Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Janitor Service Tender Of Chilaw Base Hospital Handed Over To a Banned Company

Health Authorities have handed over a  janitor  service (cleaning service) tender of Chilaw Base Hospital ( 2012/2013 period ) to a private company which was banned by Presidential Special Investigations Unit for a sum of Rs.13,149,459 it has been revealed.The sum of money spent for this tender is not worth for a janitor service of a base hospital and it was a total waste of money the co secretary of Health Services Trade Union Federation Mr.Harendra Kuruppu  has claimed.

The tender which was offered to the said company on 26th of june 2012 was handled by 3 of the powerful officers at Ministry Of Health including a minister Mr.Kuruppu has said.The worth of the tender offered to above company is 5 times higher than the lowest bid produced by another company   he stressed.

All Universities Except Medical Faculties closed

Due to the ongoing strike action of University Lecturers higher education ministry has decided to close all university faculties except medical faculties till further notice.University Lecturers are in strike since 04th July demanding increase of their wages.This strike paralyzed the whole university education system as well as paper marking activities of G.C.E Advanced Level Examination.

French Bus Driver Dies Over Face Mask Attack

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