Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Business On Mixing Sleeping Tablets To Locally Made Liquor Toddy Has Been Revealed

The Investigations have revealed that the large consignment  of sleeping pills uncovered from a private pharmacy recently was meant to be used for manufacturing toddy (a locally made  liquor) according to Ministry Of Health.a consignment of sleeping pills worth rs.200,000 was recovered from a private pharmacy owner's house in Kosgama area during a raid carried out jointly by National Drugs Authority and Kosgama Police on last Friday.

According to National Drugs Authority the sleeping tablets were to mixed with toddy by a relative of the pharmacy owner.this has been revealed after the raid carried out in toddy distribution center in Kirindiwela immediate investigation was launched after founding the consignment of sleeping tablets which can only be issued to the people under doctors prescription.

Meanwhile it has been revealed that the suspect who kept these sleeping tablets obtained them from a wholesale dealer in Colombo registered under the National Drugs Authority.Ministry of Health has already instructed to cancel the whole sale dealer's license with immediate effect and take legal action against him.

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