Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Chinese Female Was Arrested With A Stock Of Foreign Cigarettes

Pettah Police have arrested a 29 year
old Chinese Female with 1620 Foreign Made Cigarette sticks  illegally  in her possession at Colpetty area.

The suspect is due to be produced before the Colombo Fort Magistrate .


Hackers May Have Steeling NFORMATION From Social Media Accounts Accessed via "VPN"

Sri Lanka Computer Emergancy

Readiness Team (CERT) has warned that there is a possibility of  leaking personal information belonging to  social media accounts  including Facebook of those who have accessed to their accounts via  "VPN" network during the temporary blockage imposed on those sites .

Hackers might have stolen  the personal information  of Social Media accounts which their owners accessed the accounts via "VPN' technology downloaded in play store free of charge.

Hackers believed to be released  "VPN "Apps during the Social media blockage jn Sri Lanka.

To protect the Social media account information changing password is must.

Bangladesh Cricket Board Apologized Sri Lanka Over The Bad Behaviour Of Bangladeshi Cricketers During Nidahas Trophy Match

Bangladesh Cricket Board has apologized Sri Lanka over the unruly behavior of their Cricket Team members during and after the T-20 Nidahas Trophy semi final match played against Sri Lanka in Colombo yesterday (16).

The Bangladesh Cricket Board has stated that the Board itself not aproved the bad behaviour of some Bangladeshi Players during the match.

Meanwhile  two Bangladeshi Cricketers mainly involved in heated arguments with Sri Lankan Players and an Umpire, Skipper Shakib Al Hasan and Nurul Hasan had also apologized over their behaviour from.the Intetnational Cricket Council (ICC) it has been reported.

Bangladesh Cricket Board also agreed to pay the cost of the damage done to the glass door of  Bangladeshi Dressing Room in R.PremaDasa International Cricket Stadium in Colombo which believed to be broken by the hands of Skipper Shakib Al Hasan when he opened it hard after the match.


Africa's First Female Head Of State To Resign-A Lawyer


Ten Suspects Arrested Over Communal Violence In Kandy Have Been Further Remanded Until 29th

Ten suspects including  Amith
Weerasinghe the leader of the Facebook page "Mahasone Balakaya" who were arrested and remanded over the communal violence erupted in several areas in Kandy recently  have been further remanded until 29th of March by the Theldeniya and Galagedara Magistrate Courts today (17).

Eight suspects including the leader of "Mahasone Balakaya" Amith Weeeasinghe who was the main suspect of the recent communal violence in Kandy have been produced before the Theldeniya Magistrate Court  and two suspects were produced before the Galagedara Magistrate Court today (17).

These suspects were arrested by the Police Terrorism Investigation Division on 08th of March and  brought to Colombo and questioned them under a detention order .

Altogether 280 persons have been arrested over the communal violence in Kandy.

A Person Was Arrested With A Stock Of Wallapatta:

A 38 year old Colombo resident was
arrested by the Airport Customs last night (16) while attempting to smuggle 25.4 kilo Grammes of Expensive "Wallapatta" known as "Gyrinops Walla" use to manufacture an expensive perfumes to Dubai illegally .

The suspect was arrested while attempting to  board a  Sri  Lankan Air Lines flight travelling to Dubai.

The estimated value of the stock of Wallapatta taken into custody in the suspects possession  is around Rs.1.4 million  it has been revealed.

Airport Customs had confiscated the stock of Wallapatta and imposed a fine of Rs.100,000 on the suspect. 

An Unregistered BMW Car Had Fallen In To The Diyawanna Lake After Colliding With Another Two Vehicles

An Unregistered  BMW Laxurious Car
and another two vehicles got damaged after the High Speed BMW Car colliding with two other vehicles near the Thalawathugoda Jumction and fallen in to the Diyawanna Lake early this morning (17).

However no one in these vehicles got injured due to the incident and the driver of the BMW Motor Car had fled away from the scene after the  incident it has been reported.

CCTV footages in the area had shown that the BMW Car had parked near a night  club at Thalawatugoda Junction  and how it left with the driver .

Police believes the driver of the BMW Car was under the influence of liquor at the time of the accident.

Thalangama Police are conducting an investigations over the incident.  .

Bangladeshi Cricket Captain And A Reserve Player Have Been Charged 25 Percent Of Their Match Fees By ICC Over Unruly Behaviour During Nidahas Trophy T-20 Match

  • The captain of the Bangladesh Cricket Team Shakib Al Hasan and Reserve player Nurul Hasan have been charged 25 percent of their match fees over their unruly behaviour during the Nidahas Trophy T-20 semi final match played with Sri Lanka at R.Premadasa  Intetnational Cricket Stadium in Colombo yesterday (16) ,by the Intetnational Cricket Council 's (ICC )Match Referee Chris Broad .

Both players have received one demerit point each for breaching  level one Code of Conduct of the ICC over the heated arguments they had with Sri Lankan players and an Umpire.

For further details -

Meanwhile ICC had commenced an inquiry over the damaging of the glass window of Bangladeshi Cricket Players dressing room at the R.Premadasa Cricket Stadium during yesterday's match.


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How Indisciplined Bunch Of Immatured Bangladeshi Players Display Cobra Dance And Added Black Mark To Their Cricket

Friday, March 16, 2018

Foreign-Botswana Says Trump Encouraging Elephant Poaching


A House Was Severely Damaged After A Cab Crashed In To It

A house was severely damaged after a
Cab belonging to the state sector  crashing in to it this noon (16) at Amunugama in Wattegama area.

No one was injured due to the incident as the residents of the house left to attend a function at the time of the incident it has been reported.

The accident occurred due to the driver of the Cab fallen to sleep while driving it has been revealed.Wattegama Police are investigating over the incident.

The Indisciplined .Immatured Bangladeshi Cricketers Damaged A Glass Door Of Their Dressing Room Through An Animal Like Behaviour After Beeting Sri Lankan Team

The indisciplined Cricketers of the Visiting Bangladeshi National Cricket Team who had shown an animal like behaviour and their third class look to the cricket world today (16)after beating Sri Lankan Cricket team to enter the finals of ongoing Nidahas Trophy Tri nation T- 20 Cricket Tournament in Colombo ,had damaged the windows of ther dressing room at R.PremaDasa International Cricket Stadium in Colombo after the match it has been revealed.

Both during the match and after  today at the R.PremaDasa Stadium ,most of the Bangladeshi Cricketers including their skipper shakeeb Al Hassan had shown that they are immatured, Not suitable to call as gentlemen in cricket and not even suit to play cricket at all from  the way they have  treated Sri Lankan Cricketers according to the critics.

By showing their lack of sportsmanship qualities they had even shown enlarged head of a snake or cobra style behaviour  towards Sri Lankan Cricketers and spectators during the match it has been reported.

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Five Inhumans Were Arrested Over Raping Of A Girl- Victim's Mother And Grand Mother Also Arrested

Five in humans have been arrested by
the Special Police Investigations Division attached to the National Child Protection Authority over raping of a thirteen year old girl at Thanamalvila area on Wednesday (14 ).

The inhuman mother and the grand mother of the victim were also arrested by the Police for supporting the five suspects to committed the crime.Two relatives of the victim are among those arrested over the crime it has been revealed.

The court case filed over the incident is due to take up for hearing on March 22 at Wellawaya Magistrate Court.


දායක සභාව - Dayaka Sabawa ගේ ඡායාරූපය

A 38 Year Old Person Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

A 38 year old person was killed due to a
Wild Elephant attack in Suruwirugama, Suriyawewa area early this morning (16).

The deceased was attacked by the Wild Elephant while he attempted to chase away the Elephant who entered a nearby house it has been revealed.

The critically injured father was admitted to the Hambanthota Hospital and later transferred to the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital where he had succumbed to his injuries.

Two Small Children Have Died After Falling In To An Unprotected Well

Two brothers of a same family of ages 5
and 7 years old have died after falling in to an unprotected cultivation well yesterday  (15)at  kakekulam area in Madu,Mannar.

The two deceased brothers who were residents of kakekulam area had fallen in  to the Well while on the way to their grandfaher's house nearby  it has been reported.

Manner Magistrate had conducted the Magisterial Inquiry on the deaths and afterwards ordered a post mortem of the deceased.

Around 52 Families Have Been Removed From Their Houses In Bible Due To A Landslide Threat

Around 52 families in Bible, Monara
gala District have been evacuated from their houses temporarily and moved to a safe place today (16)for few hours due to a Landslide threat according to the Disaster Management Center.

The evacuated families are currently located in a nearby Temple the Center has stated.

New Dietary Advise To Prevent Type Two Dieabetes ????????

Malaysian 'snake-handling celebrity' dies of cobra bite


Nava ගේ ඡායාරූපයLove City ගේ ඡායාරූපයNava ගේ ඡායාරූපයNava ගේ ඡායාරූපයI Love You ගේ ඡායාරූපය

A 16 Year Old Buddhist Monk Was Killed Due To A Motorcycle Accident

Image result for accidentA 16 year old Buddhist Monk attached to the Alokarama Temple at Thissapura,Medirigiriya was killed and another 14 year old Buddhist Monk attached to the same Temple was injured and Hospitalized after the Motorcycle they were riding in veering off the road and colliding with a Lamp Post at Bisobandara area in Medirigiriya this  morning(16).

The deceased Monk was riding the Motorcycle at the time of the accident and the injured Monk who was the pillion rider was admitted to the Polonnaruwa General Hospital for treatment.

An Arrest Warrant Was Issued To Arrest Former Sri Lankan Ambassador To Russia Udyanaga Weerathunge

Image result for court orderColombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne has today (16) issued a warrant to arrest   the Former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Russia Udyanga Weerathunge through an   International Police (Interpol) and ordered the authorities to send  the warrant to the Interpol in English Language.

The Former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Russia is  a wanted man in Sri Lanka over his involvement in the fraud and  irregularities occurred during the purchasing of  04  Mig -27 combat Jet Aircraft's  from an Ukrainian Arms  Supplying company in 2006  during the war in Sri Lanka.

Recently the Immigration officials of the Dubai Airport had arrested the Udayanga Weerathunge while on the way to another country and after questioned him  regarding his whereabouts he was released by the authorities .the Police Financial Crimes Investigations Unit had informed the Court today. 

Water Supply Suspended In The Galle Municipal Area Has Been Re-Instated

Image result for water supplyThe Water Supply which was suspended  to Galle Municipal area since last night(15) due to a fire erupted in the Water Purification Plant at Wakwella,Galle has been reinstated this noon(16).

Nearly  25,000 consumers  have been effected Due to the suspension of Water Supply It has been revealed.However the two main hospitals in the Galle Municipal area the Mahamodara and Karapitiya Teaching Hospitals were received water without any interruption since last night .

Water purification system of the Purification Plant is also  due to recommenced .A fire erupted in the Galle Water Purification plant has damaged main electric system of the plant which caused the suspension of water supply.

A Protest March Closed The Lotus Road In Colombo

Due to a protest march of employees of Government Surveyors Department  ,the Lotus Road and the  Galle Road from Colpetty Junction to Pettah had temporarily closed this noon(16) according to the Police.
Image result for closed down 
The Employees  had began their protest march from Colombo Fort Railway Station this noon by opposing the handing over of the Government Surveyors Department to an American Company .

Bottled water: WHO launches plastic health review


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Yesteryear Actress Edna Sugathapala Passed Away

Image result for edna sugathapalaYesteryear Actress Edna Sugatapala has passed away  yesterday(15) at the age of 74 at a Private Hospital in Colombo followed a brief illness.Late Actress was also a talented pianist and singer .

Those who have watched "Daiwayogaya" film should have remember the small child acted with Late Rukmani Devi for the song "Doy Doyya Putha" and that was none other then her.

It has been reported that Late Edna Sugathapala had played the Piano and the accordion in playback music of  the films "Surayangeth Suraya" and "Me Dasa Kumatada" films. 

She has entered the Arts field in 1967 from the stage play "Gahanu Gata" and her first film was "Sanasuma Kothanada" .She had later acted many films including "Veeduru Gewal" and "Nawatha Hamuwemu". Besides acting films she had a power to tell someone if there's  something  going  to happen to that person in future without horoscopes  and she had successfully revealed those including to her family members it has been reported.

Her body is due to hand over to the Medical Collage it has been announced.

Foreign-Several Killed As A Bridge Collapsed In Florida


Leading Consultant Doctors Appealed The Public Not To Be Misled Over The Rumours On Infertile Tablets As No Such Tablet ,Powder Or Spray Discovered In Western Medicine

A group of leading consultant doctors
in the country had today (15)appealed the public not to be misled by the  rumours on Infertile tablets as no such tablet,spray ,powder or injections which can cause infertily  of a group or a community has been developed in Western Medicine up to now .

Addressing a press briefing held at the Sri Lanka Medical Association office in Colombo today  ,leading Gynacologist Professor Lakshman senanayake has stressed that there is no need to panic over these rumours as there is no infertile tablet available .

Even no one can make a group or a community infertile by mixing tablets with food he has stated.

A Sudden Fire Erupted In Main water Purification Plant In Galle, Stopped Water Purification

Due to a sudden fire erupted in a main
electricity supplying system of the main water purification  plant in Wakwella.Galle, the electricity supplying system was severely damaged and the water purification activities were stopped as a result.

Due to this situation water supply to Galle will be restricted the authorities have stated.

A Person Was Arrested With A Haul Of Heroin

A person have been arrested with 150
Grammes and 600 mili Grammes of Heroin in his possession at Kotahana area.

The suspect who is a resident of Kotahana due to be produced before the court .



Health Minister Has Instructed The Health Secretary To Investigate The Incident On Accepting A Bribe By Two Ayurveda Officers

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratna
had today (15)instructed the Health Ministry Secretary Janaka Sugathadasa to investigate  the two officers attached to the Ayurveda Department who were arrested yesterday  (14) by the Bribery Commission officials over accepting  Rs.50,000 as a bribe from an outsider.

Minister Dr.Senaratna who is currently in India to attend a WHO meeting, Has today instructed the Ministry  Secretary  to investigate the incident and take disciplinary  action against the suspects .

Customs Have Recovered 1000 Kilo Grammes Of Banned Pesticide "Glyphosate

Sri Lanka  Customs have recovered
1000 kilo Grammes of Banned 'Glyphosate" pesticide imported by producing fake documents to the authorities  and  hidden among  things like  shoes and Beedi, at Paliyagoda Customs yard yesterday (14).

The stock of "Glyphosate "was imported by a Buisnessman based in Colombo it has been revealed.The estimated Value of the stock of "Glyphosate" recovered is around Rs. 5 million.

Sri Lanka banned the importing of 'Glyphosate "to the county in 2015.

Customs officers are currently questioning two persons over the incident .

A Fire Destroyed A Flat In "Sahaspura"Flat Scheme Completely

A flat attached to the fifth floor of 
"Sahaspura"Condominium at Wanathamulla,Borelle was completely destroyed due to a sudden fire erupted  there this evening  (15).

The Colombo fire brigade had doused the fire before spreading further.

The cause of the fire not yet been revealed and no casualties have been reported due to the incident .

Where Does All Fat Goes When Loosing Weight?

India wild elephant saved in dramatic rescue


Image may contain: one or more people and skyImage may contain: night and text
Image may contain: text

Health Ministry To Regulate The Prices Of Two Essential Items Use To Check Blood Sugar Levels

Image result for glucose stripes and masins
Ministry Of Health,Nutrition And Indigenous Medicine has decided to regulate the higher prices of  "Glucose Stripes " and "Glucose Masin" mostly used by Diabetic patients in the country to check their Blood Sugar levels regularly to benefit these patients .

A Packet of 25 " Glucose Stripes" is being sold from Rs.1500 upwards and a pack of "Glucose Masin" is being sold for Rs.2500 upwards according to the Health Ministry.

The regulating of these essential items use by the Diabetic patients will be taken place after reducing the prices of essential Cancer Drugs as per the instructions of the Health Minister the Ministry has stated.

Two Youth Were Killed Due To A Motor Car-Tipper Truck Collision

 Two youth friends were killed after the Motor Car they were traveling in colliding with a Tipper Truck transporting Sand at Kapparathota in Weligama this morning(15).
The accident occurred when the Motor Car traveling from Colombo  to Matara colliding with the Tipper Truck arrived in from the opposite side traveling from Matara to Galle.
Image result for accidentThe deceased 29 year old youth were residents of Rathmalana and Mount Lavinia areas.
Police have arrested the Tipper Truck driver regarding the accident.

Two Shops Completely Destroyed In Thissamaharamaya Due To A Fire

Image result for fire
Two Shops in Thissamharamaya area have been completely destroyed due to a sudden fire erupted this morning (15).

Army personal,Police and the residents of the area were  jointly doused the fire it has been reported.

The fire which began in a Paint shop l was spread ed  towards the nearby Shop . The cause of the fire not yet been revealed.

Colombo Fort Magistrate Has Issued Arrest Warrant To Arrest Former Central Bank Governor Arjun Mahendran

Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne has today(15) issued arrest warrant to arrest the Main suspect of the Central Bank Bond Scam and former Central Bank Governor Arjun Mahendran who is in abroad and produced him before the court.
Image result for court order

The Magistrate has issued the arrest warrant when the  case on Central  Bank Bond Scam was taken up for hearing today.

 Colombo Fort Magistrate has issued the arrest warrant to arrest Arjun Mahendran as he
he has avoided appearing before the Criminal Investigations Department(CID)  to give evidence on the Bond Scam twice when requested to do so by the Court.

Colombo Fort Magistrate also ordered to further remand the imprisoned chief suspects of the Bond Scam case Arjun Aloysius and Kasun Palisena of Perpetual Treasuries  until 29th of March after they have been produced before the court.

Magistrate has also ordered the Telephone companies to provide details on  the telephone conversations the two suspects have with outsiders


President Has Instructed The TRC From Japan To Remove The Temporary Blockage Of Facebook Immediately

Related image.President Maithripala Sirisena who is currently in Japan for an official tour has instructed 
Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) to remove the temporary blockage of Facebook with immediate effect.
Earlier the Government has stated that the removal of Facebook blockage will be done after the discussion with Facebook officials who are due to arrive in Sri Lanka today(15).Minister Harin Fernando has said that most probably the temporary b;blockage of Facebook will be lifted by tomorrow(16

 However TRC  not yet  commented on the removal of Facebook blockage.