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List Of The Housing Beneficiaries Under The Government's 65,000 Housing Programme Appeared In The Web-Ministry Of Prison Reforms

The name list  of the selected  beneficiaries who are eligible to receive a houses under the Government's proposed 65,000 Housing Programme is now appeared at the web site of Ministry Of Prison Reforms,Rehabilitation,Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs it has been reported.

The eligible beneficiaries  have been selected by the District Secretaries through Divisional Secretaries according to the Ministry of Prison Reforms.
Public can view the list of beneficieries selected to receive houses  through the Ministry's Web Site


Multiple Gun Shots Were Fired Amidst The Sounds Of Fire Crackers At Madampe

Amidst the sounds of firecrackers multiple gun shots were fired last night out side of a house at Uraliya,Madampe Area by damaging a Car Parked out side according to the Police.

No casualties have been reported due to the accident and nine bullet holes are visible on the front passenger door of the Motor Car Parked out side of the house the Police Have stated.

Madampe Police are conducting an investigations on the gun shooting based on the complaint made by house owner.


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One Person Was Killed Due To A Lorry-Motor Bicycle Collision Occurred At Pindeniya Area

One Person was killed due to a Lorry-Motor Bicycle Collision occurred on Awissawella-Kandy Main Road in Pindeniya Area (In Sabaragamuwa Province)today(14) according to the Police.

The 28 year old deceased who was driving the Motor Bicycle succumbed to his injuries upon admission to Kegalle District Hospital.

The Police have arrested the Lorry Driver regarding the accident. 

A Youth Was Killed At Uva Paranagama Area Due To His Three Wheeler Crashed In To A Tree

Image result for accident graphicA youth was killed today (14) at Uva Paranagama Area when the Three Wheeler he was driving in veered off the road and crashed in to a tree according to the Police.

Another person who was inside the Three Wheeler was injured and hospitalized the Police have stated.The 23 year old Driver of the Three Wheeler succumbed to his injuries after being hospitalized.

Uva Paranagama Police are conducting investigations on the incident.


A Mother And Daughter Were Drowned In The Sea At Chilaw Whilst Bathing

A 26 year old mother and her 14 year old daughter were drowned in the sea at Chilaw(In North Western Province) Area yesterday(13) evening whilst bathing according to the Police.

The deceased were on the Pilgrimage to Munneshwaram Kovil (Temple) in Chilaw from Narammala area with their family members  and whilst bathing in the sea two of them  were drowned it has been reported.

The residents in the are later recovered the bodies of drowned mother and daughter.The bodies were taken to Chilaw Hospital for post mortem.

A 70 Year Old Sri Lankan Female Was Arrested At The Air Port When Attempted To Smuggle Gold Out Of The Country

A 70 year old Sri Lankan female was arrested by Sri Lanka Customs Officers today(14) at the Katunayake, Bandaranaike  International Air Port when she illegally attempted to smuggle a stock of Gold Biscuits and Jewelry worth around Rs.4 million out of the country. 

The Customs Officers have recovered a stock of Gold Biscuits  and Jewelry weighing around 700 Grammes from the hand bag of a Sri Lankan Female who was preparing to board a flight to Bangalore,India .

The Customs Officers have taken steps to confiscated the stock of Gold and the suspected female was fined Rs/100,000 it has been reported.
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A T-56 Assault Rifle And Five Revolvers Had Been Stolen From Laggala Police Station

Image result for stolen IN WORDSA T-56 Assault Rifle and Five Revolvers had been stolen from Laggala Police in Matale(In Central Province) early this morning by an individual according to the Police Department.

An individual who entered the Laggala Police Station around 1.00  A.M today had opened the locked armory and stolen the six fire arms it has been reported.At the time of the robbery the key of the locked armory was with a reserve police constable and a total number of 4 policemen were on duty at the Police Station.

The acting Inspector General Of Police(IGP) S.M Wikramasinghe has ordered the Senior Deputy Inspector General Of Police(DIG) in Central Province and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to launch an urgent investigation on the incident.

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