Sunday, July 7, 2019

It'S So Hot In Athens -New Heatwave To Blast Greece

Ten Narcotic Smugglers Arrested From Two Houses In Moronthuduwa With The Help Of The Residents

Moronthuduwa Police have arrested 10
persons involved in Narcotic trade during a raid carried out in two rented houses they have stayed in at ThUduwa  and Kudagonaduwa areas in Moronthuduwa last night (06).

Residents of the area had supported the police to raid these houses and they have assaulted the female who had given these houses to Narcotic Smugglers to carry out their business  it has been reported.

Residents of the area later protested in front of the Police station demanding to expell the narcotic Smugglers from the village .

"හදවතට සමීප වූ ප්‍රේමයක්/මිත්‍රත්වයක් කිසිදා නොරිදවන තැන ,නොබිඳින තැන පිවිතුරු ,නිමල දිගුකාලීන බැඳීමක ඇරඹුම සනිටුහන් කරයි"

lions hug a female සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල

Teachings Of Sunday School Attached To Katuwapitiya Church Began First Time After Easter Attacks

The teachings of the Sunday school attached to the Saint Sebastian s church at Katuwapitiya ,Negambo had begun today (07)for the first time after the Easter Sunday attacks on 21st of April ,with the participation of some children .
The Sunday school of the Church began after 77 days Since closing down following the attacks it has been revealed .

Several killed and children lost their parents as a result of the Suicide bomb attack carried out in the church by A bomber attached to Thowheed Jammath Terrorist Organization on Easter Sunday. 

Two Persons Injured Due To Ambulance -Motor Car Collision

An Ambulance driver and Medical
assistant attached to a "Suwasariya" Ambulance belonging to AmbalanGoda Police had been injured and hospitalized after a high speed Motor Car arrived in from AmbalanGoda colliding with the Ambulance they were travelling in at Randombe area in Galle -Colombo main road this evening  (07).

The incident occurred when the Ambulance on the way to Police after admitting a patient to Balapitiya Base Hospital. The two persons in the Motorcar including the driver had fled away from the scene after the incident.

A Three Wheeler travelling in the same route had fallen to a drain nearby  when attempting to escape from the accident according to reports .

AmbalanGoda Police are conducting an investigations over the incident. 


Four STF Personal Had Interdicted Over Providing Mobile Phones To Prisoners

Four police Special Task Force
(STF)Personal providing security to the Agunakolapalassa Prison had  interdicted over providing mobile phones to the person inmates it has been announced.

Accordingly another STF Personal attached to the prison had transfered over the same incident. These officers helped and encouraged to provide Mobile phones to Prison inmates it had been revealed. 

A Female Complained Muslim Extremists Harrased Her Over Her Marriage Was Questioned By CID

Criminal Investigations Department 
(CID)had questioned  39 year old Abdul Hassan Fathima who had revealed that extremist Muslims  in Atalugama , Kalutara District had harassed her over marrying a Sinhalese male, for six and half hours yesterday  (06)at CID Headquarters in Colombo.

Fathima has revealed during a press briefing organized by Bodu Bala Sena Organization ,That the Atalugama Mosque had threatened and harrased her last March Infront of Police over marrying a Sinhalese male. Although made a complaint to the Police over the incident last March there's no inquiry held in this regard she has stressed at the Briefing 

However after the Briefing Police have began an investigation it has been revealed.  

Are Parts Of India Becoming Too Hot For Humans

Four Firearms Belonging To Panadura North Police Dissapeared

Two T-56 firearms and Two magazine
guns belonging Panadura North Police station had dissapeared since last morning  (06)it has been reported .

Police have launched an investigation to recover the dissapeared weapons .


A Fire Erupted In Monaragala Mountain Reserve Destroyed More Than 300 Acres

More than 300 acres of land belonging
to the Maragala Mountain reserve in Monaragala District had been destroyed due to a sudden fire erupted there since last morning  (06) it has been reported .

Dry weather prevailing in the area had caused the fire and a Bell-212 Airforce helicopter belonging to Hingurakgoda Airforce Base had  used today (07)  to douse the fire .Although the Police ,Airforce and Residents of the area are being involved in dousing the fire it is being spread rapidly according to reports .

Meanwhile due to the dry weather around 17 Districts are  being affected and The temperatures of Trincomalee, Ampara and Batticaloa Districts  are  expected to  rise tomorrow(08).

Opposition Leader Of Negambo Municipal Council Arrested Over Assaulting A Businessman And Looting Properties

Katana Police have today (07)arrested
the opposition Leader of the Negambo Municipal Council representing governing United National Party  (UNP) Royce Vijitha Fernando in Negambo over illegally entering a residence of a Chinese female at Negambo on 23 rd of March, assaulted a local Businessman there and looting properties worth around Rs.7.5 million .

The suspect who is also the former UNP Organizer of Negambo seat had been arrested as the main suspect of the incident who led a group of persons and entering the house of the Chinese female by saying they were  Criminal Investigations Department officials and assaulting a Businessman and looted properties including a Van parked there ,03 mobile phones ,GeMs and cash it had been revealed.

Five other suspects involved in the incident had been earlier arrested and now in remand custody of Negambo prison.Katana Police have received a complaint regarding the incident on 23rd of March .

The main suspect Arrested today is due to be produced before the Negambo Magistrate Court tomorrow (08).

Issuing Of National ID's Through One Day Service To Be Re Commerced Tomorrow (08)

Department For Registration Of Persons
is due to be re-commenced the issuing of National Identity Cards (ID's)through one day service which halted on 05th of July due to the breaking down of Computer system, from tomorrow  (08) it has been announced.

The broken Computer system of the Department has been back to normalcy and around 2000 persons applied National Identity Cards through one day service during the  two days the system has not functioned will receive their ID's tomorrow (08)free of charge according to the Department for Registration Of Persons.

Those who have paid to get ID"s under normal service too due to be received them tomorrow .

Central Frankfurt evacuated to defuse massive WWII bomb near ECB

Pakistan Cricket Squad Quatantined After Testing Positive In New Zealand