Thursday, April 1, 2010

Incompatible Catheters Caused A Confusion Among Hospital Docs

A Confusion arisen among the Doctors of the Major Government Hospitals as the Medical Supplies Division supplied the" Central Venous Double Lumen" Catheters labeled as "Central Venous Single Luman Catheters to the Government Hospitals Hospital sources revealed.A stock of Around 1050 such Catheters worth Rs.800,000 were distributed to the Hospitals like this it has been reported.

Due to this situation Doctors at the Theaters are not able to use these Catheters for their purposes Hospital Sources said.Central Venous Catheters are placed in the Large Vein of the Patients Chest,Neck or Groin Area to adminster Drugs,Fluids, and to obtain Blood Tests and Cardiovascular Measurements.

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