Saturday, April 8, 2017

Foreign-A Suspect Device In Crashed Truck Lorry In Sweden


Jaffna Court Sentenced A Person To Death Over Rape And Murder Of A Girl

Jaffna high court has imposed a death sentence on a
person over raping and murdering of a 12 year old girl in Delft area (Northern Province).

The 36 old  accused who found guilty for the crime is a resident of Delft it has been revealed.

A Husband And Wife Died After Being Electrocuted

A husband and wife died after being electrocuted in their house in
tChunnakam(Northern Province)  while trying to tap electricity to another place   yesterday (08).

Chunnakam Police are investigating on the incident .

Police Have Arrested Two Chefs Of A Church Over The Food Poisoning In Damana

Police have arrested two chefs attached
to a church in Wanagamuwa,Damana area over the food poisoning incident in the  church where  three persons have died and nearly four hundred fallen sick and hospitalized on last Wednesday (05).

After being produced before the court the two suspects had been released on two personal bails of RS.200,000 each .However as the two suspects not  been able to met with the bail conditions they were re remanded according to the sources.

Due to the food posioning incident  three persons were died and nearly four hundred persons were fallen sick and hospitalized .


Yahapatha Wakiya Ha Asarthaka Kriyawa

Mathadi dutu hondama wakiya pradana pele sappuwaka pradarshanaya kara thibu "Dakina de siyalla miladi nogena thamata sabawinma awashya de pamanak mila dee ganna" lesa sandahan kara thibu puwaruway.

Asarthaka kriyawa nam thaman athin atapasu wu yamak niwaradi karagannawa wenuwata nawatha ema athapasuweema kireemate samajaye aya pelambenu dakeemay.Athamun saba dakshayin wuwat athapasuweem bahula weema nisa owun yanuye weradi margayeya.Atdakeem bahula wana wita  keneku athin sidu wana atapasuweemda awama wiya yutu wuwada boho dena nawata nawata karanuye ekama atapasuweema weema abagyaki.


A 85 Year Old Person Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

A 85 year old person was killed due to a wild elephant
attack while he was in his chena  in Niyadella,Okkampitiya area last night (07).

The deceased was killed on the spot due to the Wild Elephant attack it has been reported.

A Mother Committed Suicide After Pushing Her Two Daughters To A Well

A mother lived in Viharakalanchiya village in
Anuradhapura (North Central Province) district had co mitted suicide by hanging herself after pushing  her two daughters of the ages four and one and half years old to a well it has been reported.

The bodies of the mother and her two daughters have recovered today and the bodies of the two daughters have handed over to their father attached to the Sri Lanka Navy this evening (08).

The body of the Mother who hanged herself in the kitchen of her house first seen by her son it has been revealed.

President Maithripala Sirisena Has Instructed The Authorities To Reduce The Prices Of Nearly 15 Essential Commodoties

President Maithripala Sirisena has instructed the
authorities to reduce the prices of nearly 15 essential commodities in the local market according to the Minister of State for finance Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena.

The prices of these commodities will be reduced either today(08)or tomorrow(09) the State Minister has stated.
"Oba yana gamana sarthaka wanuye obage nageemedi menma watimedida eka se langa sitina Aya samagin gamana yannenam bawa amataka nokaranna-Obage sathutedi sathutu wanawata wada one dukedi sathutu Wana thawalika pudgalayin obage wruththiyata udaw kireema kese wetat patwa sitina tatwaya desa Bala sinasema pamanak karanu atha.

Obada  lan karagata yutte sapedi  menma dukedi thaman samaga Inna Aya misaka thama wasiyata oba langa sitina Taman awankayay antharjalaye purasaram dodana piris  nove.

Transport Activities Between Matara To Kokmaduwa Exit Point On Southern Expressway Paralyzed Due To A Toppled Cement Bowser

Transport activities between
 matara to exit  point in  Southern Expressway  kokmaduwa have paralyzed for four hours today (08) due to a toppled   cement Bowser blocked the road .

Motorists were advised to use an alternative routes while  travelling during that period.

The closed road  has now cleared and opened for transport activities according to sources .

79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...