Harassing A Female Principal

Human Rights Commission Of Sri
Lanka had today  (29)issued summons to Uva Provincial Chief Minister Chamara Sampath Dassanayake to appear before the Commission on 01st of February to give a statement regarding the charges leveled against him over kneeling down the Female Principal of Badulla Hindu Girls School .

The President of the Cayton Teachers Union Joseph Stalling has made a complaint over the incident to the Human Rights Commission.

The Uva Chief Minister Dassanayake has step down from his Education Ministerial Post over the incident and the Government has appointed Senthil Thondaman as the new Education Minister of the Uva Provincial Council

Philiphines-Volcanic Mudflow Sweep away Roads


Muthupanthiya Island In Puttalam Is Being Washed Away To The Sea

The fisheries village Muthupanthiya Island at
Arachchikattuwa-Puttalam area is currently being washed away to the sea according to reports.

The Muthupanthiya village which atracted by local and foreign tourists is located near the Ramsa wildlife park and eastern part of Hamilton Canal and main income of the  150 families living there is fishing.

The Island is being washed away to the sea since years,But the authorities had turned blind eye over the issue according to the residents. 

Two Persons Were Arrested While Transporting 120 Gold Biscuits Illegally To India

Sri Lanka Navy Personal have arrested two persons
while transporting 120 Gold Biscuits weighing 100 grammes each illegally to India through the sea route by a Dinghi Boat in Thalaimannar-Urumalai sea area last evening (28).

The total weight of the stock of  Gold Biscuits taken in to custody in possession of the suspects is around seven Kilo Grammes it has been revealed.

The two suspects along with the equipment  taken into custody were handed over to the Customs Office in Jaffna for future course of action according to the Navy.

Five Persons Injured Due To A Road Accident

Five persons including a Pregnant Mother and two
children were injured and hospitalized after the Three Wheeler they were travelling in falling down  in to a 35 foot deep precipice from a Bridge located across the Malwathuoya in Anuradhapura this morning (29).

The Three Wheeler was fallen in to the precipice  as a result of  Driver's inability to control the vehicle it has been revealed.

Twelve Indian Fishermen Were Arrested While Fishing In Sri Lankan Seas

Sri Lanka Navy have arrested 12 Indian Fishermen
while illegally fishing in Sri Lankan waters along with two trawler boats they have arrived in  on last Saturday (27) in North of Thalaimannar sea area .

The arrested Indian Fishermen and Trawler Boats were handed over to the Fisheries Director's office in Mannar for future course of action.


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