Thursday, March 28, 2013

Due To The Fraud and Inefficiency In Government Hospitals It Spends Higher Amount Of Money For Patient Care More Than Private Sector

Due to the fraud and inefficiency prevails in ,Government Hospitals use to spend higher amount of money for providing special treatment and surgeries free of charge for people more than thrice amount rather then Private Hospitals according to Government Medical Officers Forum(GMOF).

The best example is the amount spend on behalf of Kidney failure patients who are undergoing Dialysis Treatment in government and private sector hospitals  GMOF has Private Sector is charging a sum of Rs.8000- 10,000 per a cycle of Dialysis Treatment of a Kidney Patient as a  Government Hospital is spending around Rs.30,000 per a cycle of the said treatment per a patient GMOF Spokesman has said.

The situation is same regarding other special treatment and surgeries offered by government hospitals according GMOF .therefor if the government hospitals are use to issue a hospital bills for all patients who r getting treatment from those hospitals mentioning the state hospital expenditure for patients private sector hospitals will take an advantage from the situation by increasing their fares further GMOF sources added.

Around 30 Students Got Injured As Stair Case Of Colombo National Museum Collapsed

Around 30 school students who have visited Colombo National Museum were got injured and admitted to the Colombo National Hospital this evening as the stair case of Museum they were in collapsed .all students have received minor injuries to the face and body and their condition is stable according to Colombo National Hospital authorities .

The injured students are from Middeniya,giriyagama and welimada areas.meanwhile Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksha has visited the scene of the incident at Museum and later the Hospital.

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