Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Large Stocks Of Rice And Grains Stored In An Unhygienic Way In Food Stores Have Been Detained

A large stock of Rice Varieties,Dhal and Brown Sugar stored in an unhygienic way at the  Government owned CWE(Corporative Wholesale Establishment) Distribution Stores in Welisara  in Colombo have been detained by the Public Health Inspectors today (02)according to the Sri Lanka Public Health Inspectors Association.

Among the stocks that detained were 35,000 Kilo Grammes of Basmathi Rice,30,000 Kilo Grammes of Keeri Samba Rice,100,840 Kilo Grammes of Nadu Rice,7905 Kilo Grammes of Dhal.and 24,970 Kilo Grammes of Brown sugar the Association has said.

In another development Public Health Inspectors were raided 52 Food Stores in Gampaha District(Western Province) yesterday (01) and filed court cases against 34 Food Stores for maintaining them in  unhygienic way.Out of these 34 Food Stores 24 are government owned CWE Stores Public Health Inspectors Association has said.

Refugees And Asylum Seekers In Sri Lanka Have Increased By 700% Within A Year

There's a 700% increase of  Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Sri Lanka between  the period  2013-2014 the Ministry of External Affairs has announced today.As at 30th June 2014 a total number of 1870 Refugees and Asylum Seekers are there in the country accordng to the ministry.Out of this number 368 are  Refugees and 1562 are Asylum Seekers .Among them there are a large number of individual asylum seekers of Pakistani Origin it has been identified.

The large number of  People who are illegally migrating to Sri Lanka through illegal human trafficking networks is identified as the main reason behind the increasing number  of Asylum Seekers here the Ministry has revealed.

Due to this Illegal migration of asylum seekers to Sri Lanka a serious health issues like spreading of Malaria have cropped up in the country the authorities have  said.

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