Thursday, September 10, 2009

British Embassy Refused To Grant Visas To Sri Lankan Foreign Secretary

The Foreign Ministry was confused today after the British Embassy in Colombo refused to grant Visa to the Outgoing Foreign Ministry Secretary Dr.Palitha Kohona to travel Britain.Dr.Kohona  sent his Passport to the Embassy along with the Chief Protocol of the Ministry to obtain Visas. 

However the British Embassy refused to grant him the Visas citing that the Foreign Secretary himself should come and submit his Passport for Visas.After the Embassy's refusal the Foreign Ministry submitted his Passport again but the Embassy refused it for the second time.After the Refusal the Foreign Ministry Officials tried to contact the Acting British High Commissioner to get Assistance in this regard but were failed to reaching him.

Meanwhile the British Embassy said that they will not refused any Visa Application due to a Political Biasness  and stressed that The Embassy is act according to the law.

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State Of Emergancy Is Extended

The State of Emergency is passed at the Parliament this evening for a One Month with 100 voted for and 13 Voted against it.

Meanwhile Opposition Party Leftist Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna(JVP) who are voted for the extension of the State Of Emergency since the year 2005 abstain from to day's voting and staged a Walk out during the Voting.

Sri Lanka To Re Settled 150,000 IDP'S In Mid October

Sri Lankan Government is decided to Re Settle 150,000 IDP's lives in Camps of the Northern Sri Lanka in there Native Areas by Mid October this year Ministry Of Health has announced today.

Since the Re Settlement of the IDP'S begun this will be the largest number of IDP'S re settle in one occasion according to the Ministry.Earler around 69,000 IDP'S resettled in their native places.

At present there are around 211,000 IDP'S remained in the Camps .Meanwhile the Ministry Of Health said around Rs 550 Million Rupees worth of Medicines and equipment were provided to the Health Care Facilities of IDP'S by the Ministry Up to now.

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