Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Buddhist Thero Has Passed Away After Being Attacked By A Female Elephant In A Procession

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Karambe Rahula Thero (25)of Katana,Sri Waradanaramaya Temple has passed away  after A female  Elephant walked in a Poson procession held in Katana last night(11) attacked him during a rampage.

The critically injured Thero had passed away this morning(12) after being admitted to the Negambo Hospital the Kochchikade Police has stated.

The Elephant had grabbed the Thero who walked from right hand side of him through the trunk and attacked him according to the eye witnesses.


Cholara Cases In Yeman Exceeded 100,000

A Lorry Transported Fertilizer Collided With A Bridge

A lorry transporting fertilizer had collided with a
bridge in Lindula area this morning (11)and as a result the damaged area had submerged according to sources.

The damaged area submerged due to the damage done to a part of the  bridge.

The driver and the helper of the lorry have escaped unharmed.


Hokusai - Beneath the Great Wave off Kanagawa

Police Arrested A Student Transporting Heroin By A Motorcycle

Police have arrested a student transporting 400 mili grammes of Heroin by a Motorcycle in Madagama,Bibile area yesterday (10).

Image result for arrestedThe police have taken into custody four packets with 100 mili grammes of Heroin in each packet hidden in  trouser pocket of the student it has been reported.

A Quantity Control Officer Had Arrested Over Stealing Money From Chinese Nationals

Police have today (11)arrested a quantity control
officer attached to the Hambanthota express highway project site over stealing Rs.650,000 belonging to two chinese nationals attached to the same site.

Hambanthota Police are investigating on the incident.

Some Families Evacuated From Landslide Prone Areas Returned To Their Houses Without Considering The Danger

Although the authorities in several landslide prone
areas have evacuated the families living near the areas and moved them to safety places ,Some families again returned their houses without considering the danger it has been reported.

This situation is visible in some parts of the Ratnapura District it has been reported.

National Building Research Organization (NBRO)has stated that due to the rainy weather some mountain areas in several districts are prone to landslides and therefore people in those areas should be vigilant on this .

Meanwhile the NBRO has extended the landslide warnings issued to seven districts Ratnapura ,
,Kegalle,Kalutara,Galle,Matara,Hambanthota and Nuwara Eliya for another 24 hours.


Seven Baby Elephants Who Were Raised In Udawalawe Ethathurusevena Released To The Wild Life Park

Seven baby elephants who were  raised in Udawalawe Athathurusevena (Orphanage)for five years  have been released to the Gonaviddagala area in Udawalawe national wild life park yesterday (10).

Four of the baby elephants have been released to the wild life park last morning and three were released in the evening after religious activities it has been reported.

Baby elephants met with injuries are being brought to the Udawalawe Athathurusevena and they are provided with treatment and protection there.

Two Brothers Were Killed After Colliding With A Train In Colpetty

Two brothers of a same family in the ages of 12 and 24
were killed after colliding with train travelling from Galle to Colombo Fort at Colpetty area while the brothers trying take a selfie from their camera.

The deceased eldest brother had return to Sri Lanka today (11)from Singapore where he was working .His younger brother who was also killed due to the accident arrived in Katunayake Airport from Anuradhapura through a Van along with mother,father and family members to pick up the eldest brother from the Airport.

Before leaving to Anuradhapura the two brothers had tried to take a selfie in front of the rail track in Colpetty during their visit to Galle Face at the time they met with the accident.

An Ambulance Driver Was Killed And Three Others Injured Due To A Ambulance-Motor Car Collision

An Ambulance driver was killed and three others
including the patient were injured and hospitalized after the Ambulance they were travelling in colliding with a Motor car in the wee hours of last morning (10) in Negambo .

The injured patient ,doctor and assistant driver of the Ambulance have been admitted to the Negambo Hospital for treatment.

The accident occurred when the Ambulance carrying a patient transfer from Kilinochchi District Hospital to Colombo National Hospital collided with a Moto Car arrived in through a sub road.

The driver of the Motor Car was drunk at the time of the accident according to the police.

US Naval Ship "Lake Erie"Arrived In Sri Lanka To Provide Post Disaster Relief Activities

The US Naval ship "Lake Erie" with 150 US Naval and
Army personal arrived at Colombo Harbor this morning (11) to provide post disaster relief work in areas affected due to the adverse weather.

The US Naval and Army Personal in the ship are due to participate in development activities in disaster hit areas including purifying  water in flood affected areas according to the Sri Lanka Navy.The Ship will be stayed here until 25th of June it has been stated.

It has been reported that a large number of wells and water ways in disaster hit areas have been polluted due to recent floods.


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