Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Sum Of Rs.5 Billion Allocated For Local Purchasing Of Drugs This Year

The amount of money allocated for local purchasing of  emergency drugs and surgical requirements   of Government Hospitals have increased by Rs.4 billion this year a clearly  wastage of money claims the president of Health Services Trade Union Alliance (HSTUA) Saman Ratnapriya.According to him every year usually a sum of Rs.1 billion allocated for local purchasing of drugs and surgical s in  Government Hospitals ,but this year a sum of Rs.5 billion allocated for this purpose.

A large scale of Fraud activities have been take place when local purchasing of drugs in government hospitals he stressed.Therefore the Ministry Of Health should have maintain a list of Essential Drugs and Surgical s need to import every year and should import them through a proper tender procedure to avoid fraud activities president of HSTUA further added.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

14,000 Graded Medical Officers To Deprive Their Communication Allowance From This July

The Government has decided to stop paying the monthly communication allowance to 14,000 graded medical officers which has paid to all government  medical officers including them with effect from next month (July) citing that they are not entitled for this allowance it has been revealed.The communication allowance which has paid monthly to all medical officers ranging up to Rs.6000 since last year is now said to be entitled only to executive graded medical officers  according to Ministry Of Finance .

As per a letter sent to Ministry Of Health by the Treasury dated 14-06-2012 has stated to stop paying above communication allowance to all graded medical officers who are now excluded from executive grade.However 16,200 Medical Officers including these graded medical officers attached to government hospitals island wide were paid this allowance since last May by allocating a large sum of money annually .

Out of 16.200 Medical Officers in the country around 14,000 are graded medical officers and the rest compromised with 1000 Grade 1 medical officers,1000 medical specialists and 200 medical administrators .Before issuing 2006/2007 Salary Circular all these medical officers belongs to executive grade but after implementing the above circular only grade 1 medical officers,medical specialists and medical administrators are belongs to executive grade and other mo's are excluded from that category. The Ministry Of Health had mistakenly categorized  those graded medical officers as executive grade medical officers even after implementing 2006/2007 salary circular treasury has said.Due to this situation graded medical officers too were paid communication allowance from may last year up to this month it has been stated.

Therefor Treasury has instructed Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Ravindra Ruberu to issue a new circular stating only executive grade medical officers will entitled for monthly communication allowance paid to cover their telephone bills.

Meanwhile after revealing this new decision to cutting off  communication allowance of graded medical officers those medical officers are said to be unhappy over this decision and now holding meetings in hospital basis to decide their future action over this issue.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Unemployed PSM Graduates Accused GMOA For Blocking Their Employment In Govt.Hospitals

The unemployed Graduates Union of Professions supplementary to medicine(PSM) had accused that Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has influenced the health ministry to not to recruit PSM Graduates to government hospitals .Due to this some 270 unemployed PSM Graduates are now working in private sector as part time employees the union stressed.

As government spent a huge sum of money to provide university education for these graduates it is duty of the health ministry to employ them in government hospitals unemployed psm graduates said.Meanwhile the unemployed psm graduates union has planned to stage demonstration campaigns in front of government hospitals from next month by demanding recruiting these unemployed graduates to government hospitals with immediate effect.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Urine Catheters Are Out Of Stock In Government Hospitals

Urine Catheters which are essential for Critically ill patients,patients who are undergoing surgeries,pregnant mothers and dengue patients are out of stock in all government hospitals these days island wide according to hospital sources.These catheters from all sizes which are using for above patients to pass urine are not available in medical supply division as well the sources said.

Due to the shortage the relatives of patients have to buy urine catheters from private pharmacies and most of the patients are not affordable to buying these as one catheter  costs around Rs.250 to Rs.1000 it has been revealed.A patient  needs two or three of these catheters per day the sources  said.

Swiss Authorities To Sent Home 2000 Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers

The Swiss Immigration and Emigration officials have decided to repatriate around 2000 Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers living  in Switzerland western media reports have revealed.This decision was taken on last Friday after considering the peaceful environment prevails in Sri Lanka following the end of  civil war against LTTE media reports said.

The decision on repatriation of Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers was taken in 2010 but implementing  it got delayed due to influence of Human Rights Activists .Swiss Authorities have already informed the decision to Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers in writing.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

National Dengue Month To Be Launched Tomorrow(25)

The first ever National Dengue Control Month of Sri Lanka declared by Presidential Task Force On Dengue Control last week will be implemented  from tomorrow (25).This month will last till 25th of July and during this period of time dengue control activities scheduled to be launched island wide in collaboration with Local Government Councils and institutions health authorities said.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dengue Mosquito Breading Places found in Medical Research Institue

During the inspection of State owned Ministries and Institutions to check whether they are having dengue breeding places officials have found to day (22)a large number of mosquito larvae believed to be Dengue Mosquito Larvae from Medical Research Institute(MRI) premises in Colombo and nearby Chest Clinic Health Sources have revealed.These mosquito larvae were found from plastic containers left inside some of the buildings of MRI and Chest Clinic it has been revealed.

As medical research institute is one of the institutes that co coordinating dengue control activities in government institutions they should be exemplary to other institutions health sources stressed.The mosquito larvae found today are currently testing at MRI to find out whether the larvae  are dengue larvae  or not  sources said.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sri Lankan Boat Carrying 200 Asylum Seekers Capsized Off Chistmas Island

A Boat which sailed from Sri Lanka to Australia carrying around 200 asylum seekers had capsized off remote Christmas Island belongs to Australia today (21)fearing around 75 will be dead according to foreign media reports.Sri Lankan Embassy in Australia was confirmed this evening that 110 persons who were in the boat rescued by  Indonesian Authorities.

This boat accident has been one of the worst ever refugee boat disasters occurred off Australia for more than a decade Australian Media reports said.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Three Health Professions to Launch An Island Wide Strike On 27th Of June

The Professions Supplementary To medicine(PSM'S),Public Health Inspectors and Government Family Health Officers (Midwives) are to launch an island wide token strike on 27th of June by demanding solutions for their service demands the unions representing these professionals have announced today(20).

PSM's are due to launch an island wide strike demanding 2 of their service demands including the cancellation of a gazette notification issued on recruiting new students for PSM Diploma Course while Public Health  Inspectors and Government Family Health Officers are to strike by demanding 3 demands including  increase of their Uniform Allowance according to their Trade Unions.

PHI's Criticized The Way Health Ministry Handles Dengue Control Programme

Ministry of Health is trying to cover up  their failure to carry out an effective dengue control programme  by blaming other ministries for not supporting dengue control activities the president of Sri Lanka Public Health Inspectors Union Mr. Rohana has said .Speaking at a press briefing held in Colombo this morning he stressed the need of a continuous island wide programme to control spreading of dengue in the country.

What the health authorities are lacking today is a long term plan to combat dengue he has further added.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Priae Control For Infant Milk Powder

A Price Control Mechanism is to be introduced on Infant Milk Powder with effect from midnight tonight according to Consumer Affairs Authority(CAA).As a result the authority is expecting  a price decrease of 19 verities of Infant Milk Powder in the Market.

Monday, June 18, 2012

National Dengue Control Month Has Been Declared

The Presidential Task Force On Dengue has today (18) declared the Month between 25th of June to 25th of July this year as the National Dengue Control Month.Under this period an island wide dengue control activities will be implement with the help of officials and people the Task Force sources said.

Three Health And Education Trade Unions Want To Close Down Malabe Private Medical College

The Federation Of University Teachers Association(FUTA) along with Government Dental Surgeons Association (GDSA)and Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) were appealed from Government to close down the Malabe Private Medical College with immediate effect in view of safeguarding medical education in Sri Lanka it has been revealed.

Speaking on the issue  at a press briefing held in OPA Center in Colombo this morning president of FUTA Dr.Nimal Ranjith Devasiri has said  that authorities made a wrong decision by allowing Malabe Private Medical College to get in to business as it proved a College with poor quality facilities and also without a teaching hospital to provide  clinical training for medical students.He also stressed that it will be better if the said medical collage is given to create an engineering faculty.

Addressing the media the president of Government Dental Surgeons Association Dr.Ananda Rathnayake has said that the three unions including his Association along with FUTA and GMOA now in discussions with other Professional Unions to get their support against Malabe Private Medical College.Also they are educating Parliament MP's and Ministers on the issue he further added.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Forest Fire Erupted At Hasalaka Forest Destroyed 500 Acres

A forest fire erupted at a Forest in Morayaya,Hasalaka Area today (17) has destroyed around 500 acres  of forest area so far according to sources.The authorities have used Three MI-7 and two Bell-212 Helicopters to douse the fire Disaster Management Center has said.However due to strong winds and hot weather conditions prevails in the area  the task of dousing fire became impossible.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Entomology Assistant Officers Blamed Authorities For Not Destroying Dengue Mosquito Larvae Earlier

The Entomology Assistant Officers have claimed that they warned both the Health Ministry and several Government Institutions few months ago on exceeding  levels of Dengue Mosquito Larvae more than 15 of it's measuring index in more than 15 MOH Areas throughout the island.But due to little attention paid on this the Dengue Epidemic spreading in these areas rapidly these days they have stressed.

If action was taken to destroy these dengue mosquito larvae earlier when they informed on that, the number of dengue patients and dengue related deaths reporting now should have been reduced to a certain level they have revealed.The normal level  of Dengue Mosquito Larvae should be in an area according to it's measuring index is 5.

According to Lady Ridgway Children's Hospital sources around 90 to 120 suspect dengue cases are admitting to hospital daily and  some of them are transferred from outstation hospitals .As all six wards of the Hospital are having these dengue suspect child patients, mosquito nets were distributed to all children receiving treatment at the hospital as a precautionary measure  to prevent spreading of disease to other children.

Exploding Of Rock At Colombo Harbor Have Caused Several Tremors In Colombo

The small scale tremors occurred in several parts of  Colombo District during last few weeks which shaken number of buildings and houses are due to the explosives exploded by Sri Lanka Ports Authority to blast a huge rock found when expanding the sea area of the authority it has been revealed.There was a belief among people earlier  that these tremors occurred as a part of earth tremors. Meanwhile the  huge rock was found last week  during expanding of port sea area is in 200 meters in depth of the sea sources said.

Since than the authorities under  supervision of geological survey and mines bureau  have carried out explosions to blast the rock by using heavy explosives .However it has been revealed that they have used an excessive amount of explosives more than required for these blasts and due to this   some powerful tremors were occurred in several buildings in Colombo.Yesterday (15th) morning too some tremors occurred in some buildings attached to Colombo Harbor which caused panic among workers there.As the authorities  have been not alarmed either harbor workers or residents near by on these explosions it created an unnecessary panic situation says some officials

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Former President Of Pharmacists Union Rejected Health Minister's Statement On Misplacing Drug Policy

Although Health Minister has stated recently that the legal draftsman's office had misplaced  Draft of National Drug Policy, the former president of Government Pharmacists Union and current President of Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine Mr.Harendra Kuruppu has said today (14)that his union will not accept the fact that  Drug Policy which translated in to three official languages of Sri Lanka was misplaced.

"This misplaced story is a great joke and we cannot accept this story at all"Mr.Kuruppu has stressed.When the Ministry has sent the Draft to legal draftsman's office to check legal status on it they should have keep a copy of that in Ministry "he added.

Health Minister Maithripla Sirisena has said few weeks back that Drug Policy draft which was  approved by Cabinet on 15th of October 2005 was misplaced by legal draftsman's office .He stressed that draftsman's office should take the responsibility on whereabouts of the said draft.Meanwhile Supreme Court has last week ordered the Health Minister to implement  National Drug Policy without delaying it further  after considering a petition filed by a patients movement here.

General Fonseka Stressed He Will Not Join The Government

The leader of Democratic National Alliance (DNA) and former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka has today(14) revealed that he has no intention to join with government and his primary goal is to begin a new political journey.Speaking at a packed media conference held in Colombo this morning the first since his release from prison recently  general fonseka stressed that he will always fight for the principles he stands for and topple current corrupt regime to save the country .

Also he mentioned about  his intention of entering politics .while stating he would like to request from government on his security requirements general fonseka said other then this he has no intention to do politics with government.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tomorrow (14th) Is International Blood Donors Day

The International Blood Donors Day falls Tomorrow(14th).The theme of this years Blood Donors Day is "Every Blood Donor is a Hero" focused on by stating everyone of us through donating blood can become a hero.In every country throughout the  globe are to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products, during this day.

Health Ministry Lifted The Ban On Medical Representatives Visits To Govt.Hospitals

Health Ministry has lifted the ban imposed on  visits of Medical Representatives to Government Hospitals for promoting their Drug Products it has been reported.A circular in this regard signed by Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Ravindra Ruberu was sent to Directors of All Government Hospitals last week  Health Ministry sources said.

Due to this Medical Representatives in large numbers can be seen these days in front of OPD'S ,Clinics,Rest Rooms of Specialists and Doctors Quarters by disturbing patient care hospital sources have revealed.

Health Ministry has earlier restricted Visiting of Medical Representatives to Government Hospitals and afterwards imposed total ban of such visits to Government Hospitals.Meanwhile according to Sri Lankan Medical Administrators Association the decision on lifting above ban was taken after considering a  huge financial deal finalized between Drug Companies and a higher official of Health Ministry.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pakistani National Arrested At Air Port

A Pakistani National who tried  to smuggle in foreign currency worth 13,200 $ was arrested at Katunayake Bandaranaike International Air Port in Colombo this evening the Police has announced.

11 Sri Lankans Who Tried To Flee To Australia Got Arrested

Around 11 Sri Lankans were arrested at a lodge in Puttalam in North Western Province this morning as they were allegedly preparing to sail to Australia illegally Police sources said.Those who arrested are suspected as asylum seekers and some of them had told Police during  questioning that  they have paid around Rs.200,000 for alleged human traffickers who organized this illegal tour.

Sri Lanka Has Been Removed From UN "List Of Shame"

Sri Lanka has been removed from" list of shame' in UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon's Annual Report on Children and Armed Conflict during 2011 it has been stated.Announcing the omission  UN Special Representative for Children And Armed Conflict Mrs.Radhika Kumaraswamy has said that removal came after Sri Lanka's successful completion of UN Security Council mandated action plans to end the recruitment and use of Children.

US Administration Exempted Seven Countries Including Sri Lanka From Iran Oil Based Economic Sanctions

The US Administration had last Monday exempted Seven  nations including Sri Lanka from economic sanctions after they have reduced oil imports from Iran.The seven countries exempted from economic sanctions are Sri Lanka,India ,South Korea,Taiwan ,Turkey Malaysia and South Africa.

While stating on this decision US Secretary Of State Hilary Rodham Clinton has said that lifting economic sanctions means that the banks and financial institutions of these countries won't be hit with penalties under US Law for a renewable 180 day period.According to US Secretary Clinton exemptions are proof that sanctions aimed at pressurizing Iran to come clean on their nuclear programme.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Short Supply Of Drugs To Government Hospitals?

There is a short supply in most of the essential medicinal drugs supplying  to Government Hospitals according to hospital sources.Due to this situation a patient who had received drugs for one month period previously will now only have received drugs required for two week period at once sources have added.The patient will receiving  remaining  drugs after drugs in possession are over.

Meanwhile essential drugs like Metformin,Atovastatine and Erithroprotien Injections 2000 iv are out of stock in many government hospitals it has been reported.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Strong Winds Damaged 46 Houses In Colombo

The  strong Winds which come  across this morning towards  Wellawatta and Dehiwala areas in Colombo have damaged around 46 houses in the area including the roof of fraud Investigations division of Wellawatta Police according to Disaster Management Center(DMC).

One Police Constable was injured  due to the falling of roof and admitted to Kalubowila Teaching Hospital for further  treatment DMC  sources have said.

Two Employees Attached To National Mental Health Institute affected With H1N1

Two employees attached to National Mental Health Institute at Angoda were identified as infected with  H1N1 (Swine Flu) according to health sources.Infected employees were transferred to Fever Hospital at IDH for further treatment sources added.

The two employees along with few others worked at ward 9 of the mental health institute suddenly fell sick during last few days and through a blood test the said employees identified as H1N1 Positives.The Ward 9 where these employees have worked was temporarily shut down since last Tuesday (07) as a precautionary measure.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hambanthota Sea Port Began Commercial Operations

Sri Lanka's second largest Sea Port the Hambantota Sea Port began their commercial operations today (06th) by handling  a large shipment of 1000 Cars arrived from Chennai ,India this morning.The vessel "Asian Sun" carrying the shipment of Cars berthed at Hambanthota Port the sources added.

The first phase of constructing the port was completed with cost of  USD 360 million and was formally opened by President Mahinda Rajapaksha on November 2010.The second phase is expected to be finished by the year 2014 with cost of an additional  USD750 million.

Director Of London Based Channel Four T.V Channel And His Wife Expelled From Country

The Director of London Based Channel Four Television Station Stuart Cosgrave and his wife Sri Lankan born Shirani Sabarathnam who is also attached to Channel Four were expelled from Sri Lanka by Immigration and Emigration Officials on last Monday due to they are black listed people here Official Sources have revealed.Both Cosgrave and Sabarathnam are responsible for making of controversial Documentary "Sri Lanka's Killing Fields" by accusing Sri Lankan Forces for allegedly violated human rights during last phase of war against LTTE.

Cosgrave was arrested and asked to leave from country while he was staying at a Star Hotel in Colombo and  his wife Shirani was expelled soon after she arrived Katunayaka Air Port It has been revealed. Both Husband and Wife are reported as  arrived Sri Lanka to make another Documentary on Human Rights Violations.

Meanwhile Sri Lankan Government as well as Former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka  denied these allegations leveled against Sri Lankan Forces by Channel Four as baseless ones.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fifteen Health Trade Unions To Launch A Series Of Protest Campaigns In Front Of Govt.Hospitals

Fifteen Health Trade Unions compromising Professions Supplementary To Medicine,Paramedics and Nurses are to launch a series of  island wide protest campaigns from  tomorrow(06) in front of All Major Government Hospitals  demanding solutions for five of their service demands according to a spokesman of joint health trade union alliance.Under the series of protest campaigns scheduled to begin tomorrow the first phase of protests will be held in front of Karapitiya and Jaffna Hospitals at 12 noon tomorrow. 

These protest campaigns will continue till next Wednesday (13) he stressed.

The second phase of protest campaigns are to be held in front of  Kurunagala and Badulla Hospitals in Thursday (07th) at 12 noon according to the spokesman.If health authorities not able to solve their demands by next Wednesday(13) these trade unions are to launch stern trade union action he said.

The series of protest campaigns are to be held by demanding five service demands including granting of  Rs.5000 Transport and Fuel Allowance and Rs.4000 Communication Allowance to Professions Supplementary To Medicine,Nurses and Paramedics .

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sri Lankan President Arrived London To Attend Queen's Diamond Jubilee

President Mahinda Rajapaksha has arrived London today(04) as an invitee to participate Diamond Jubilee Celebrations on  Coronation of Queen Elezebeth ii.Queen Elezebeth was crowned as Queen on 02nd of June 1953.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Eighteen People Were Hospitalized Due To Wasp Attack

Eighteen People were admitted to Sigiriya and Dambulla Hospitals this evening due to the injuries caused by Wasp attack at famous Sigiriya Rock.The wounded are reported as still receiving treatment at those hospitals .

In few weeks back too wasps attacked a group of local and foreign tourists and as a result  entrance to Sigiriya Rock was prohibited for several days.

61 Corona Positives Had Been Reported Today (28)

A total of 61 Corona Virus positives had been reported in the Country today (28) until 11.30 p.m ,increasing the total number of Corona ...