Friday, February 28, 2020

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Wolbachia Infected Dengue Mosquitoes To Be Released To Sri Lankan Enviornment On Momday

Long awaited release of "Wolbachia
"bacteria injected 'Aedes Aegypty  ' dengue mosquitoes to the Sri Lankan enviornment in view of controlling the spreading of Dengue scheduled to be taken place at Ananda Samarakoon Open Theater in Nugegoda on this Monday  (02)morning according to the National Dengue Control Programme.

Australian government Is funding this programme which is being implemented as a pilot project in Dematagoda and Nugegoda areas .

Wolbachia bacteria has been proved as an effective meassure to control the spreading of Dengue during research work carried out  in Australia and many other countries.

A Fire Erupted At Walamalai Reserve In Lakshapana

A fire  had  erupted in  Walamalai
reserve attached to Laxapana  area in Hatton since last Thursday  (27)night it has been reported .

The  Residents of the area had managed to contain  the fire according to reports .
However as the fire began to spread in Upper areas of the reserve since yesterday  (28)Bell-212 Aircraft belonging to Sri Lanka Airforce  is being utilised to spray water taken  from Maussakale Reservoir by  air to  douse the fire

The hot temperatures prevailed in yesterday  (28)and the day after in the area believes to be the cause for the fire  .

Corona Virus Kills 210 In Iran -Hospital Sources Say


Government Has Suspended The Signing Of MCC Agreement

Government has decided to suspend
the signing of proposed  Millennium Challange Corporation  (MCC)agreement with United States of America according to the Co-Cabinet Spokesman Bandula Gunawardane.

This decision had been Taken at the Cabinet Meeting according to the facts and recommendations of the Expert Interim committee appointed  to review the MCC agreement he has stressed.

Earlier some Government Ministers has srated that around 70 percent of the agreement is agreeable. 

A Fire Had Erupted in Newly Cinstructed Building At Bambalapitiya

A fire had  erupted  at a newly
constructed building in R.A De Mel Road near Bambalapitiya Junction this evening (28)believes to be due to the hot temperatures prevailed in most parts of Colombo today .

The fire had been later brought under control by the Colombo Municipal.Council Fire brigade which used four fire brigades to douse the fire .

Two Sri Lankan Males Arrived In From Italy Had Been Afmitted To IDH Hispital On Suspicion Of Infected With Corona Virus

Two Sri lankan males arrived in the
island from Italy with signs of Fever and coughing had been admitted to the Infectious Diseases Hospital  (IDH) in Angoda (Fever Hospital )this evening on suspicion of contacted with Corona Virus  (Covid -19 virus  (28)according to the Health Ministry sources.

The two Sri lankans had been identified as suspects  of Coronavirus at the health unit of Katunayake International Airport Health Unit .

They were later transferred to the IDH Hospital and their sputum Samples had sent to the Medical Research Institute in Borella to check whether they have infected with the virus .

Meamwhile Health officials had hesitant to reveal whereabouts of the two Sri Lankans arrived in from Italy when contacted to get information on them.  

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278 Sri Lankans Stranded In England Had Been Brought Back To Sri Lanka

A special Sri Lankan Airlines flight carrying 278 Sri lankans stranded in England due to Corona  pandamic had touched down the Katunayak...