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PHI's Removing A Stock Of Imported Canned Fish Belongs To 12 Batches From The Market As Tests Proves They Are Contained Worms

Public Health Inspectors(PHI's) are currently engaging in removing stocks belonging to 12 batches of Canned Fish imported from China,from the local market after found theses stocks contains worms and not suitable for human consumption.

The tests carried out by the Food Control Unit of the Health Ministry have revealed that the samples taken from the stocks belonging to 12 batches at the market and in the Airport contains worms.

Due to this situation Airport Customs have decided not to release the Canned fish stocks under the custody of them to the six local companies who have imported the stocks from China.

Accordingly around 74 cartons  contains these Canned fish which are under supervision  had been  stucked at Airport Customs  .

Meanwhile PHI's have already removed thousands of Canned fish tins from the local market after revealing the presense of worms  in samples of them .

According to the president of the Sri Lanka PHI Union Upul Rohana,The companies who have imported these canned fish are attempting to get the stocks that are in custody of the customs to be released .


A 26 Year Old Person Was Arrested With Two Gold Biscuits

A 26 year old person was arrested by
the Airport customs officers this morning(29)while attempting to smuggle two Gold Biscuits weighing 200 Grammes illegally to the country at Katunayake International Airport.

The suspect who is a resident of Colombo arrived at the Katunayake Airport in  a Emirates Flight from Singapore.He was arrested by the Customs while walking in Green Chanel to depart from the Airport.

The two Gold Biscuits hidden in the suspect's cloths had been recovered during the checking.The estimated value of the Gold Biscuits is around Rs.1
36 million according to the customs.

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Railway Technical.Services Personal To Launch A 48 Hour Strike From This Evening

The Technical services personal are due

to launch a 48 hour  island wide strike from 4 p.m. this evening demanding solutions for three of their service demands including increasing their salaries according to the Railway Technical Services Trade Union Committee.

Although there may be delays of Trains as a result of the Strike,Train Drives have stated that they will not allow the Teain services to be paralyzed due to the strike.

Former State Minister T.B Ekanayake Was Questioned Over Misusing Of State Vehicles During Previous Government

The former State Minister of Lands of
the Current government had been questioned more than four hours by the officers of Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID) yesterday(28) over the  misusing  of state vehicles when he was the Minister of Cultural Affairs in previous government.

The former State Minister Ekanayake had arrived at the FCID Headquarters in Colombo last morning to give a statement regarding the allegations leveled against them.

He was accompanied to the FCID by some of the Joint Opposition MP's who are being faced similar corruption charges including Mahindananda Aluthgamage and Bandula Gunawardana and some former Sri Lanka Freedom Party  Ministers who had left the National government recently.


Sri Lankan Health Minister Has Been Elected As The New Deputy Chairman Of The World Health Organization

Minister of Health,Nutrition and Indeginous Medicine Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has been elected as the new deputy chairman of the World Health Organization (WHO) uncontestedly yesterday(28).

Sri Lankan Health Minister has been elected for the post for a one year period during the 143 rd Executive Council meeting of the WHO held in Geneva ,Switzerland.

Brazilian Health Minister Ricardo Barros had been elected as the new President of the WHO.

Three Fishermen In North Who Went For Fishing Had Gone Missing

Three fishermen and their Boat left for
fishing from Kurikattuwa n Jetty in Jaffna last Saturday(26) had gone missing according to their family members.

The family members of these Fishermen had complaint over the incident to the Sri Lanka  Navy and stated that the missing fishermen had phoned them last  sunday (27) and informed  that they cannot sail further due to the strong sea waves.The fishetmen had also informed their family members to complain on this to the Navy personal in Nagadeepa and aftewards the communication with fishermen  had Broke down   it has been revealed.

Navy have launched a search operation to find out the missing Fishermen and their Boat.

Five Prisoners Of Galle Prison Escaped And Fled Away At Baddegama Court

Five prisoners in Galle Prison had been
escaped from the custody of Prison Officers and fled away while at the Baddegama Court last evening (28) it has been reported.

These prisoners who are being remanded over the charges of House looting,Heroin smuggling and robberies in the area had escaped when preparing to transport them back to Galle Prison after being producing before the Baddegama Court to face cases filed against them.

Nineteen Garment Workers Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Bus Collision

Around 19 female garment workers
were injured and hospitalized due to a collision between two Buses transported garment workers of a same factory last evening(28) at Madola area in Awissawella-Ratnapura road.

The injured were admitted to the Awissawella Base Hospital for treatment.Most of the injured had left the Hospital after receiving treatment according to the reports.

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Around 35 Students Were Admitted To The Hospital Due To A Food Poisioning

Image result for food poisoning
Around 35 Students attached to the Sir John Kotalawala School in Piliyandala have been hospitalized this morning (28) with an allergic symptoms after being consumed food offered during a Sil Campaign (Religious) at the school .The students who had fallen sick have been admitted to the Piliyandala District Hospital for treatment.

Police believes the food offered to the students during the Sil Campaign might be poisoned to them.

A High Speed Motor Car Toppled Over To A 25 Feet Deep Precipice -Passangers Fled Away From The Scene

Image result for hatton motor car falling into precipice
A High speed Motor Car believes to be driven from Hatton to Colombo had been veered off the road after colliding with a road sign board and toppled over to the 25 feet deep precipice in Hatton Kuil watte area in Hatton-Colombo Main Road  last night (27) damaging the Motor Car severely .

The passengers traveling in the damaged Motor Car including the driver had been escaped and fled away from the area without informing the accident to the Police according to the reports.

Hatton Police which conducting the investigations over the incident had been recovered few tins of Liqor in the Vehicle and suspected the passengers in the Car might have under the influence of liquor at the time of the accident.

Two Indian Nationals Have Been Arrested With Four Gold Biscuits At The Airport

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Two Indian Nationals have been arrested by the Anti Police Narcotic Bureau officials this morning (28) at the Katunayake International Airport , while attempting to smuggle four Gold Biscuits weighing 232 Gram mes illegally to the country .

The two suspects had arrived at the Katunayake Airport through a flight belonging to "Fly Dubai" from Dubai by concealing the Gold Biscuits in their money wallets it has been revealed.

After arresting the two Indian Nationals Police Narcotic Bureau officials had suspected that they may have carried Haul of Heroin .However during the check up they found the four Gold Biscuits hidden in the wallets worth Rs.3.5 million it has been stated.  

Actress Deepani Silva Was Granted Bail After Arresting Over A Road Accident-Her Driving Licence Had Been Suspended

Tele and Stage Drama Actress Deepani Silva who was arrested by the Bandaragama Police this morning (28) over a road accident had been released on a surety bail of Rs.200,000 by the Panadura Magistrate Court after being produced her to the court this evening .Related image

Although the Actress was granted bail by the Magistrate over injuring a 10 year old School Girl and her Father during collision between her Car and the Three Wheeler which the injured were traveled ,Her driving license was suspended by the Magistrate and the Actress has paid a sum of Rs.25,000 to  the injured father as a treatment allowance and promised to pay another allowance for the treatment of the injured school girl and a fee for the  maintenance work of the damaged Three wheeler before the magistrate it has been reported.

Actress Deepani Silva was arrested by the Bandaragama Police this morning over  driving her Car by violating road rules and injuring a school girl and her father who were traveling in a Three Wheeler .The accident occurred due to a fault of the Actress who drove the vehicle in wrong direction  while traveling to see her mother according to the Police.





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Tele And Stage Drama Actress Depani Silva Was Arrested Over Road Accident Which Injured A School Girl And Her Father

Image result for deepani silvaTele and Stage Drama Actress Deepani Silva was arrested by the Bandaragama Police this morning (28) after a 10 year old School Girl and her father were injured and hospitalized as a result of the Car driven by the Actress colliding with the Three Wheeler where the injured  were traveling at Kindelpitiya junction in Bandaragama.
.The injured were admitted to the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital and out of them the father had left the hospital after receiving treatment it has been reported.

Actress Deepani Silva who was arrested by the Police over violation of Road Rules is due to be produced before the Panadura Magistrate Court this evening.


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Epidemeologists Wants People To Avoid Eating Green Leaves And Vegetables Comes From Flood Hit Areas Uncooked

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Epidemiologists are being advised the people avoid eating  raw Green Leaves and Vegetables these days as they might  have contained germs caused by recent floods  .As most of the Green Leaves and Vegetables are being supplied to the local market from flood hit areas , eating  them after cooking well is essential to  avoid spreading of many infectious diseases like Diarrhea,
Cholera,Hepatitis-A and dysentery  they have 

Addressing a media briefing held at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo this morning (28) man Epidemiologists have stated the need of washing Vegetables and Green leaves thoroughly  before cooking and  washing fruits well before eating these days due to recent floods.

People lives in Flood hit and surrounding areas should drink boiled water and eat home made meals and should avoid fly's they have said.

As usual flood hit areas are prone to spreading infectious diseases after the flood waters receded  it has been announced.

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