Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cockroaches Causes Respiratory Illnesses Like Asthma-Colombo Chief Medical Officer

The Chief Medical Officer Of Colombo Dr.Ruwan Wijemuni has appealed to the Public to ensure that  their houses are  free of Cockroaches as the  excreta and wings of them  will be caused serious respiratory illnesses like Asthma.the wings and excreta of the cockroaches are contain  an acid substance which causes the respiratory illnesses he has stressed.

The fumigation method which uses to destroy dengue mosquitoes is also destroying cockroaches as well Dr.Wijemuni  has further said. 

Colombo Public Health Department To Introduce The Ovitrap Method To Control Dengue

The Public Health Department of the Colombo Municipal Council is planning to introduce the  "Ovi Trap"method to reduce  breeding of Dengue Mosquitoes in City Of Colombo according to Chief Medical Officer in Colombo Dr.Rohana Wijemuni."Ovi Trap" system which is recommended by World Health Organization as a successful method of destroying the dengue mosquito larvae has successfully tested in Singapore and Malaysia Dr.Wijemuni has said.

Under the  this method a Plastic Containers filled with water  will be planted in the  houses and institutions which are identified as  risk areas  of breeding dengue mosquitoes.after planting the plastic containers, the dengue mosquitoes will laying eggs in the water there. then the eggs will go down the water and the residents can either removed the water from the container else destroying the eggs Dr.Wijemuni has stressed.

Besides introducing the Ovi Trap method to control dengue mosquitoes the Colombo Public Health Department has decided to appoint 47 Dengue Control Officers for 47 Urban Divisions in Colombo City with the aim of implementing dengue control activities  effectively.the appointing of these officer will take place during next week the chief medical officer of Colombo has said.

The said officers will be provided with a fogging machine and other equipment for their work according to Dr.Wijemuni.

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