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There's No Ethnic Conflict In Sri Lanka -Professor Channa Jayasumana Said In Geneva

There is no ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka at present and it was Tamil Racists that created a fake History on Sri Lanka and violated human rights of the Country Professor Channa Jayasumana who is representing the Global Patriotic Lankan Forum at the 39 th session of United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland has said while addressing the session.

A political Solution had been given at Nandikadal Lagoon  so there's no need to talk on an Ehnic conflict in Sri Lanka Professor Jayasumana has stressed.

National Police Commission Has Instructed The IGP To Send DIG Nalaka De Silva On Compulsory Leave

The National Police Commission has
today (19)instructed the Inspector General Of Police (IGP)Pujith Jayasundara to send the head of the Terrorism Investigations Division ,Deputy Inspector General Of Police (DIG)Nalaka De Silva on compulsory leave until the completion  of an investigations conducting against him.

Minister of Law and Order has earlier recommended the National Police Commission to send the DIG Nalaka De Silva on Compulsory leave  as per the recommendations of a preliminary Investigations report handed over to the Ministry by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID)based on preliminary investigations held against DIG Nalaka De Silva over the charges levelled against him on conspiring to assassinate President Maithripala Sirisena and former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe.

It has been recommended to send DIG Nalaka De Silva on compulsory leave to avoid influencing the evidence and evidents of the case against him.The DIG is already transferred to Another section due to the investigations .

After the operations manager of Anti Corruption Force Namal Kumara has revealed on the facts related to the conspiracy of DIG Silva , Inspector General Of Police (IGP)Pujith Jayasundara has ordered the Special Police Investigations Unit to conduct an inquiry on the incident.

The inquiry was later handed over to the CID.

A Farmer Was Critically Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

A 46 year old farmer had been critically
injured and hospitalized due to a Wild Elephant attack at Hurulu Canal in Nikawatawana area,Dambulla last Tuesday  (18)night it has been reported.

The injured had been admitted to the intensive Care Unit of the Dambulla Base Hospital for treatment.

The injured farmer had faced this incident while on the way to purchase food for his children from a money he had received after pawning his water machine to a person according to reports.

Due to dry weather most Wild Elephants are entering villages in search of food and water these days it has been revealed.

A Railway Department Laborer Was Arrested Over Collecting Leaked Fuel From A Train

Police have arrested a Laborer attached
to Railways Department over collecting fuel Leaked from a fuel Tank transported by the Train which damaged after colliding with a herd of Wild Elephants yesterday (18)between Habarana -Palugaswewa area .

The suspect is due to be produced before the Kekirawa Magistrate Court.

A large number of persons in the area had  collected the Leaked fuel of the fuel tank in Train which stopped later by Police .

Two fuel  tanks transported by Train to Batticaloa had been damaged as a result of the incident.



Health Ministry To Launch National Dengue Mosquito Control Week By Next Week

Ministry of Health has decided to

implement a National Dengue Mosquito Control Week from 26th of September to 02 nd of October in  175 MOH
(Medical Officer Of Health)areas to minimise the spreading of Dengue during the forthcoming North Eastern monsoon rains .

Accordingly Ministry of Health along with National Dengue Control Unit and Presidential Task Force on Dengue will implement this Mosquito Control Week by focusing mainly on risk areas such as Schools and Construction sites identified as Dengue Mosquito Beeding places.

There's a significant drop of spreading Dengue this year compare to that of  last year the Health Ministry has said.

The Dengue Mosquito Control Week will be implemented as per the instructions of Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne according to the Ministry. 

Bus Fares To Be Increased By 4 Percent From Tomorrow (20)

Government had given approval to the
Private Bus unions to increase the Bus fares by 4 percent with effect from midnight tomorrow  (20) according to Minister Of Transport Nimal Siripala De Silva .

During a meeting held between the Transport Minister and representatives of the Private Bus Owners Union a decision has been taken in this regard Minister has stressed.

However the minimum Bus fare of Rs.12 will not be changed it has been revealed. Also the Bus fares of Express highway buses and semi luxury buses will not be increased it has been stated.

Private Bus unions have requested the authorities to increase the Bus fares by 10 percent due to the recent fuel price hike ,However Ministry of Transport has agreed to increase the Bus fares by 4 percent.

Transport Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva has instructed the National Transport Commission to prepare a Bus fare revision mechanism as per the changing prices of fuel .

Sugar Importers To Increase The Price Of Sugar By Rs.15

Sugar Importers Association has
decided to increase the price of 1 Kilo Gramme of Sugar by Rs.15 with effect from midnight tonight (19)due to the increase of Tax imposed on Imported Sugar by Rs.11 it has been reported.

However after announcing the increasing of Tax imposed on Imported Sugar by Rs.11 the Ministry Of Finance has stated yesterday  (18)that it will not effect the price of Sugar in the local market .

As the Sugar importers have decided to increase the price of Sugar Ministry of Finance has decided to fix a maximum retail price for sugar if the price increases acording to Ministry .

As there's an excess production of Sugar in countries like Brazil,Thailand and India sugar importers here can import sugar from those countries at a low cost the Ministry has said. 

Bakery Owners To Reduce Price Of A Loaf Of Bread By Rs.5 Within Next Few Days -Other Bakery Products To Follow ?

All Ceylon Bakery Owners Association has agreed to reduce the price of a loaf of Bread and other Bakery Products  by Rs.5 within next few days during a meeting held with representatives of Bakery Owners Association and Minister Rishad Baduideen in Colombo today (19).

During the meeting Minister Baduideen has promised the Bakery Owners to reduce the Flour price which was increased recently by Rs.5 from the same amount according to President of Bakery Owners Association N.K Jayawardana .

Minister Baduideen has ordered the officials of Consumer Affairs Authority who had participated at the meeting to inform the two flour importing companies in the country including Prima Company to reduce the flour price  by Rs.5 with immediate effect . The meeting was summoned to discuss on the problems faced by Bakery Owners.

Meanwhile Consumer Affairs Authority has decided to take a legal action against the two companies importing flour over increasing the price of Flour without a prior approval of the Authority .


79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...