Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Drug Supplier Delaying The Supply Of 18 Drugs To The Government Hospitals

It has been reported that the Health Ministry Officials had  handed over the Tenders of supplying 18 Essential Drugs to the Government Hospitals to a Single supplier and that particular Supplier is purposely delaying the supply of those Drugs and therfore created a drug shortage in the Hospitals.

According to the Health Ministry Sources the said Drug Supplier is delaying the supplying of these Drugs since six months .However the Ministry Officials did not take any measures to cancel the Tenders offered to the above supplier and hand over the Tenders to Different other good quality suppliers."according to them.Instead of braking the Monopoly created by this supplier in the Drug Supplying Trade ,Health Ministry Officials just help them to keep their Monopoly and worsening  the Drug Shortage in Government Hospitals" a Hospital Official has said.

"As a result the Patients in Government Hospitals are forced to buy these drugs from the Private Sector from their own expenses according to the Official.The only Cancer Hospital In Sri Lanka ,Maharagama National Cancer Hospital too faced a severe Drug Shortage due to the Supplier delaying the supply of 25 Cancer Injections since March 2010.

The First Phase Of Norochcholai Coal Power Plant Was Commissioned

 President Mahinda Rajapaksha was commissioned the First Phase of 300 Mega Watt Norochcholai Coal Power Plant this evening.Under the phase one the New Coal Power Plant will be generated 17 percent of national Electricity Requirement in the Country according to the Officials.

Draft Bill On New Pension Scheme For State Banks And Private Sector Employees To Be Presented Next Month

The Draft Bill on the proposed new Retirement Pension Scheme for workers in State owned Banks  Private Sector Employees and Migrant Workers  will be presented to the Parliament by Next Month President Mahinda Rajapaksha has said today in Parliament.The President visited Parliament today and delivered a speech there.

Government To Introduce Simplest Tax System In The Region

The Government intends to introduce a Simplest  Tax system in the region soon including of various Tax Systems International Monitory Cooperation  and Senior Minister Dr.Sarath Amunugama has said today in Parliament.The Minister has revealed this while presenting 9 Tax Bills to the Parliament.

Due To The Nato Air Strikes Sri Lankan Embassy In Libya Shut Down-Ambassador Recalled

Due to the NATO led Air Attacks in Libya ,Sri Lankan Government has temporarily shut down the Sri Lankan Embassy in Libyan Capital Tripoli and recalled the Ambassador Sudantha Ganegamaarachchi and the local Embassy Staff to Colombo the Ministry Of External Affairs has  announced today.

Sri Lankan Ambassador had  left Libya yesterday (21) night according to the Ministry Sources.According to the Ministry Sri Lankans still standard in Libya to the present crisis there will be bring back to the Country as soon as possible.

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