Thursday, October 23, 2014

President Rajapaksha To Present The Annual Budget Proposals-2015 To The Parliament Tomorrow(24)

President Mahinda Rajapaksha is due to present the 2015 budget proposals to the Parliament tomorrow(24) as the finance Minister.This budget is the 69th annual budget presented to the parliament and 10th of the present government.

The estimated government expenditure for next year is more than Rs.3053 Billion around 17% higher then this year The Finance Ministry Sources have said.The Ministry that highest amount of money allocated from this budget  is the Ministry Of State Security And Urban Development and the amount is Rs.285 Billion.An amount of Rs.200 Billion is allocated for the Ministry Of Highways,Ports and Shipping and Rs.139 Billion is allocated for the Ministry Of Health from the budget sources have added.

The annual budget proposals which usually scheduled to be presented to the Parliament in early November present to the Parliament tomorrow due to the Presidential Elections scheduled to be held early next year the government sources said.

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