Sunday, May 17, 2009

French Wine And Snacks For IDP'S In Vavuniya

Two Boxes contained with Bottles of Wine and Some Snacks were found among the Essential Medicine Boxes donated by the French Embassy in Colombo to the Medical Supplies Division(MSD) last Friday .These Medicines were donated to send for treating IDP'S in Vavuniya it has been revealed.
When the MSD Officials checked the Boxes which are labeled as an Essential Drugs these were found and when informed on this the officers who were handover the stock to the Supplies Division taken away All the Boxes before checking them further.The Director of the Medical Supplies Division Dr.Weerabandara already inquired on this incident to the Health Ministry Officials.

President Rajapaksha To Address The Nation On Tuesday To Announce The Military Victory

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksha is due to Address the Nation on this Tuesday at Parliment on 9.30 A.M Local Time to Announce the Military Victory over LTTE.

Meanwhile Pro LTTE Web Site Tamil Net Published a Statement today issued by the Head of the International Wing of the LTTE Selvarasa Pathmanathan as saying that the LTTE had given up their fight and decided to "Silence Their Guns".However No Official Comment made by the LTTE regarding this Statement.

LTTE Restricted To 800 Square Meters-Army Spokesman

Now the remaining LTTE Rebels including their Leaders are restricted to 800 Square Meter Area Sri Lankan Army Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said this evening.

Addressing a Press Briefing in Colombo he said despite all the Trapped Civilians were rescued the Offensives to Arresting rest of the LTTE Leaders will continue.

Meanwhile People around the Country were into the Roads and celebrated the Success of Armed Forces Mission on Rescuing trapped Civilians.Jubiliant Crowd fired Crackers and some Cooked traditional Milk Rice and distributed among the people.

Former UNP Parliamentarian Passed Away

Former Parliamentarian and a Minister Alick Aluwihare Passed away this morning at a private hospital in colombo.

He was the former Minister of Post and Telecommunications under the United National Part(UNP) Government.

President Rajapaksha Who Returned To The Country Greeted By A Cheering Crowd

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksha who is returned to the Island This Morning after his tour to Jordan was greeted by a Large Number of Crowd including Government Ministers who gathered at the Colombo International Air Port to receive him.

President Kissed the Floor soon after he got landed and Ministers present there Hugged him as the people around waving the Sri Lankan National Flags.His guidance for eliminating the Terrorism from the Country is praised by the gathering.

President Rajapaksha cut his Jordan Visit Short after attending the G-11 Summit and returned to the Country earlier as the Sri Lankan Troops are engaged in the Last Battle to destroy the rest of the remaining LTTE Cadres.

Army Destroyed Six LTTE Boats Came To Attack Them

Six LTTE Boats came to Attack Sri Lankan Troops were Destroyed by the Army at Nandikadal Lagoon this Morning.

Around 70 LTTE Bodies were recoverd from the Boat Army Sources said.

LTTE Leaders Planned A Mass Suicide Attack As They Lost The Battle

Sri Lankan Military Sources said that the Remaining LTTE Leaders are planned a Mass Suicide Attack as they lost the Battle already.Meanwhile Two LTTE Leaders Swarnam and Shashi Master were Confirmed as killed from an Army Attack.

Yesterday LTTE sent a Bus with Suicide Bombers aiming at the Ground Troops But it exploded Prematurely killing atleast Ten LTTE Cadres.

After the lost of their Key Rebel Leaders, LTTE Leader Valupillai Prabhakaren is now fighting his last Battle within the 1.5 Square Kilo Meter area they still hold.He and other Rebel Leaders including their Intelligence Chief Pottu Amman and Sea Tiger Leader Soosai are staying in an Underground Bunker.

Meanwhile Sri Lankan Troops are now surrounded the Area where these LTTE Rebles are locating.

All Civilians Trapped In The No War Zone Rescued

The Last Group of Civilians trapped inside the remaining LTTE Rebel held area in No War Zone of the Northern Sri Lanka were rescued this morning Sri Lankan Defense officials announced.

More than 10,000 Civilians were rescued by the Sri Lankan Army yesterday amidst LTTE attacks.Injured were shifted for immediate Medical Attention Officials further added.

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