Friday, August 9, 2013

Fonterra Compnay To Withdraw DCD Contaminated Milk Powder Products From Market

Fonterra Company in Sri Lanka has decided to withdraw certain batches of their milk powder products Anchor and Anchor 1+ which confirmed as contaminated with agro chemical "Dyciadanmite"(DCD) with immediate effect according to company made this decision  following the directive issued by Director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala yesterday(08) he has urged the milk powder companies to  withdraw the contaminated batches of 4 imported milk powder products including  Anchor and Anchor1+ based on the research findings of Industrial Technology Institute(ITI).

Dr.Mahipala has  also appealed from all media institutions in the country to refrain from publishing milk powder advertisements until further notice due to the crisis situation occurred in milk powder industry here.

Meanwhile the Director General Of Health Services with Food Advisory Committee has issued the names and batches of DCD Contaminated milk powders in the market which should withdraw from the market.the DCD Contaminated milk powder products are as follows.
Anchor Full Cream Milk Powder (batch no.0605C0883) and Anchor One Plus (Batch no.107610163) manufactured by Fonterra-New Zealand  , Maliban Non-Fat Milk (batch no.13074A1) and Diamond Milk Powder (batch no. NW1F1PDX1)

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