Friday, May 10, 2019


Stern Action Will Be Taken Against Wellampitiya Police Officers Who Were Responsible For Releasing Easter Sumday Bombing Suspects -Police Media Spokesman

A stern disciplinary action will be taken
against Wellampitiya Police Officers who were  responsible  for the release of 09 suspects arrested from a Copper Factory in Wellampitiya owned by a Suicide Bomber Inzam Ahmed who had  exploded himself  in Shangri-La Hotel in Colombo, soon after receiving an interim report over the incident  according to Police Media Spokesman Superintendent Of Police Ruwan Gunasekare .

The ongoing investigations regarding the releasing of 09 workers  of the  Copper factory where the bombs for the Easter Sunday attacks were made  conducted by the Special Investigations Unit of the Police Headquarters in Colombo .

The 09 workers who were arrested and remanded over the Easter Sunday attacks had been released on bail by the Hulftsdorf Magistrate Court early this week as the Wellampitiya Police officers had not produced the suspects before the court under Terrorism Prevention Act it has been revealed.

Statements were recorded from OIC and few other Police officers attached to Wellampitiya Police  by the investigators regarding the incident  Police Media Spokesman has said .

Another Stock Of Explosives Recovered From Kaththankudy Sea Coast Area

Another Stock of explosives belonging
to the Suicide bombers who had exploded at a house in Seindamaridu ,Kalmunai in End of April,had been recovered hidden under ground at Sea coast area of Coastal Road ,Kaththankudy  (Eastern Province) yesterday .

Addressing a Media Briefing held in Colombo yesterday (10)Police Media Spokesman Superintendent Of Police (SP) Ruwan Gunasekare has today that all the Explosives belonging to the extremists group carried out suicide bombings and the persons who are related to them will be taken in to custody shortly .If there are any property belonging to them they too will be taken in to custody and confiscated .

Colombo Fort Magistrate Given Permission To CID To Match Blood Sample Of Extremist Leader Zahran's Daughter With Parts Of Shangri-La Hotel Bomber

Colombo Fort Magistrate Ranga
Dissanayake has yesterday (10)given permission to Criminal Investigations Department  (CID)to take blood samples of the daughter of  Extremist leader Mohommad 'Zahran  ,'the four year old Zahran Rubeyya  to match the body parts of Hotel Shangri-la Suicide bomber for a DNA Test to find out whether the bomber was Zahran as predicted .

Zaharan'daughter is now in Colombo for the test it has been revealed.

Magistrate Dissanayake had given permission for the test after CID requesred  him to do so .

Magistrate has also informed CID to give a report of the results to the Court and  also called a report on Cloths and legal items recovered from  room number 616 of Colombo Shangri-La Hotel and houses in Mount Lavinia and Colombo where the Suicide bombers of Easter Sunday attacks stayed in .

Two Safte Houses Belonging To Thowheeth Jamaath Recovered From Negambo Amd Colpetty -Wife Of Chief Easter Sunday Bombing Suspect Mohommad Zahran Provided the Information

State Inegligence unit had recovered
two safe houses belonging to banned Thowheeth Jamaath Organization at Liberty Plaza ,Colombo and in Negambo according to the information provided  by Abdul Carder Fathima A deesa the wife of Chief suspect of the Easter Sunday bombings and Jamaath leader Mohommad Zahran Hashim .

Adeesa who along with her little daughter critically injured due to three suicide bomb explosions carried out by Zahran's family members at a Tsunami House in Seindumaridu, Kalmunai on last AprI' now have recovered and discharged from the Ampara Hospital yesterday (09)it has been reported.

Forces have handed over them to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) for further investigations .

Zahran's wife was taken to OPD of the Colombo National Hospital today (10)for treatment by the Security personal and later she was handed over to CID  it has been revealed.

During the questioning Adeesa has told intelligence officers that she was against Zahran's activities and several times attempted to divorce him. But it failed due to his Opposotion she has revealed. 



Petrol And Diesel Prices To Be Increased From Midnight Tonight (10)

The fuel prices are schedu
led to be increased with effect from midnight tonight (10)n accordance to the Price formula introduced for the fuel,Ministry Of Finance has announced.

Accordingly prices of a liter of  Octane-92 and Octane -95 Petrol will be increased by Rs.3 (New Price Rs.135)and Rs.5 (Rs.164)respectively and A Liter of Super Diesel will be increased  by Rs.2 (New Price-Rs.135).

Price of Auto Diesel Will not be increased the Finance Ministry has stated.

According to the Price formula on fuel fuel prices will be increased or decreased based on the fuel prices of world market on 10th of every month.

State Intelligence Unit Had Informed On An Extremist Attack Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapakshe Has Revealed In Parliament

Former President and current
Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapakshe has today (10)revealed in Parliament that State Intelligence Unit has informed the authorities of an extremist  attack on this Monday (13).

The Opposotion Leader has  questioned why authorities trying to re-open Grade one to six classes of All schools in the country on Monday under such circumstance.

Opposition Leader Rajapakshe has requested the authorities not to play political games with lives of innocent children at this stage. "Children are not bullet proof ."We have received Bullet proof vehicles to protect ourselves .But how can children receive  protection like that "he has questioned.

Fieldmarshal Sarath Fonseka has revealed on an Extremist attack scheduled on this Monday for the first time during his speech in Parliament this week .

However Minister John Amarathunga has stated that the letter circulated in Social Media regarding an extremist attack is not a confirmed one .

Muslim Council President Says Swords And Sharp Objects Are Keeping In Mosques And Houses To Protect Females

President of the Sri Lanka Muslim
Council N.M Ameen has yesterday told that the swords and sharp objects recovered from Muslim Mosques and houses were kept in these places to protect females of the houses and for self defense .

Addressing a media briefing held in Colombo he has revealed this .As the President of Muslim Council has tried to justify keeping swords and sharp objects in Mosques and houses, public have today openly criticised his remarks through the media .

A Harthal Campaign Launched in Trincomalee District Demanding The Removal Of Eastern Province Governor Hisbulla

Business community and public  in
Trincomalee District have today (10)launched a" Harthal " campaign in the District demanding to remove Eastern province governor M.L.A.M Hisbulla from the post by accusing him of  cultivating racism and terrorism .

Due to the "Harthal " private businesses ,shops and private banks in the areas like Kanthale ,Serunuwara and Thambalagamuwa of Trincomalee District had been closed today and private buses were stopped operating it has been reported.However state institutions including Banks were opened but recorded low turn out of workers it has been revealed.The attendance of schools too low but that's due to the security situation .

Tyres burnt at Sangama and Uppuveli junctions on China bay road this morning and later Police have removed them to clear the road .

A Sri Lanka Transport Board Bus  (SLTB) travelling from Trincomalee to Colombo had stoned due to running despite the ongoing Harthal campaign. A window of the Bus was broken as a result according to reports.

Meanwhile Podu Jana Peramuna Pradeshiya sabah MP Kanchana lama Hewa who had begun a Satyagraha in front of Kantale Pradeshiya sabah demanding the removal of Eastern Province Governor Hisbulla continues his protest today as well.

Tri-forces along with Police and Civil Defense force have been utilised to strengthen security in the Trincomalee District



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