Monday, December 25, 2017


A School Boy Has Drowned While Bathing In A Canal

A 14 year old school boy has drowned while bathing in
a canal in madilkumbura at Moragahahena area with three other school boys last evening (24).

The residents of the area had rescued the Boy and admitted to the Bandaragama Hospital ,But he had pronounced as dead on admission to the Hospital.

The deceased was a resident of Valmilla area.

Boat Riders In Madhu River Have Protested To Increase Their Boat Trip Payment

Boat Riders in Madhu River have conducted a protest
campaign  this morning by blocking the Madhu River from near the Balapitiya Bridge ,demanding the increase of the payment of Rs.200 which they have received per a Boat trip .

A Tourist Guide have received Rs.10,000 per a Boat trip when a transporting tourists ,However a Boat rider received Rs.200 per a trip according to the Protesters.

Protesters have suspended their protest after authorities have promised a meeting with Boat owners this evening.

Three Persons Arrested Over Threatening Hatton Magistrate

Kekirawa Police have arrested three persons who

were responsible for threatening Hatton Magistrate on last Saturday (23) at Thirappanai area.

Poice have arrested the suspects who are residents of  Gampaha and Dambulla areas as per a complaint made by the Security Officer of the Magiztrate by stating that the suspects arrived in a Motor Car and blocked the  Magistrate's official vehicle in Thirappanai area and threatened him.

The suspects were arrested through the plate number of the Motor Car.

Making A White Christmas


Five Vehicles Were Damaged After Colliding With A Bus Ran Without A Driver

Five vehicles including four Motorcycles and a Car had
damaged after colliding with a  Vavuniya-Colombo Luxary Bus traveled without the driver in Vavuniya last night (24).

The driver of the Bus had stopped the Bus on a roadside after reaching Vavuniya from Colombo without turn off the engine to take money from a Atm mechine.

While driver was at the ATM Mechine the Bus started running and it collided with five vehicles on the way it has been reported.Howver a Three wheeler driver had witnessed that there's no driver in the Bus and entered in to the bus and stopped it.

Vavuniya police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

Two School Boys Have Drowned In A River While Attempting To Take Selfies

Two school boys have drowned in Kalliadi Oya (River)

at Pudukudirippu area in Mulathivu while attempting to take selfies from a Mobile phone during the bath in middle of the Oya last evening (24).

The two deceased boys had went to Kalliadi Oya to bath with seven other friends and the two of them went to middle of the Oya to take selfies and drowned in the Oya due to a pit dug to take sand it has been revealed.

The two deceased had been identified as 17 year old residents of shivanagar in Pudukudiirippu area.

The bodies of the deceased had sent to Mulathivu Hospital for the post mortem.


Russia Has Decided To Lift The Ban Imposed On Sri Lankan Tea

Russia has decided to lift the temporary ban imposed
on Sri Lankan Tea with effect from 30th of December after discussing with the Sri Lankan Technical Expert team went to Russia to settle the issue.

Russia has decided to impose temporary ban over Sri Lankan Tea on 15th of December after detecting an insect in a stock of Sri Lankan Tea sent there.

However Sri Lankan authorities have stated that the insect had entered to the Tea stock in another location.

Russian authorities have agreed to lift the Tea ban after discussing with the Sri Lankan expert team including members of Sri Lanka Tea Board Sri Lankan government has announced.


61 Corona Positives Had Been Reported Today (28)

A total of 61 Corona Virus positives had been reported in the Country today (28) until 11.30 p.m ,increasing the total number of Corona ...