Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Six Persons Including MP Namal Rajapakshe Have Been Remanded Over Organizing A Protest March In Hambanthota

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Six persons including UPFA MP  Namal Rajapakshe that arrested yesterday (10) regarding organizing a protest march towards Indian Consular Office in Hambanthota by violating the court order issued avoiding a protest .have been remanded until 16th of October by the Hambanthota Magistrate Manjula Karunaratne last night.
Hambanthota Police have arrested the six suspects after their arrival to the Police to give statements last evening  regarding the protest march held last week in Hambanthota against handing over Mattala Airport and Hambanthota harbour to foreign countries.

The suspects were remanded after being produced before the Hambanthota Magistrate's official residence last night.

After given the remand order the suspects have been taken to the Tangalle Prison through a prison bus..

After MP Namal Rajapakshe and other suspects arrested a large number of supporters of MP Rajapakshe had gathered outside the Hambanthota Police Headquarters and as a result riot police and police special task force personal have been deployed in the area to provide security.
Another 28 persons including 07 females who have participated the protest last week are also  in remand.

A Person Was Arrested While Transporting 600 Packs Of Heroin

A person was arrested while transporting 600 packets
of Heroin weighing 11 grammes and 910 mili grammes  by a Luxary car at waskaduwa,Kalutara area by the Anti narcotic squad officials last evening (10).

The estimated value of the packetes of Heroin which hidden inside the car is around Rs.500,000 according to the officials.

The suspect who is a resident of Bandaragama area is due to be produced before the Kalutara Magistrate Court today (11).

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Thirteen Injured Due To The Firing Of Tear Gas Against Anti SAITM Protesters

Thirteen persons including twelve student protesters
and a Journalist  have been injured and hospitalized due to the firing of tear gas and water cannons by riot Police to disperse a group of Anti SAITM Protesters in Colpetty junction this evening (10).

The injured have been admitted to the accident ward of Colombo National Hospital.Police have fired tear gas and water cannons to the protesters around 30 minutes it has been revealed.

Six Persons Including MP Namal Rajapakshe Have Been Arrested Over Organizing A Protest March In Hambanthota

Hambanthota Police have arrested six persons
including the former President Mahinda Rajapakshe's son United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) MP Namal Rajapakshe over organizing a protest march towards the Indian Consular Office in Hambanthota last week despite a court order banning protest campaigns in front of the Consular office.

Accordingly MP's Namal Rajapakshe,Upali Kodikara,Sampath Atukorale,Prasanna Ranaweera,D.V Chanaka and the convener of the War Heroes Behalf Of Motherland Ajith Prasanna have been arrested after their arrival to Hambanthota Police to give statements regarding the protest march organized against handing over Mattala Airport and Hambanthota Harbour to foreign countries on lease in Hambanthota last week.


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One Out Of Five Government Employees Is Suffering From Mental Stress-Health Ministry

Image result for mental stressOne out of five Government Employees is suffering from mental stress mainly due to the problems occurred in their houses and work places according to the Mental Health Unit of the Ministry Of Health.

Busy work schedule and competitiveness in the society too caused mental stress among Government Employees and the number of persons getting treatment for Mental Diseases too are on the increase the Unit has stated.

Litro Gas Company Chairman Arrested Yesterday Has Been Remanded.

Image result for arrestedColombo Magistrate Court has today(10) remanded the Chairman of Litro Gas Company Shaleela Munasinghe who was arrested yesterday(09) by the Criminal Investigations Department(CID) over hacking a computer system belongs to a Far Eastern International Bank in Taiwan and transferred money belonging to the Bank into his personal account ,until tomorrow(11).

 Meanwhile the Litro Gas Company has issued a statement regarding the arrest of it's chairman and stated that the Litro Gas company has not involved in  deals charged as involved in by Chairman shaleela munasinghe

Police Fired Tear Gas To Disperse Anti SAITM Protest March In Colombo

Image result for tear gasPolice have  fired tear gas to disperse a Anti SAITM Protest March organized by the Anti SAITM Students Wall including Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) and Medical Faculty Students Action Committee near Colpetty (Colombo) junction short while ago it has been reported.

Due to the protest march  a heavy traffic has been reported in surrounding roads including  Town Hall area and Road from  Galle Face Roundabout  to Colpetty Junction  has been closed down .

The protest march has begun from Town Hall this evening by demanding to abolish SAITM(Malabe Private Medical Collage).

Colombo High Court Released MP Namal Rajapakshe's Company Director Iresha De Silva On Bail

Image result for bailColombo High Court has released the Iresha Othelo De  Silva the Director of Gowers Corporate Limited owned by UPFA MP Namal Rajapkashe who had been arrested this morning(10) on her arrival at Katunayake,Bandaranaike International Airport ,on conditional  bail.

Accordingly the suspect was released on a surety bail of Rs.05 million and a cash bail of Rs.500,000 by the Colombo High Court judge Piyadasa Ranasinghe as the Attorney General not opposing granting her bail.

The Court also imposed a foreign tour ban on Iresha De Silva and ordered her to hand over her passport to the court.She is also ordered to appear before Colombo High Court on every last Sunday of the month.

The case regarding the financial fraud involved by Iresha and MP Namal Rajapakshe is due to be heard on 16 th and 20th of February 2018.


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Health-Pesto Sauces: 'More Salt Than Burger

The salt content in some pesto sauces has increased despite a push to reduce levels, a campaign group has found.
Jar of pesto with basil, pine nuts and garlic 
Consensus Action on Salt and Health said Sacla's Italia Organic Vegetarian Pesto No 5 Basil and Italia Pesto No 1 Classic Basil now contain more salt per serving than a McDonald's hamburger.
It said none of the sauces it checked, including some made by Sainsbury's and Tesco, could be described as healthy.

Sacla said its products should be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

Authentic products

Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash) said salt levels in both Sacla sauces had increased in both products since they were last surveyed in 2009 - they now contained more than 1.5g of salt per 47.5g serving.
Cash found that Napolina Green Pesto with Basil, Gino D'Acampo Pesto alla Genovese Basil Pesto and Truly Italian Genovese Basil Pesto contained between 2g and 2.5g of salt per 100g.
Tesco Reduced Fat Red Pesto, Aldi's Specially Selected Italian Pesto Genovese and Italian Pesto Rosso, Jamie Oliver Green Pesto and Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Pesto alla Genovese contained less than 1g of salt per 100g.

Cash assistant nutritionist Sarah Alderton said: "Pesto is an everyday product eaten by adults and children alike, but people might not realise just how salty it can be.

"None of the products we surveyed could be described as 'healthy', so consider having pesto in smaller portions, less frequently or try other pasta sauces lower in salt and fat instead."
Cash called on Public Health England (PHE) to "act tough" on the food industry.

A Sacla spokeswoman said: "We work hard to make authentic Italian products which are good quality, safe to eat and should be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet."


Heart Letter For Your Heart

True or False health quiz for a healthier heart...Harvard Health Publications

Taking blood pressure in both arms may reveal a higher heart attack risk.
TRUE: You should measure blood pressure in both arms. A difference of 10 points or more means a 38% greater chance of having a heart attack — something you should talk to your doctor about.
Coated aspirin is better if you are taking it daily for your heart.
FALSE: If you’re taking daily aspirin for your heart, don’t use coated aspirin. It won’t protect your stomach AND not all the aspirin will get into your blood stream. You’re better off with chewable “baby aspirin.”
Dietary fat wreaks havoc on your heart and your memory.
FALSE: Not all dietary fat wreaks havoc on your heart and memory. Saturated fat (in butter and red meat) can harm both memory and artery health while monosaturated fats (in olive oil and fish) actually improve both memory and heart health.(Harvard Medical School).

Three Persons Were Killed And Two Were Injured Due To A Road Accident In Teldeniya

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A Motorcyclist and two females were killed and two other injured and hospitalized after a Motor Car veering off the road and colliding with a Motorcycle at Gonagala,Teldeniya area (Kandy)this morning(10).

The injured including the driver of the Motor Car have been admitted to Teldeniya Hospital for treatment.The Motor Car traveling from Mahiyanganaya to Kandy veering off the road as the driver fallen a sleep while at the wheel and colliding with a Motorcycle running on the road and run over two females at the Bus stop there it has been revealed.

One of the deceased female was with her seven year old son who had been awaited for a Bus to go to the school at the time of the accident ,however the child escape unharmed.

Female Director Of A Company Owned By MP Namal Rjapakshe Has Been Arrested Upon Her Arrival To Sri Lanka

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Othela Iresha De Silva the director of a Gowers Corporate Limited owned by United Peoples Freedom  Alliance(UPFA) MP Namal Rajapakshe has been arrested by the Immigration Emigration Department officials this morning(10) on her arrival at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport regarding a financial fraud case involved by MP Rajapakshe.

Abudhabi Officials have sent the female Director as per a request made by Sri Lanka last night(09) and  Immigration and Emigration officials have arrested her and handed over to the Colombo Crimes Division officials for further investigations.
The Director has been arrested by the Officials regarding involving as a Director of Gowers Limited in a deal with another Company to earn money illegally and Earned Rs.30 million by illegal means  between the period 01st of October 2013 and 31st of August 2014 .She was arrested under the Money laundering act according to the officials.
Attorney General has indicted the female director and other suspects of the case under 11 charges.

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