Tuesday, October 25, 2016



ELeven Persons Were Arrested Regarding The Gun Shooting At Mattakkuliya Last Sunday

Eleven persons who are responsible for the gun shooting at Sameetpura area in Mattakkuliya(Colombo) last Sunday evening which killed four persons ,arrested in Rathnapura by the Colombo Crimes Division officers.

The officers had also taken into custody three guns in possession of  the suspects.

Suspects are due to be produced before the Hulftsdorf Court this morning,

A Tense Situation Had occurred During The Harthal Campaign Held In Kilinochchi Yesterday (26)

A tense situation had occurred in Kilinochchi (In Northern Province)last evening following the heated argument  between the public who are involved in  a"Harthal"campaign  against the killing of two Jaffna University Students and the Police it has been reported.This situaton occurred as tight security had been deployed near a garment factory which was functioning during  the Harthal campaign yesterday.

During the Harthal A large number of protestors who involved in it reported as blocked the roads threw stones at police  and set fire to tyres along the road.



Health Minister To Submit A Proposal To Cabinet On Changing The Name Of Ambulance Drivers

Minister of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Dr.Rajitha Senaratne is due to submit a Cabinet Paper to the Cabinet proposing to  change the name of  Ambulance Drivers as "Ambulance Pilots" soon according to the Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine.

The Minister has also suggested a foreign training for the Ambulance Drivers attached to the Health Department and requested the health trade unions to discuss the matter with deputy foreign minister Dr.Harsha De Silva.

The foreign training given to the staff of Indian Ambulance Service in Sri Lanka suited for local Ambulance Drivers as well the Health Minister has urged during a meeting held with Health Trade Union Leaders at the Health Ministry recently .

THe Son Of State Minister And A Driver Who Were Arrested Over The Killing Of A Cyclist Released On Bail

The son of the state minister Range Bandara and a driver who were arrested over the killing of a cyclist while driving a Jeep on Anamaduwa-Kurunagala road last evening were released on bail today(25) after being produced before the  Anamaduwa Magistrate Court.

The Anamaduwa Magistrate has released the two suspects on two personal bails of Rs.100,000 each and cash bail of Rs.15,000 each it has been reported.

The Jeep driven by the suspects belonging to the wife of state minister Range Bandara and the suspects were arrested by the Anamaduwa police last night.

The case has been postponed until  05th of December.

Kahatagaha Graphite Mine Workers Launched A Protest Campaign

Image result for kahatagaha graphite mineA section of workers  attached to the Kahatagaha (Central Province)Graphite Mine had launched a protest campaign at underground of the mine today (25) over fears of that the Graphite Mine is due to be privatized.

Over 75 Mine workers are engaged in the protest campaign it has been reported.


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A 20 Year Old Youth Received Death Sentence Over Rape And Murder Of A Six Year Old Girl

Image result for capital punishmentColombo High Court Judge Kusala Sarojani Weerawardena has today(25) imposed a death sentence on a 20 year old youth over sexually abusing and killing of a six year old  girl in 2012.

The accused who was 16 at the time of the incident had sexually abused and killed a six year old girl at Kirulapona , Colombo in 2012 according to reports  and the Attorney General had indicted three persons including the accused over the incident.

However years after hearing the case the Colombo High Court Judge has sentenced the main accused of the rape and murder case to death and released other two suspects on bail today.

Before the verdict was announced the lawyer appeared behalf of the main accused had requested the High Court Judge to impose a lenient punishment on his client as he was under aged when the crime occurred.

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