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Unemployment Rate Of Sri Lanka In Third Term Of This Year Was 5% -Department Of Census And Statistics

The unemployment rate of Sri Lanka in third term of this year was 5% according to the Department Of Census And Statistics.
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According to the Workforce Survey the Economically Active Population among the Sri Lankan Population in third term of this year was 09 million and 64.5% of them were males.

Out of the total workforce in Sri Lanka 67% reported as working more than 40 hours per week according to the survey.


Sri lanka Is Hoping It's Fish Export Ban To European Market Will Be Lifted By Mid Next Year-Fisheries Minister

Sri Lanka is hoping it's  Fish Export ban to European Market imposed By European Parliament will be lifted by mid Next Year  according to the Foreign Media Reports.

The Fisheries Minister Mahinda Amaraweere has told the Chinese News Agency XINHUA recently a proposal to lifting the fish  export ban imposed for sri lanka is due to be presented to the European Parliament during coming months.

Sri Lanka  is loosing over 100 million US Dollars per year due to the Fish Export Ban imposed for Sri Lanka by the European Parliament during the previous government the Minister has stated.

Fourteen Categories Of State Executive Grade Officers Have Decided To Launch Countrywide Continuous Strike After 04th Of January

Image result for general strikeFourteen Categories of State Executive Grade Officers  including Government Doctors ,Engineers ,Administrative Officers ,Ayurveda Doctors and Surveyors have decided to launch an island wide continuous strike after 04th of January by demanding three Service demands according to Joint Committee Of Executive Officers In All Island Services.

The Committee has demanded the government to correct the salary anomaly of the state service
created through the 2016 Annual Budget,Stop scrapping the Government Pension Scheme and Granted the Duty Concessionary Vehicle Permit for the State Officers .

If the government not able to meet these demands by 04th of January the state executive grade officers will launch an island wide continuous strike action without a prior notice the President of the Joint Committee Of Executive Grade Officers In All Island Services Dr.Nimal Karunasene has said during a press briefing held in Colombo yesterday(23).


Three Out Of Four Persons Who Visited A State Bank To Rob It Arrested By The Police

Image result for bank robberyThree out of the  four persons  who visited a State Bank in Bandarawatte at Biyagama(In Western Province) yesterday (23) to rob it have been arrested by Police.The fourth person has managed to escape by jumping to the Kelaniya River according to the Police.

The attempt of the robbers to rob the bank has prevented as the Police were alerted on the robbery   due to the Bank's  security alarm system being triggered.

A police Team has arrived at the scene immediately and managed to arrest three of the four persons who came to rob the bank.


The Stoning To Death Sentence Passed For Sri Lankan Maid Over Adultery Charge Has Be

Image result for stoning to deathThe stoning to death sentence passed for Sri Lankan House Maid worked in Saudi Arabia over adultery Charge has been turned to Imprisonment by the Saudi Government Acting Foreign Minister Dr.Harsha De Silva has announced today(23).

The Death Sentence imposed over the Sri Lankan House Maid has been changed following the appeal made by Sri Lankan Government to reduce the punishment.

Following the appeals made by  Sri Lankan Government An Appeals Court in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia has decided to hear the case against  Sri Lankan House Maid again .

The 45 year old Sri Lankan Mother from Colombo Suburbs has been sentenced  stone to death over an adultery charge in last August.After she was found guilty for the charge has been scheduled  stoning to Death .

The Male who got  involved with the Sri Lankan House Maid has been  sentenced to 100 lashes.

The Ministry Of Foreign Employment has hired top lawyers to make an appeal against stoning to death sentence of the  female.

US Hits A Record Corona Cases And Hospitalizations