Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Three Health Professions to Launch An Island Wide Strike On 27th Of June

The Professions Supplementary To medicine(PSM'S),Public Health Inspectors and Government Family Health Officers (Midwives) are to launch an island wide token strike on 27th of June by demanding solutions for their service demands the unions representing these professionals have announced today(20).

PSM's are due to launch an island wide strike demanding 2 of their service demands including the cancellation of a gazette notification issued on recruiting new students for PSM Diploma Course while Public Health  Inspectors and Government Family Health Officers are to strike by demanding 3 demands including  increase of their Uniform Allowance according to their Trade Unions.

PHI's Criticized The Way Health Ministry Handles Dengue Control Programme

Ministry of Health is trying to cover up  their failure to carry out an effective dengue control programme  by blaming other ministries for not supporting dengue control activities the president of Sri Lanka Public Health Inspectors Union Mr. Rohana has said .Speaking at a press briefing held in Colombo this morning he stressed the need of a continuous island wide programme to control spreading of dengue in the country.

What the health authorities are lacking today is a long term plan to combat dengue he has further added.

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