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President Has Ordered The Authorities To Take Stern Action Against Those Responsible For Central Bank Bond Scam

President Maithripala Sirisena had instructed the
authorities including the Attorney General ,The director of Bribery Commission and the Chairman of the Central Bank to take stern action against the culprits responsible for the Central Bank bond scam and take steps to recover  the public money stolen from the culprits it has been reported.

While addressing a public rally held  in Elpitiya area today ,President Sirisena has stated that he had prepared a programme to punish the culprits of Central Bank Bond Scam and came to the rally.

Electricity Board Employees To Launch An Island Wide Strike From Tomorrow (18)As A Protest Against Police Attacks Over Protesting Employees

The employees attached to Joint Trade Union Alliance
of Ceylon Electricity Board have decided to launch an island wide strike from tomorrow (18)to protest against the assaulting of their employees by the Police to rescue Electricity Board chairman who was taken as a hostage by the protesting employees.

The Police teams entered the Ceylon Electricity Board headquarters in Colombo fort around 8 p.m have removed the protesters who surrounded the CEB Chairman Ganegala's office room to rescue the Chairman and during the process Police teams have attacked the Protesters the Trade Union Alliance had claimed.

Ceylon Electricity Board Employees Taken The Board Chairman As A Hostage For More Than Eight Hours-Police Rescued The Chairman

A tense situation was occurred in Ceylon Electricity
Board (CEB) headquarters in Colombo this evening (17)after a group of employees of the Electricity Board had taken Board chairman W.B Ganegala as a hostage for more than eight hours since evening while protesting by demanding solutions for few of their service demands.

The Police and Riot Police officers who had entered the Electricity Board headquarters have rescued the CEB Chairman from the hands of protesting employees few hours ago according to reports.

The Joint Trade Union Alliance of Ceylon Electricity Board which led the protest campaign demanded to solve few of their service problems including removal of salary anomalies.The protesters had  blocked the office room of the CEB chairman during the protest .

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A Female Teacher Was Arrested Over Accepting Money From Parents Of A Student

Image result for bribeKatugasthota Police have arrested a female teacher attached to a leading school in Kandy District over taking Rs.100,000 as a bribe from the parents of a Student by promising  to admit the student to the Grade One class of the school yesterday(16).

The arrest was made as per a complaint made by the parents of the Student it has been revealed.

The suspected Teacher has accepted the bribe in 2015 and told the Parents of the student that if she fails to admit the student to the Class will return the money to them .However the Teacher failed to admit the student to the School and not return the money she had taken by them parents have complained.

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Navy Have Arrested Two Persons With 70 Gold Bisucits While Transporting Them To India

Image result for arrestedSri Lanka Navy have arrested two Sri Lankans while transporting 70 Gold Biscuits weighing 100 grammes each to India through a Dinghy Boat in Northern seas last night(17).

The suspects with the stock of Gold Biscuits taken in to Navu custody have been handed over to the Sri Lanka Customs for further investigations according to the Navy.

The estimated value of the Stock of Gold Biscuits taken in to custody is around Rs.50 million it has been revaled.

Twenty Six Copies Of Central Bank Bond Scam Report Had Been Handed Over To The Parliament

Image result for sri lanka parliamentTwenty Six English copies of the Central Bank Bond Scam report had been handed over to the Parliamentary Secretary by the legal officer of Presidents Office  today(17) it has been announced.

The Central Bank Bond Scam report which was handed over to the President Maithripala Sirisena by the Special Presidential Commission Of Inquiry in  last December has been posted to the internet by the Presidential Secretariat and the copies of the report had sent to all MP's through E mail  it has been revealed.

Meanwhile 34 Sinhala Copies of the Report on Serious Fraud and Corruption too had been handed over to the Parliamentary Secretary by the legal officer of Presidents Office.

Meanwhile the Speaker Karu Jayasuiriya has stated during a press briefing held at Parliament today(17) that the future course of action can  be taken regarding the reports of Central Bank Bond Scam and Serious fraud and corruption wilt be decided during the Party leaders meeting scheduled to be held on 22nd of January.

The two reports will be submitted to the Parliament on 23rd of January for the discussion the Speaker has stressed.

The copies of the Both Central Bank Bond Scam and the Serious Fraud And  Corruption will be issued to the media as well in near future the Speaker has stated.

Ward Place Has Been Closed Down Due To A Protest March

Image result for protest march graphics
The Ward Place in Colombo-07 has been closed down this evening(17) Due to a protest march conducted by a group of University Students .

Due to this move a heavy traffic has been reported from Town Hall to Borella it has been reported.

The protesters are being protesting in front of the University Grants Commission Building in Ward Place by demanding a clinical training for University Students belonging to Professions Supplementary to Medline and Nursing in Peradeniya and Kandy Hospitals.


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A School Boy Was Injured Due To A Three Wheeler-Motor Car Collision

A 18 year old school boy was injured and hospitalized
and three others had  received minor injuries and bruises after a Three Wheeler they  travelling in colliding with a Motor Car at Gaminipura area in Hatton-Dikoya main road eatly this morning (16).

The injured was admitted to Dikoya District Hospital for treatment.

The accident was occurred when a Three Wheeler transporting school children from  Dikoya to Hatton  was collided with a Motor car travelling Hatton to Dikoya.

Hatton Police are conducting an investigation over the incident.


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A PLOTE Member Was Remanded Over Keeping A Firearm

Jaffna Magistrate has today (16)ordered to remand a
member of a Peoples Liberation Organization Of Tamil Ealam (PLOTE) who was arrested while forcibly staying in a House infront of Jaffna Hospital with a firearm and bullets in his possession ,until 30th of January .

The suspect was arrested and remanded on 19th of December while forcibly staying in a house in front of Jaffna Hospital with a T-56 Firearm and a stock of bullets in his possession .

President Sirisena To Honor Street Artists

Sri Lankan Street Artists will be honoured from this
year by presenting them Presidential Awards for their creative Art Works  President Maithripala Sirisena has said today (16).

President has stated this during a meeting held with a group of representatives of the Street Artists Association at the Presidential Secretariat today.

President has promised the group of Artists that the government will provide every possible assistance to them including of supporting their welfare.

This is the first  time that a Sri Lankan President had met the represenratives of Street Artists Association it has been revealed.

The Association had presented proposals which can be taken  to develop the Sreet Art in Sri Lanka to the President .

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Government Nurses And Para Medical Officers To Launch A Two Day Strike On Tomorrow And The Day After In Southern Province

Related imageGovernment Nurses and Para medical officers belonging to 12 categories attached to the Government Hospitals in Southern Province are due to launch a two day token strike on tomorrow(17) and the day after (18) by demanding to pay the suspended Overtime Payments of them prepared according to the increased salary the Joint Confederation of Nurses-Para Medics  has announced.

Accordingly Nurses and Para Medical Officers attache to the Government Hospitals in Galle,Matara and Hambanthota districts belonging to the Southern Province will launch the two day strike from 7 a.m tomorrow to 7 a.m the day after the Joint Confederation has stated.

Although the Health Ministry has instructed the Southern Provincial Authorities to pay the suspended Overtime payments of Nurses and Para medical officers the Provincial authorities are delaying the implementing of  it the joint president of the Confederation Saman Ratnaproya  has stated.

Central Bank Bond Scam Report To Be Tabled In Parliament Tomorrow(17)

Related image
The report of the  Presidential Commission Of Inquiry on the Central Bank Bond Scam is scheduled to be tabled in Parliament tomorrow(17) according to the Government.
After the report is being  tabled in the Parliament, it will appear in the Official Parliamentary website and public will be able to read t and submit their views regarding the document it has been announced.
The Report of the Central Bank Bond Scam has been handed over to the President Maithripala Sirisena by the Presidential Commission last December.

Cabinet Has Decided To Withdraw Gazette Notifications Issued Regarding Liquor

Image result for CABINET SRI LANKA LOGOCabinet has today(16) unanimously  decided to withdraw two Gazette Notifications issued by Ministry of Finance on lifting the ban imposed over local women to purchase Liquor from Bars.working in Liquor Bars and selling Liquor and extending the Business Hours of opening Bars in the country from 9 p.m to 10 p.m .
President Maithripala Sirisena had earlier instructed the authorities to withdraw the two Gazette Notifications issued regarding these matters under the signature of Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera
The ban imposed over local women to purchase ,selling of Liquor and working in Liquor Bars is being implemented since 1979.
Meanwhile due to the heated arguments occurred  with some of the United National Party(UNP) members President Sirisena has been reported as left the Cabinet meeting.
The Cabinet meeting was chaired by the President.

A Person Was Killed And Another Was Injured Due To A Road Accident In Matara

A person was killed and another was injured and hospitalized after the Van they were traveling in veering off the road and crashed into a lamp post at Izadeen Town in Matara-Akuressa road early this morning(16).

One of the passengers in  the  Van was killed on the spot and the Driver of the Van got injured and admitted to the Matara General Hospital for treatment.

Related imageThe deceased had been identified as a 52 year old resident of Kokuvil in Jaffna .The accident has occurred due to the  inability of the driver  to control the high speed van it has been revealed.


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Monday, January 15, 2018

Salt-heavy diet increases the risk of Alzheimer's by starving the brain of oxygen, new study finds


A Person Was Arrested With Three Kilo Grammes Of Kerala Cannabis

A person was arrested by the Mannar Police with
three Kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabis in his possession while preparing to transport the haul of Cannabis from Mannar to Anuradhapura by Bus on Sunday night (14).

The estimated value of the haul of Cannabis taken into custody in possession of the suspect is around Rs.200,000 it has been revealed.

The suspect is a resident of Thalawa,Anueadhapura.

A Motorcyclist And A Pillion Rider Were Killed Due To A Head On Collision Of Two Motorcycles

A Motorcyclist and a pillion rider were killed and
another Motorcyclist was critically injured and hospitalized after a head on collision between two Motorcycles in Nindawela,Kuliapitiya area.

The three critically injured were admitted to the Kuliyapitiya Hospital where a Motorcyclist had succumbed to his injuries and a Pillion ride had succumbed to his injuries after transferring to Colombo National Hospital.

The deceased were residents of Nindawela,Kuliyapitiya area.

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An Officer Attsched To Karachchi Pradeshiya Sabha Was Fined With Rs.30,000 Over Taking A Bribe

Kilinochchi District Judge A.A Anandaraja had today
(15)imposed a Rs.30,000 fine over an officer attached to Karachchi Pradeshiya sabha who had taken Rs.5000 from an owner of a beauty parlour in Kilinochchi.

The suspect was arrested by the Bribery Commission officials while accepting the bribe from the Beauty parlour owner at the parlour last week as per an information provided by the Beauty Parlour owner.

The suspected officer had taken the bribe to provide a concession to the annual tax paid by the Beauty parlour ito maintain it ,it has been revealed.


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Two Lanes Of The Southern Expressway Had been Closed Down This Morning Due To An Accident

Authorities have closed down two lanes of Galle-
Colombo Southern Expressway for traffic today (15)after a Container Truck travelling from Kottawa to Galle had crashed in to the security fence of the middle of  Expressway early this morning.

Due to the accident a front part of the Container Truck had fallen in to the opposite lane of the expressway and authorities have closed down the lanes to Galle and Colombo as the result.

No casualties have been reported due to the incident.

A Tense Situation Occurred In A Super Luxary Jaffna-Colombo Train After A Train Engine Caught Fire

A tense situation has occurred among local and
foreign passangers travelling in a super luxary train running from Jaffna to Colombo this morning (15)as one of train's  engines  caught fire at Chavakachcheri area.

The passangers of the  train quickly vacated the train as the fire began to spread while the engine driver and his assistant had stopped the train safely and informed the authorties over the incident.

After being informed the fire trucks arrived at the scene and doused the fire with the help of residents in the area.After dousing the fire the train lately returned back to Jaffna it has bern revealed.

Authorities believes that the fire may have occurred as a result of a technical default of the train engine.

Jaffna railway authorities had begun an inquiry to find out the cause of the fire. 

Supreme Court Has Informed The President That He Can Hold Presidency For A Five Year Period

The Supreme Court has last evening (14)informed the
President's office that the term current President Maithripala Sirisena can hold the Presidency is five years.

Accordingly his term will be ended by the year 2020.

The Supreme Court had examined the duration of President can hold his post after President Sirisena had requested the Court to let him know whether he can hold a six year period or five year period as president.

The examination was conducted by a five member judge panel appointed by Chief Justice Priyasad Depp which was chaired by Chief Justice himself.

President Sirisena had contested the Presidential Election on 08th of January 2015 for a six year term, however due to the 19th amendment passed in Parliament in May 2015 presidential term has been reduced to five years.


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