Saturday, November 21, 2015


US Permanent Representative To The UN Samantha Power Arrived Sri Lanka For A Visit

The United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations Samantha Power has arrived Sri Lanka today(21) for an official visit.

She is due to hold talks with the  President,Prime Minister and other higher officials of the Sri Lankan Government during the visit.


Sri Lankan Woman Arrested At Air Port With Foreign Currency Worth Over Rs.28 Million In Her Possession

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A Sri Lankan Woman has been arrested this morning At Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Air Port while attempting to leave the country with foreign currency worth over Rs.28 Million in her possession.

Sri Lanka Customs Officers have arrested the 50 year old woman who is a resident in Kaduwela(In Colombo) at the Departure Terminal while attempting to board a Bangkok Bound Flight early this morning according to Customs Department.

During the search Customs Officers have found foreign currency notes Including US Dollars,Euros,Swiss Francs and Saudi Riyals inside her luggage.


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Sri Lankan Government Has Appealed Before The Court In Saudi Arabia Requesting To Reduce Stone To Death Punishment Sentenced To A Sri Lankan Maid

Sri Lankan Government has appealed before the Riyadh Court in Saudi Arabia requesting to reduce the Stoning
 to Death punishment sentenced to a Sri Lankan Mother worked there as a House Maid over adultery.

The Sri Lankan Maid who is a resident of Colombo sentenced to stoning to death after found guilty for having an ex affair with a Sri Lankan Man working in Saudi Arabia who is a bachelor.

According to Sharia Law a Saudi Court has sentenced the Man with 100 lashes it has been reported.

According to the Ministry Of Foreign Employment .the Minister Thalatha Atukorale has filed an appeal before Riyadh Court to reduce the punishment of the Sri Lankan Maid as it's not possible to request from Saudi Government to lift the sentence because of the maid has pleaded guilty already .

The Ministry has already made payments for the lawyers who hired behalf of the Sentenced Maid through the Sri Lankan Embassy in Saudi Arabia it has been reported.

Due To The Introduction Of A Uni Rate And Tax Increase Of Vehicles Through The Budget Prices Of Motor Vehicles To Be Increased

Due to the introduction of a Unit Rate For Vehicles and Tax Increase through the 2016- Annual Budget Proposals presented to the Parliament Yesterday(20) prices of several motor vehicles including Three W healers will be increased according to Vehicle Importers Association Of Sri Lanka.

Accordingly the Price of popular brand 1000CC Hybrid Vehicles "Wagon R" and "Aqua" will be increased by Around Rs.400,000,Duty of an Electric Vehicles will be increased from around 25-30 Lakhs ,Price of a Van will be increased by Rs.25-30 Lakhs and Price of a Three W healer will be increased by Rs.1 lakh the Association has said.

As the Fee of Licence issued for the imported vehicles too has increased through the budget the new Licence Fee charged  for Vehicles will be Rs.15,000 for Cars,Rs.10,000 for Vans and Lorries, Rs.Rs.2000 for Motor Bicycles and Rs.1000 for Three W healers.

The Vehicle Importers Association is expecting to meet  Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake to resolve some issues arisen due to the tax increase of vehicles the Association has announced.


Police Have Arrested A Person With Two Fire Arms And Weapon Parts In His Possession

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The Police have today(21) arrested a person with two locally made fire arms (Galkatas) and several weapon parts in his possession at Ruwanwella Area in Yatiyanthota(In Sabaragamuwa Province).

The 37 year old suspect is due to be produced before the Ruwanwella Magistrate Court today(21).
Yatiyanthota Police are conducting further investigations on the incident.

Finance Minister Has Suggested To Abolish Super Gain Tax

Image result for budget sri lanka 2016Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake has  suggested through the 2016 Annual Budget presented to Parliament yesterday(20) to abolish the Super Gain Tax and to provide 50% tax reduction for foreign investments generating 500 jobs.

The Minister has also suggested to bring laws to protect both local and foreign investors  .

More Budget Proposals From 2016 Annual Budget

*A Five Day working week for Employees of Private Sector(At present working week for private sector employees is five and half days)

*Value Added Tax(VAT) threshold revised to Rs.12 million per year

*Other than Manufacturer and Importer Wholesale and Retail Traders excluded from VAT

*2.5 % Withholding Tax deducting by Banks or Financial Institutions on interests from deposits to be removed

Image result for budget sri lanka*Annual Tax on Betting and Gambling will be increased to Rs.400 million

*Taxes imposed on English Films and Advertisements will be removed

*50% tax holiday for those involved in Mice Tourism for five year period

*7500 seat state of art convention center to be build in Colombo

*Three domestic Air Ports to be build in Degana,Badulla and Puttalam Areas

*The 9 US Dollar Cents charging per every minute for foreign calls received to phones will be reduced to 3 US Dollar cents

*Tile Industry to be free from tax for three year period

*Those who are paying annual income tax exceeds Rs.25 million will be provided with special facilities like VIP Facilities at Air Port,Invitations to attend state functions,allow to meet President and Prime Minister and given priority at state institutions

*To build skills of Parliamentarians a sum of Rs.50 million will be allocated

*Suggesting Ceylon Transport Board (CTB) to examine the ways of building buses locally for CTB with corporation of other local manufacturing  institutes

*Mattala Air Port to be convert to Air Luggage Operating Center and tax concessions will be provided for the activities of Air Port

*To convert all Local Universities to WI FI Zones Rs.300 million will be allocated

*Rs. 500 million will be allocated to develop Galle Fort

*Import Taxes imposed on 15 items including cloths,shoes and electrical appliances will be removed

*Tax Concession for newly build hotels

*A programme will be implemented to encourage people on using solar power 

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