Friday, May 26, 2017

Nearly 300 Army Troops Along With Navy And Air Force Personal Launched A Massive Rescue And Relief Operation For Flood Victims

Nearly 300 Army Troops along with 13 rescue teams of Navy and  teams of Air Force personal have launched a massive  rescue and relief operation in flood affected areas of   Neluwa, ,Morawaka ,Weeraketiya ,Deiyandara ,Padukke ,Bulathsinghale ,Kolonnawa ,Kalawana , Palindanuwara and Beliatta areas according to the Sri Lanka Army. 

As the water levels of the Kalu ,Nilwala and Ging Rivers are contentiously overflowing,people living near the banks of these Rivers as well as in vulnerable areas have been warned against possible landslides and disasters .

Adverse Weather -Death Toll Risen To 100 And 99 Still Missing

Around 100 persons have died and 99 went missing due to the landslides and floods affected in 14 districts of the country up to date Minister of Law and Order and Southern Development Sagala Rathnayake has stated today(27).

The communication  between authorities and the  people in affected areas have been disrupted due to the damaged telecommunication lines in affected areas he has stressed.

Meanwhile the number of displaced persons  reported due to the adverse weather in these districts up to now is more than 200,000 it has been revealed .

According to the Disaster Management Center These people were displaced due to landslides,floods and strong winds.

A large number of low lands are being submerged in and around Kelani River since last night due to the rain in those areas it has been reported.

Accordingly areas in Awissawella,Hanwella,Dompe,Padukke,Biyagama,Kelaniya and Kolonnawa are being submerged.

Ging ,Kalu and Nilwala rivers are reported as continuously  overflowing and due to this Ratnapura and several areas in Galle including Hiniduma, Tawalama ,Baddegama , putupawula,and dunumale,many areas in Hambanthota , Matara and Kalutara are being submerged.

Due to the emergency disaster situation occurred in many areas police and Tri force personal are being engage in rescue and relief operation in affected areas and at present six helicopters are being used for rescue operations it has been revealed.

The boats belonging to Fisheries Department too are being  utilized for rescue operations 

Air force has announced a number 0112 343 970 to inform on those areas need special rescue operations .

Several organizations are being engaged in  collecting essential commodities  for the displaced persons in affected areas and the donations are pouring in from public for this course .


Several Examinations Have Postponed Due To The Adverse Weather Condition

Due to the adverse weather condition prevailing in
most parts of the country rhe Examination Department and few universities had postponed several examinations scheduled to be held tomorrow (27) and the day after (28).

Accordingly Examinations Deparment has postponed five scheduled examinations and Sri Jayawardenapura and Kelaniya Universities had postponed few external examinations .

Meanwhile all the schools in Sabaragamuwa Province have closed today due to the bad weather .

An Airman Was Killed While Attempting To Save A Female Stranded In Estate Hostal

An Airman who attempted to save two females
stranded in a Estate Hostal in a Tea factory in Neluwa area due to the floods has died after falling down to the ground from a height of 30 feet today (26).

The critically injured relief service Airman had succumbed to his injuries while receiving treatment in Karapitiya Teaching Hospital.

The deceased faced the accident while attempting to getting down from a helicopter through a cable to rescue a female stranded in the estate hostal.In first attempt he had rescued one female it has been revealed.

Ten Persons Reported As Buried With Their Houses Due To A Landslide In Nivithigala-Updated

Ten persons reported as  buried with their houses and few others went missing due to a landslide occurred
 in Kiribathgala,Nivithigala area (Ratnapura)it has been reported.

Due to the damaged  electricity and telecommunication lines in the flood and landslide affected areas ,there's a delay of receiving  information regarding landslides in those areas sources have added.


"May those who have died due to the prevailing    adverse weather condition  attain supreme bliss of nibbana /May their souls rest in peace.

Several Areas Near Kelani River Submerged

Several low land areas near the Kelani river are
submerged due to the over flowing of the river it has been revealed.

Accordingly low land areas around Kelani river  Awissawella,Hanwella ,Kaduwela,Dompe and Kolonnawa had been flooded.

Around 2000 families living near the Kelani river bank have been removed from the area by this afternoon it has been reported.


Two Armed Men Robbed A Bank In Meerigama

Two armed persons arrived in from a Motorcycle had
robbed around RS.1.8 million from a private bank in Meerigama ,Gampaha today (26) and fled away from the area it has been reported.

The robbers who had fully covered their faces had threatened the bank officials and the customers through a pistol they had carried and robbed money deposited in three safes according to the reports.

After the robbery the two robbers had  fled away from a Motorcycle belonging to a customer .

State Finance Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena And His Family Stranded In Their House Due To Floods

Due to the heavy floods occurred in Matara District
first time after 17 years ,the state minister of Finance Lakshman yapa abeywardena ,his wife and son Pasanda yapa abeywardena were stranded in their house in Makandura-Matara for hours today (26)according to the reports.

It has been reported that the state mimister's house submerged from several feets of water as a result of the heavy showers prevailing in the area and he and his family members were rescued by a helicopter arrived in from Colombo.

Five Areas Received Rain More Than 200 Mili Meters

Five areas in the island had received more than 200
mili meters of rain during 24 hours ended at 9 a.m today (26)according to the Meteorology Department.

Accordingly milladeniya in Horana area (Kalutara)had received 615.1 mili meters of rain duriing that period and,Weeraketiya in Hambanthota received 495 .5 mili meters  of rain,Padukke,Awissawella and Batuwangala areas received around 300 mili meters of rain.

Met department has predicted that several parts in the country are due to receive more than 150 mili meters of rain during next 48 hour period.

If the rain continues further during next 24 hours there"s a threat of occuring more landslides in various parts of the country the Authorities have warned.

Adverse Weather-91 Persons Including Small Children Died-110 Missing Due To Landslides And Floods

According to the latest statistics available around 91
persons had died and 110 persons are missing due to the landslides and floods occurred in many parts of the country the Disaster Mangement Center (DMC).

Around 53,114 persons have displaced upto now due to the adverse weather the Center has stated.

Highest number of deaths had been reported from Kalutara District which is 37 and 29 deaths reported from Ratnapura district.

Ratnapura,Kalutara,Galle,Hambanthota,Matara,Colombo,Gampaha areas have been identified as most affected areas due to the adverse weather pattern.

As the water level of Kelaniya River is rising the persons who are living near the river bank areas are advised to go for safe locations the Disaster Management Center has said.

Meanwhile the Colombo-Awissawella low level road inundated at Ambathale and Kohilawatte areas it has been reported.Police have advised the motorists to use an alternative routes .

Some sea areas are also rough at present the authorities have announced.

Adverse Weather-Around 50 Feared As Dead Due To Landslides Occurred In Ratnapura And Kalutara Districts

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Around 50 persons feared as dead due to landslides occurred in Ratnapura and Kalutara districts today(26) and thousands of  people were displaced due to landslides and floods in many parts of the country according to sources.

In veyangalle ,Agalawatte area around 07 persons of the same family including 04 small children  have been reported as killed and 03 members of the same family went missing after a sand mount collapsed on their house this morning.

Two school children were killed after a sand mount collapsed on their house in velangalle,Awissawella it has been reported.

Around 07 persons were killed due to a landslide in Bogahawatte,Bulathsinghale area .

In Kahawatte area a person was killed on the spot after a tree collapsed on him  while walking in a sub road.

Ratnapura City,Galle-Baddegama road,Galle -Ambalanwatte road,Galle-Karapitiya road,Udugama-Baddegama road,Kalutara-Palawatte-Walallawita road,Tangalle-Weeraketiya road and Tangalle-Thissa road are being submerged according to the according to the Disaster Management Center.

A police officer was injured and hospitalized after a tree collapsed on the Vavuniya Police station today(26).A truck and five Motorcycles parked near the Police station were damaged due to the incident.

In Baduraliya-Mawathwatte area five houses got buried believed to be with the residents after a snd mount collapsed on the houses.Police have launched a rescue operation in search of the missing.

Several roads in Colombo too submerged due to the heavy showers prevailing in at present and as the water level in Kelaniya River is increasing Authorities have ordered the Urban Councils and Provincial Councils to remove all unauthorized constructions in Colombo and suburbs including ,wattale,Kaduwela,kolonnawa and Kelaniya which built built by blocking the natural canals and waterways as soon as possible to prevent any disaster according to the Ministry of Megapolis  and Western Development .