Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Six Hundrad Thousand Sri Lankans Are Living With Blindness And Half Blindness-Dr.Kodikara

Around 600,000 Sri Lankans are  found as living with  blindness and   half blindness(people with low vision)according to the president of Sri Lankan Ophthalmologists Association Dr.Ranjith Kodikara.out of this number 150,000 are living with blindness and 450,000 are having half blindness known as low vision he has said.

Also School Children numbering 160,000 are suffering from various kinds of eye disorders according to Dr.Kodikara.as eye disorders like cataract,glaucoma ,diabetic retinopathy,low vision and can lead to full blindness, people who are suffering from these eye disorders are advised to be seek medical advice and treatment from the nearest eye clinic in their residential areas .

The World Sight Day falls on this Thursday(10) and the main national programme to mark this event is scheduled to be held in Colombo Eye Hospital that day with a free eye clinic organized for people .

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