Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Female Was Killed Due To A Road Accident

A female was killed and a Three wheeler driver was
injured  and hospitalized after the Three wheeler they were travelling in toppling over the road and colliding with a motor car at Bangalawatte area on Kegalle-Polgahawela road .

The critically injured female and Three wheeler driver had been admitted to the Kegalle Teaching Hospital and the female had succumbed to her injuries after admission.

The accident was occurred as the Three wheeler driver lost the control of the vehicle it has been revealed.

Kegalle police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

A Navy Soldier Was Shot And Injured In Baddegama

A retired navy soldier was shot and injured by an
unidentified gunman in godawatte area at Baddegama (Galle) last morning (12).

After the gun shooting a brawl occurred between the injured and the gunman however the gunman managed to escape from the scene it has been revealed.Gunman too received injuries after the wife of the injured soldier attacking him it has been revealed.

The firearm used to fire at Navy soldier was recovered near the soldier's house it has been reported.

Health Minister Says Media Not Highlighted When Spreading Of Dengue Decreased In The Country

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has stated during
 a launching ceremony of a special Dengue control programme in pannipitiya  that the media only highlighted when the Dengue is spreading rapidly in the country not when the number of Dengue patients and Dengue deaths reported are being decreased  according to the Health Ministry.

He has also stated that although the number of Dengue patients reported in the country has been now reduced by 50%  should keep the enviornment around us clean through removing Dengue mosquito breeding places continuously.

According to the Epidemelogists of the country, the problem faced by the country when controlling the spreading of Dengue is failure of changing attitudes of the people while  adapting Dengue control methods.Therefore if there are reports that the spreading of Dengue is on the decrease people might stop adapting Dengue control methods like destroying Dengue mosquito breeding places and pay attention on Dengue fever symptoms they have said.

So Minister has expressed a totally different thought on the situation.One should not forget that showers are due to be experienced  during this week in several districts of  the country which might cause the spreading of Dengue again.

Ekineka awathakseru nokarannenam ,lokukam panne nathinam ha thaman winda duka anek ayat windiya yutu bawak nositha katayutu karannenam onama sambandathawayak sadakalika wanawa nisakaya.

Madak sitha balanna sambandathawayak paludu wanne mema karana nisa noweda yana waga.Eya yatha tatwayata path kara gatha hakkeda minisata pamanaki. 

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Two Injured due To A Collision Of Five Vehicles On Southern Expressway

Two persons were injured and hospitalized due to a
collision of five vehicles near the Kottawa entry of the Southern Expressway this evening (12).

The accident occurred after a Motor Car,A Bus ,A Van and Two Cab vehicles colliding with each other it has been revealed.

Due to the accident a heavy traffic had prevailed in a lane vehicles use to travel from  Galle to Colombo  for hours according to sources.

Six Persons Have Been Arrested With Narcotics At Hatton Bus Stand

Police have arrested six persons along with a stock of
narcotics in a trade stall at Hatton Bus stand .

Accordingly the trade stall owner who had maintained the narcotic trade inside the trade stall for a long time secretly and five customers who came to purchase narcotics have been arrested by the police.

The trade stall has been identified as the center which distributed narcotics to estate areas

Two Persons Were Killed And Five Injured Due To A Three Wheeler-Motor Car Collision

Two persons were killed and five persons including a
Buddhist monk were injured and hospitalized due to a Three wheeler-Motor Car collision in Bulankulama area on Anuradhapura-Puttalam road in the wee hours of this morning (12).

A grand mother and her six year old grand daughter travelling in the Three Wheeler arrived in from Puttalam were killed due to the vehicle collision and five persons including a Buddhist monk in the Motor car arrived in from Anuradhapura were injured due to the imcident.

Police have arrrsted the driver of the motor car regardimg the accident and investigations under way to confirm whether the driver was under the influence of liqor at the time of the accident.

Two Armed Men Have Been Injured After A Gun Shooting Between Armed Gang And ST.F Personal

Two persons belonging to an Armed gang were injured
and hospitalized after a gun shooting incident occurred between the Armed gang and Special Police Task Force (STF)personal in kurana,Negambo this evening (12).

The two injured Armed gang members one of them critically  had been admitted to the seeduwa hospital for treatment and later they were transfered to the Ragama Teaching Hospital it has been reported.

After the shooting STF personal Had arrested two Armed gang members.

The Armed gang arrived in from two vans have opened fire at a Jeep belonging to the Special Police Task Force (STF)Personal ,however none of the STF Personal in the Jeep  have been  injured in the shooting .

Special Police Task Force Personal have later recovered two T-56 riffles and a revolver inside the two vans the Armed gang arrived in and taken into custody the two vans for an investigation.


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