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A Technical Officer In Madulla Arrested Over Accepting A Rs.18,000 As A Bribe

Bribery Commission officials have arrested a technical
officer attached to the District secretariat in Madulla ,Monaragala over accepting a sum of Rs.18,000 as a bribe from a person regarding an official work.

The suspected officer had taken the bribe to give a recommendation to a person on  contract money relevant to a road development work.

Raththota Police OIC Had Been Arrested Over Sexually Assaulting A Female Grama Seva Officer

Special police investigations unit had been yesterday
(11) arrested the OIC of Raththota Police station of Matale over sexually assaulting a 34 year old female Grama Seva officer .

A complaint had been received by the Police that the suspected OIC had sexually assaulted the female Grama seva officer on or before 08th of April this year when he was the OIC of Ududumbara Police in Kandy while the  husband of the victim  was in hospital due to Dengue .The OIC has done the crime under the influence of liquor according to the reporrs.

The complaint was made by the victim after the suspected OIC has made  death threats against her and after concluding the investigations OIC had been arrested over the sexual assault Police have stated.

All Trains Started From Colombo Fort And Maradana Railway Stations Had Been Cancelled Last Evening In Colombo Fort Railway Station Due To A Strike

All the trains started from Colombo Fort and Maradana railway stations had been cancelled last
  evening (11)due to a sudden strike launched by  Train drivers and Railway guards by demanding solutions for their unsolved service demands .

Due to the cancellation of all the Trains scheduled to be started  from Colombo Fort Railway station and Maradana Railway station  ,a large number of people including  office workers got stranded and  a tense situations had been occurred and a group of people in the Fort railway station prepared to raid the station masters office in Fort railway station to protest against the cancellation of train services.

A special police teams have been deployed to prevent any incident in Fort and Maradana railway stationsl

The Railway trade unions meanwhile stated that they will continue their strike today (12)as well until their demands got solved.

The sudden Railway strike had been launched without a prior notoce mainly due to a problem arisen when recruiting a…



Foreign-North Korea Crisis: US Bombers Conduct Military Drills




Chairman Of Litro Gas Shaleela Munasinghe Removed From His Post

The Minister of Public Enterprise Development Kabir Hasheem has instructed the authorities to remove the Chairman of Litro Gas Company Shaleela Munasinghe from his post with immediate effect due to his arrest over hacking a computer system of far Eastern International Bank in Taiwan and transferring around US Dollars 10 billion from the Bank to his personal account.

Accordingly instruction had been given to the Chairman of Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Hemaka Amarasuriya to remove the Shaleela Munasinghe from the Chairman post of Litro Gas Company as the Company is a subsidiary fully owned by the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation under the preview of Ministry Of Public Enterprise Development.

A 57 Year Old Kuwaiti National Has Been Arrested With A Stock Of Wallapatta At Katunayake Airport

A 57 year old Kuwaiti National has been arrested by the Airport Customs Officers early this morning(11) while attempting to smuggle around 04 kilo grammes and 500 grammes  of expensive "Wallapatta" (Gyrinops Walla) use to manufacture perfumes to Bangkok,Thailand at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport.

The value of the stock of "Wallapatta" recovered from suspect's possession is around Rs.154,000 according to the Customs Officers.

The suspect  had been released after questioning and the stock of Wallpatta he attempted to snuggle in  to Bangkok had been confiscated.

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Chairman Has Been Appointed As Acting Director General Of Government Information

The Chairman of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation(SLBC) Sudarshana Gunawardena has been appointed as the acting Director General of Government Information Department the Cabinet Spokesman ,Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has stated during the Cabinet Briefing held today(11) at Government Information Department.

Cabinet has approved the appointment of SLBC Chairman as the Acting Director General of Government Information he has said.The post becomes vacant after the Director of Government Information Department Ranga Kalansuriya has resigned from the post recently.

A 40 Year Old Baharaini National Was Killed After Falling Down From "Sandun"Falls

A 40 year old Baharaini national was killed after falling down from "Sandun"Falls(Ella) in Mahabage.Kitulgala this noon(11) while climbing it it has been reported.

The deceased had fallen down from the fall due to a sudden illness and had succumbed to his injuries on admission to the Thaligama Hospital according to the Police. 

Kitulgala Police are conducting an investigations on the incident.

Child And Teen Obesity Spreading Across The Globe

Child and teenage obesity levels have risen ten-fold in the last four decades, meaning 124m boysand girls around the globe are too fat, according to new research.
The analysis in the Lancet is the largest of its kind and looks at obesity trends in over 200 countries.
In the UK, one in every 10 young people aged five to 19, is obese.
Obese children are likely to become obese adults, putting them at risk of serious health problems, say experts.

The Lancet analysis, released on World Obesity Day, comes as researchers from the World Obesity Federation warn that the global cost of treating ill health caused by obesity will exceed £920bn every year from 2025.
Obese the new 'norm' Although child obesity rates appear to be stabilising in many high-income European countries, including the UK, they are accelerating at an alarming rate in many other parts of the world, lead researcher Prof Majid Ezzati from Imperial College London says.

Researchers believe wide availability and pr…