Saturday, October 1, 2016



An Individual Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack In Kadiyanaru Area

An individual was killed due to an attack by a wild elephant at Roogama in Kadiyanaru Area (Eastern Province) it has been reported.

The deceased has been identified as a resident in Eravur .His body had been sent to Chenkaladi Hospital and Kadiyanaru Police are investigating on the incident.

Galle Police Had Removed A Group Of Protesting Mahamodara Hospital Nurses Who Blocked The Colombo-Galle Road

Galle Police have today(01)removed a group of nurses attached to Mahamodara Hospital in Galle who had protested by blocking  the Colombo-Galle main road .

A group of nurses attached to the Mahamodara Hospital had protested by blocking the road  against the unlawful actions of  Hospital Director it has been reported.

Due to the protest a heavy traffic had  prevailed in the area today sources have stated.

Two Persons Were Arrested At A Cannabis Cultivation In Habbegamuwa

The Special Task Force Personal attach to Buttala Police had today (01) raided a Cannabis Cultivation at Habbegamuwa in Unakanda area (Uva Province)and arrested two persons who were working in the cultivation.

The Special Police Task Force personal had taken steps to  destroy  the half acre canabis cultivation by torching it .

The two suspects arrested by the task force personal were handed over to the Habbegamuwa Police for further investigations on the incident.


Two Persons Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Lorry-Train Collision At Ragama

Two persons were injured and hospitalized following the small lorry they were in collided with a express train travelling from Mahava area to Colombo Fort at the unprotected railway crossing inBatuwatta,Ragama (In Colombo) today (01).

The injured were admitted to Ragama Teaching Hospital for treatment.

Ragama Police are conducting an investigations on the accident.

Sri Lanka And New Zealand To Establish High Commissions Of Each Other Countries

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key had agreed to establish High Commissions of each other countries at Colombo and Wellington it has been reported.

At the moment consulate offices are functioning between Sri Lanka and New Zealand.

Addressing a media briefing held  in Aukland,New Zealand this morning New Zealand Prime Minister Key has stated that establishing High Commissions in Colombo and Wellington in the next few years will help to support the strong economic relationship shared between the two countries and Sri Lankan government's rebuilding process of the country after a generation long civil war in the country. 



From today(01) twice a week the names of important capital cities in countries around the globe will appear in this Blog.

Country                              Capital City


Italy                                      Rome

Switzerland                        Bern

Finland                                Helsinki

Hungary                              Budapest

Austria                                 Vienna

Germany                             Berlin


Nigeria                                Lagos

Somalia                               Mogadishu

Morocco                               Rabat

Algeria                                 Algiers


Vietnam                               Hanoi

Indonesia                             Jakartha

Around 270,000 Children Under 16 Years In Sri Lanka Are Being Hospitalized And 2600 Die Annually Due To Accidents

Around 270,000 children under 16 years of age are being hospitalized and 2600  die annually in Sri Lanka due to  accidents according to the Consultant Community Physician attached to Family  Health Bureau Dr.Kapila Jayaratne.

The majority of the child deaths reported from Sri Lanka annually have occurred before admission to hospital and only 150 deaths have been reported after admission to hospitals he has stressed.

Addressing a media seminar  on "Prevention of Child Accidents" held at Health Education Bureau in Colombo yesterday (30) Dr.Jayaratne has stated that the main reasons behind child deaths occur in Sri Lanka are being identified as murders,motor car accidents,drowning,falling,burns and poisioning.

According to the Police reports in 2015 around 4012 children had been injured due to motor car accidents and 1087 of them had received serious injuries he said.152 children died due to accidents that year it has been reported.

In Sri Lanka every seven hours a child dies due to an injury and every two minutes a child admitted to a  hospital due to injuries it has been revealed.

A special programme has been launched since yesterday (30)in all MOH areas in the country to make parents and authorities aware on accidents faced by children and the ways of  preventing such accidents  Dr.Jayaratne has  further added.

Police Narcotics Bureau Had Arrested Two Persons Along With Over 100 Narcotics Pills At Maligawatte

Police Narcotics Bureau officials had today (01) arrested two persons who had been engaged in distributing the narcotic "Ecstacy Pill" along with over 100 such pills and Rs.60,000 in cash in their possession at Maligawatte (In Colombo) area .

The Police Narcotics Bureau officials had earlier arrested one of the suspects at Maligawatte and upon the information receieved from him the second suspect too had been arrested in the same area.

Police Narcotics Bureau which investigating on thd incident is due to produce the  two suspects before  Maligakanda Magistrate Court .

Prevention Of Terrorism Act Will Soon Be Replaced By Counter Terrorism Law-Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe

The prevention of terrorism act  will soon be replaced by the counter terrorism law according to the Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe.

Prime Minister Wilramasinghe who is currently in New Zealand for a state visit has stated that by next week the first draft of the counter terrorism law will be available for discussion.

Sri Lanka has a quiet open society these days where fear is no longer a factor he has further added."Present Sri Lankan Government has achieved most of the things up to now promised before coming to power including setting up a missing persons office" Prime Minister had revealed.


All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...