Sunday, June 24, 2018



Eight Hundrad Sri Lankans To Receive Dual Citizenship In Early July

  • The Immigration and Emigration Department is due to offer dual citizenship for 800 Sri Lankans living  abroad in the first week of July it has been revealed.

The suitable Sri Lankans for the Dual Citizenship are being selected amongst around 1000 applications receive monthly seeking Dual Citizenship according to the Immigeation Department.

The Dual Citizenship for the Sri Lankans are being offered as per recommendations made by a special committee.

A Youth Was Stabbed To Death In Habaraduwa

A 24 year old youth Motorcyclist was killed by three unidentified persons arrived in a Motorcycle and a Trishaw by colliding with his Motorcycle and stabbing him with sharp objects at Ginigala in Habaraduwa area this noon(24) it has been reported.

The youth with critical injuries had succumbed to his injuries after admission to Karapitiya Teaching Hospital .

The deceased was identified as a resident of Meepe in Habaraduwa area.Police believes the incident may have occurred as a result of a personal dispute.



Fourteen Female Sex Workers And Three Managers Attached To Three Brothel Houses Maintained As Massage Centers Were Arrested

Habarana Police have yesterday (23) arrested 14 female sex workers and Three managers attached to three Brothel Houses maintained on the pretext of Ayurveda Massage Centers(SPA's) at Habarana-Anuradhapura main road and Polonnaruwa areas.

The arrested female sex workers are residents of    Galnava ,Puttalam, Polonnaruwa,Matale,Habarana and Hungurakgoda areas it has been revealed.

The raids were carried out under a search warrants obtained from Kekirawa Magistrate Court.

The arrested female sex workers and Brothel house managers are due to be produced before the Kekirawa and Hingurakgoda Magistrate courts.

A Father Was Arrested Over Atempting To Commit Suicide With A Child

A father was arrested by the Maravila police this evening (24)at North thoduwawa area in Marawila over attempting to commit suicide with a 03 year old child by drowning in the sea area at Marawila.

A fisherman had saved the two from drowning it has been revealed.

After being handed over to the Police the child was admitted to the Marawila Base Hospital and the father was arrested by the police over attempting to commit suicide with a child.

Police believes the father may have attempted to commit suicide over a family dispute.Marawila Police are conducting an investigations over the incident.


Two Drowned And Three Saved After Capsizing A Boat At Malagane Wewa

Two persons have been drowned and three others were saved after the Boat they were travelling in Malagane Wewa(River) at Wariyapola,Kurunagala had capsized this evening(24).
The five persons who were in the Boat travelling to pluck lotus leaves to an Alms giving center(Dansal) to be held to mark poson poya it has been revealed.

Three in the Boat swam to the shore and saved their lives while two who are of the ages 20 and 48 years old have drowned.A mission is underway to find out the missing by the Police,Navy and has been reported .

Two Suspects Were Arrested And Remanded Over The Killing Of A Leopard

Kilinochchi Police have arrested two persons over the brutal killing of a rare species of Leopard few days ago at Ambalkulam area ,last night(23) and this morning(24) it has been reported.

Both the suspects who are of the ages 39 and 42 years old residing in Udayanagar and Ambalkulam areas have been remanded until 29 th of June after being produced before the Kilinochchi Magistrate Court this morning.

Police have arrested a 42 year old who had involved in the incident at Ambalkulam area last night and a 39 year old udayanagar resident was surrendered to the police this morning.

Kilinochchi Magistrate Court has ordered the Police to arrest rest of the suspects who had involved in the killing of a Leopard.


Saturday, June 23, 2018




A Female Was Killed Due To A Road Accident At Norwood Area

A female with Psychiatric problem was killed after colliding with a private bus travelling from Hatton to Maskeliya area at Norwood in Hatton-Maskeliya main road this evening(23).

The accident occurred when the female jumped in front of the running bus it has been revealed.The whereabouts of the female not yet been revealed and she was left by a group of persons at Kuda Maskeliya area few days ago according to the residents.

Norwood Police have arrested the Bus driver regarding the accident.

A Motorcyclist Was Killed Due To A Motorcycle-Three Wheeler Collision

A 20 year old Motorcyclist was killed and a pillion  rider was critically injured and hospitalized after the Motorcycle they were travelling colliding with a Three Wheeler at Morakotanchena area in Eravur in Batticaloa-Valachchanei road last night(22).

The two critically injured persons were admitted to the Sandiveli Hospital where the Motorcyclist had succumbed to his injuries.

Transport Activities In Sea side Road From Wellawatta To Colpetty To Be Restricted Tomorrow(24)

Transport activities in the sea side road between Wellawatte to Colpetty will be restricted from 7 a.m to 3 p.m tomorrow(24)to facilitate the National Cycling Championships -2018 scheduled to be held during that period the Police have announced.

Motorists are being advised to use an alternative routes when travelling.


Three Police Teams Have Been Appointed To Arrest Those Who Killed The Rare Leopard

Three Police Teams have been appointed to arrest the suspects who are responsible for attacking and killing a rare species of Leopard at Ambalkulam in Kilinochchi recently it has been announced.

The Police Teams have already began the mission to arrest the suspects who are being identified as belongs to several villages in Ambalkulam.

Many sections of the society are on the view that the villagers should have captured the Rare species of Leopard and hand him over to the Wild Life officers without taking law in to the hands and killing the animal.They have also criticized the way Wild Life officers behaved during the incident without attempting to stop villagers from killing the leopard.

Four Students Attached To A School In Kaduwela Arrested Over Stealing School Computers

Nawahamuwa Police have arrested four G.C.E Ordinary level and Advanced Level students studying at Kaduwela Bomiriya Central Collage over stealing of Computers worth more than Rs.400,000 by breaking in to the Computer Laboratory of their Collage.

The arrested students ,Three Ordinary Level and One Advanced Level  student were ordered to keep at Makola Special Child Detention Center until 25 th of June by the Kaduwela Magistrate Court today(23) after the suspected students produced in court.

The Kaduwela Magistrate has also ordered the authorities to produce a probation report  on the behaviour of the students at the Detention center.


A Senior Immigration -Emigration Official Arrested With 60 Gold Biscuits Was Fined With Rs.3 Million

Airport Customs officers have imposed a fine of Rs.3 Million on the Senior Immigration -Emigration Official who had arrested while attempting to bring 60 Gold Biscuits weighing 06 kilo grammes illegally out of the  Katunayake International
Airport last night(22) .

The suspected official had been questioned over the incident by the Airport Customs  earlier and imposed the fine before releasing him it has been revealed.The stock of Gold Biscuits worth around Rs.36 million and taken in to custody in possession of the suspect had confiscated .

The 50 year old Immigration -Emigration official was arrested at the Departure lounge of the Katunayake Airport.

Kilinochchi Magistrate Has Ordered The Police To Arrest Those Who Are Responsible For The Killing Of A Leopard

Kilinochchi Magistrate Court has yesterday (22)ordered the Police to arrest the suspects those who are responsible for the killing of rare species of Leopard by attacking with clubs and poles at Ambalkulam area in Kilinochchi revently.

The Kilinochchi Magistrate has ordered to arrest the suspects after viewing the video clips of the killing of the Leopard.

Accordingly Kilinochchi Police have identified four suspects who had directly involved in the killing through the video clips available and the Police are currently working on to arrest them it has been revealed.

A group of persons had brutally attacked and killed the Leopard after he had attacked few persons.


Friday, June 22, 2018



Water Supply In Colombo Municipal Council Limits To Be Restricted Today For A 12 Hour Period

  • National Water Supply And Drainage Board has decided to supply water under low pressure to the areas  within Colombo Municipal Council limits for a 12 hour prleriod today(23) due to an essential  repair work of a pipe line.

This will effect from 12 noon today up to 12 in the midnight it has been announced.


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Two Persons Were Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

As yet another result of the ongoing Human-Elephant conflict two persons involved in fisheries industry were killed due to a Wild Elephant attack at Panama area in Eastern Province it has been reported.

The two critically injured persons who were attacked by the Wild Elephant while on their way to fishing at panama Wewa(River) had succumbed to their injuries after admission to Akkareipattu Base Hospital .


Two Were Injured One Of Them Critically Due To A Road Accident

A Container Truck driver and a Truck assistant have been injured one of them critically and hospitalized after the high speed Container Truck transporting tobaccco parts veering of the road and colliding with a Tree nearby last evening(22).

The injured were admitted to the Puttalam Base Hospital for treatment and the condition of the truck assistant is critical according to reports.

The truck was transporting more than 10,000 Kilo Grammes of Tobacco parts from a factory at Katunayake to a factory in Palaviya ,Puttalam at the time of the accident.

The accident occurred due to the careless driving of the Truck Driver according to the Mundalama Police .


An Immigration Emigration Officer Was Arrested With 60 Gold Biscuits

Airport Customs officers have arrested  a 50 year old senior Immigration -Emigration officer with 60 Gold Biscuits in his  possession at the departure lounge in Katunayake Bandaranaike International Airport last night(22).

The stock of Gold Biscuits taken into custody in the possession of the suspect which concealed in his trouser pocketes weighing 06 Kilo grammes and worth around Rs.30.6 million it has been revealed.

The Customs officers who are investigating over the incident suspecting a person arrived in from a foreign country might have handed over the stock of Gold Biscuits to the officer.

A Female Has Died Due To A WASP Attack

A 58 year old female has died due to a Wasp attack in Diyathalawa area last evening(22) according to the Diyathalawa Police.

The critically injured female had succumbed to her injuries after admission to Diyathalawa Base Hospital it has bedn reported.

The victim who was s resident of Galedanda area in Diyathalswa had faced this incident while returning home from the Paddy Field ,near her house it has been revealed.

A Bolivian National Was Arrested With A Stock Of Cocaine

Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officials have arrested a 34 year old  Bolivian national while attempting to smuggle 11.300 Kilo  Grammes of Cocaine narcotic illegally to the Country at the Katunayake Bandaranaike International Airport.sosanitha dhcdku

The suspect was arrived at the Airport from.Dubai and the Negambo
Magistrate Court has today(22) gave permission to the Police Natcoric Beureau to hold  the suspect and question him for seven days over the incident.

The suspect had brought the  Cocaine  to the country by secretly  spraying it  to a cloth  in his luggage through a has been revealed .



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A Person Was Arrested With Explosives At Weeraketiya

A 25 year old person was arrested by the Police with a firearm made in a foreign country,Three ammunition's and other explosives in possession at Mulkirigala in Weeraketiya area yesterday (21).
The suspect who is a resident in Mulkirigala area is due to be produced before the Walasmulla Magistrate Court.

A 31 Year Old Person Was Shot And Killed At Narigama

Two  unidentified Gunmen arrived in by  a Motorcycle  had shot and killed a 31 year old formerly attached to a Gajaba Regiment of the Sri Lanka Army near a Hotel at Narigama in Hikkaduwa  this morning (22).

The critically injured person had succumbed to his injuries on admission to Arachcikattuwa Hospital it has been revealed.

The gunmen  had fled away from the area after the shooting according to the Hikkaduwa Police.

The deceased had been identified as a person who had three murder charges under his name and possessed two firearms at the time of the shooting.

Hikkaduwa Police are investigating over the incident.



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More Than 50 Acres Attached To The Wadinahelayaya Mount Reserve Has been Destroyed Due To A Fire

More Than 50 acres of land belongs to the "Wadinahelayaya" Mountain Reserve at Malewnayaya Road in Wellawaya has been destroyed due to a huge fire erupted there since this morning (22) according to the reports.

The fire erupted in the Mountain Reserve which is a home to a large number of  Sri Lankan owned species including rare Sri Lankan Wild Animals and Birds is being spreading rapidly at present it has been reported.Due to this situation thousands of Sri Lankan Rare birds and wild animals have been affected .

Due to the strong winds and dry weather in the area the fire is being spreading rapidly it has been revealed.

Still no one has taken a step to prevent the fire from spreading further.

Police Have Arrested 11 Female Sex Workers And Two Managers Attached to Two Brothel Houses Maintained On Pretext Of Ayurveda Massage Centers

Two Police Teams attached to Welikada and Mount Lavinia Police stations  have arrested two Managers and 12 female sex workers attached to two Brothel Houses maintained on the pretext of Ayurveda Massage Centers  at Rajagiriya and Katukurunduwatte in Ratmalane areas during raids carried out yesterday (21) .

During the raid carried out under a search warrant obtained from a court at a Brothel House in Rajagiriya ,the manageress of the house along with three female sex workers have been arrested .The arrested female sex workers are of the ages 23,30,35  and 43 years and residents of Pitigala,Balangoda and Hatton areas.

During the other raid carried out in a Brothel House maintained on the pretext of a Ayurveda Massage Center the manager and nine female sex workers were arrested .The suspected females are of the ages 22,23,24 ,28,32,34 and 38 years and residents of Siyambalanduwa,Maravila ,Padukka and Anuradhapura areas.

The suspects are due to be produced before the court.


A Police Officer Was Killed And Four Others Injured Due To A Gun Shooting In A Jewelry Shop

Image result for gun shooting graphics
A Police Officer was killed and four others including two Police Officers and Two civilians have been injured and hospitalized due to a gun shooting erupted when Gang arrived in to rob a Jewelry Shop in Matara This morning (22).

Altogether five persons have been injured and hospitalized due to the Gun shooting occurred between the Police and the Gang and a Critically injured Police Officer had succumbed to his injuries after admission to Karapitiya Teaching Hospital for treatment .

A group of ten members have arrived in from Motorcycles by covering their faces with white face masks this morning  to rob the Jewelry shop it has been revealed.They all were equipped with firearms.The gang had shown the firearms and threatened the Jewelry shop workers before stealing the  shop and fled away .The gun shooting was erupted between the Police and the Gang members afterwards.

Four others including one member of the Gang who came to rob the Jewelry shop were admitted to the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital for treatment after being injured during the shooting and the three Gang Members involved in the incident including  a Underworld criminal Kosgoda Tharaka who  was insured and hospitalized later arrested by the Police over the incident.One of the injured civilians is a brother of the Kosgoda Tharaka it has been revealed.

Police have later arrested the Main suspect in Matara City.

Another Gang member who had involved in the incident and injured during shooting was taken away by the other Gang members  who have fled away from the scene after the incident.

Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero Who Was Remanded For One Year Has Been Released On Bail

Image result for galagodaatte theroThe imprisoned  General Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena Organization Ven.Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero who had remanded over making threats to the Sandya Eknaligoda the wife of missing Cartoonist Prageeth Eknaligoda at Homagama Magistrate Court Premises two years ago  ,for a one year period to be ended in six months has been released on bail this evening (22) by the Homagama Magistrate Court.

Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero was released on two surety  bails of Rs.500,000 each by the Homagama Magistrate Udesh Ranathunga after taking in to consideration the Bail application submitted to the court by his lawyers it has been reported.
The Imprisoned Galagodaatte Thero had been transported to Homagama Court from the Welikada Prison by a Prison Bus and produced before the court.
Although he was released on bail he is banned for going abroad by the Homagama Magistrate as the case against him still proceeding in the court.

Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons are forced to recall 200,000 bottles of supermarket own-brand child cough syrups over fears they contain MOULD

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Eating A Balanced Diet Could Cut The Risk Of Cancer Deaths By 65 Percent


An Indian National Was Arrested While Attempting To Smuggle US Dollar Notes To China

Airport customs officers have today(21)arrested a 54 year old Indian national while attempting to smuggle a stock of US Dollars worth nearly Rs.10 million illegally  to China at the Katunayake International Airport .

The suspect who had arrived in Sri Lanka two days ago has concealed the US Dollar notes in his luggage it has been revealed.

A Baby Elephant Who Had Fallen In To An Unprotected Well Was Rescued

A one and half year old Baby Elephant who had fallen in to an unprotected Agricultural well at Nikawewa in Horowpathana area was rescued by the Wildlife officers along with the residents of the area this morning(21).

The rescued Baby Elephant had taken to the Veterinary office at Pandulagama,Anuradhapura for treatment according to reports.

Prices Of An Expensive Drugs To Be Reduced During Next Month

Prices of selected  Expensive Drugs including those prescribed for Cancers will be reduced during next month(July)according to the Minister of Health,Nutrition and Indeginous Medicine Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

The prices of these drugs will be reduced under the second stage of Drug prices reduction programme implemented by the Ministry of Health he has stressed.However the names of the Drugs subjected to be reduced are not yet been revealed.

After the price reduction the prices of Private Hospitals too will be regulated the Minister has stressed.

A Heroin Smuggler Was Arrested With The Help Of Police Dog "Won"

A 31 year old person was arrested while transporting 24 packettes of Heroin in a Private Bus travelling from Colombo to Badulla by a Special Police team.attached to the Badulla  police this noon(22) at Puwakgodamulla area with the help of the official Police Dog "Won" it has been reported.

The suspect who is a resident of Kandagolla area in Badulla has hidden the Heroin packettes in his trouser pockettes it has been revealed.When police team had checked the Private bus the official dog attached to Badulla Police "Won" helped the police to catch the suspect.

The suspect who  has been reported as involved in transporting Heroin since long time ,due to be produced before the court.



A 24 Year Old Person Was Arrested With A Haul Of Heroin

Modara Police have today (21)arrested a 24 year year old Heroin smuggler with 6.50 Grammes of Heoin in his possession near the Methsandasevana Housing Complex in Modara area.

The suspect who is a resident of Colombo -15 is due to be produced before the Maligakande Magistrate Court.