Thursday, March 1, 2018

India- A Leading Indian Newspaper Says.Coverage Of Sridevi's Death By Some Indian Media Is Tasteless And Insensitive

A Pedestrian Was Killed And A Motorcyclist Was Injured Due To A Road Accident

A pedestrian was killed and a
Motorcyclist was injured and hospitalized due to a road accident occurred near Warunagama Army Base in Wellawaya.

The accident occurred when  a pedestrian was killed after colliding with a Motorcycle while crossing the road it has been revealed.The critically injured pedestrian had succumbed to his injuries after admission to the Badulla General Hospital.

The Motorcyclist was also injured due to the incident and admitted to the Wellawaya Hospital for treatment.

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Report Of The Inquiry Conducted Over The Death Of A Principal Who Died During A Leadership Programme, Recommended Disciplinary Action Against 11 Higher Officials

Secretary to the Ministry Of Education Sunil
Hettiarachchi who inquired on the death of the female principal of Suchi National School in Hambanthota who died while participating the leadership programme for principals had recommended in his inquiry report to take disciplinary action against 11 higher officials in Ministry of Education and remove two of them from their posts regarding the death.

Accordingly the director and deputy director of Human Resources Development Unit of the Education Ministry are being  recommended to bevremoved from their posts by the inquiry report which was handed over to the Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam yesterday (28).

The inquiry report also recommended to remove the school services subject from Additional Secretary of the Human Resources Development Unit of the Ministry who was responsible for organizing the leadership programme for principals.The Sri Lanka Outdoor Adventure School Institute which conducted the leadership programme has recommended to be blacklisted over not adapting a proper security mechanism for the principals who participated the programme.

The principal of the Suchi National School in Hambanthota has died while participating a practical training by using a rope on 17th of February.

Authorities Have Decided To Suspend Chinese Drinking Water Bottle Project In Rajanganaya Following The Protests Against It

Authorities have decided to temporarily suspend the
handing over of Rajanganaya Wewa (River) to a Chinese Drinking Water Bottle Manufacturing Company the District secretary of Anuradhapura R.M Wanninayake has announced.

A large number of farmers in Thambuttegama area had yesterday (28)protested against the Chinese Water Bottle Drinking Project and pelted stones at Thambuttegama Police station which led the police to fire Tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protestors.Fifty nine protestors were arrested and fifty four of them remanded over the incident.

The national water supply and drainage board had implemented the Drinking Water Bottle Project as per a decision taken by the Cabinet in 2011.

Two Persons Were Injured Due To A Motor Car-Three Wheeler Collision

A Three Wheeler driver and another person were
 injured and hospitalized after the Three Wheeler they were travelling in colliding with a Motor Car at Hatton-Foothill area on Hatton-Colombo main road
this evening (01).

The injured were admitted to the Watawala Provincial Hospital for treatment.

The accident occurred due to a High speed Motor Car travelling from Colombo to Kotagala in Hatton area slipped away on the road as a result of the rainy weather and collided with a Three Wheeler arrived from opposite direction which travelled from Nuwara Eliya to Ginigathhena in Kandy.

Hatton Police have arrested the Motor Car driver regarding the incident.

A Large Land Area Belongs To Wellawaya-Kuruminiyagala Mountain Reserve Had Destroyed Due To A Fire

A large acres of land had been destroyed in
Kuruminiyagala Mountain reserve in Wellawaya area due to a fire erupted in the reserve according to reports.

Accordingly more than 250 acres of land in the reserve had so far destroyed due to the fire the Disaster Management Center of the Monaragala District has revealed.

The fire is still spreading and the Tri Forces personal,Police along with residents of the area currently are being involved in dousing the fire amidst drought and strong winds prevails in the area which disturbed their efforts it has been reported.

Authorities have believed that hunters may have lit the fire at the reserve for purpose of hunting animals.

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