Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Removal Of "Mono Sodium Glutamate(MSG) Contained Food Products From The Market Had Commenced-Director General Of Health Services

The Food and Drug Inspectors throughout the Island have already began to remove the food items that contained Food Additive "Mono sodium Glutamate"popularly known as "MSG " in the Market according to Director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala.

The Ministry Of Health,Nutrition And Indigenous Medicine under the advise of President Maithripala Sirisena has decided to remove the Food Items that contained "MSG" Food Additive from the market as MSG is now using as a pesticide by some local farmers Dr.Mahipala has stated.

A Circular regarding the removal of "MSG" Contained food products from the market has been issued already he has stressed.

"MSG" has contained mainly in Chinese,Japanese and Korean food and it use to get savory and salt flavors.


Final Review Meeting Of The European Union Regarding Lifting Of Sri Lanka's Fish Export Ban Has Postponed

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The Final Review Meeting of the  European Union which earlier scheduled to be held today(30) and tomorrow(31) at Brussels ,Belgium regarding lifting of the ban imposed on Sri Lanka's Fish Exports had postponed until 06th of April.

The above mentioned Review Meeting has been postponed due to the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels,Belgium. it has been announced.

A four member delegation comprising with Secretary and  the Director General of Fisheries Ministry is due to attend the Final Review Meeting of European Union scheduled to be held on 06th of April. 


A Group Of Sabaragamuwa University Students Have Launched A Satyagraha"Campaign In Front Of University Grants Commission

A Group of Students attached to Sabaragamuwa University has launched a "Satyagraha" Campaign in front of the University Grants Commission Premises in Ward Place,Colombo yesterday(29) by demanding to recruit the scheduled batch of students for  the years  2014 and 2015 to the University with immediate effect.

Around 276 Students can be recruited for the Sabaragamuwa University for the years 2014 and 2015 according to Sabaragamuwa University Students Union.

The University Authorities are still silence over this issue the Students Union has stated.


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University Non Academic Staff To Launch An Island Wide Strike On Thursday(31)

The Non Academic Staff Members attached to all Government Universities are due to launch an Island Wide Strike this Thursday(31) by demanding solutions for their several long standing demands according to the Joint University Trade Union Committee.

Increasing of the allowance received by Non Academic University Staff at present equal to the Academic Allowance pay to the University Academic Staff,Preparing a quality Pension Scheme for Non Academic Staff,Granting a Insurance Cover and revising the current recruitment and Promotion procedures of Non Academic Staff are among the demands cause for the strike it has been announced.

A Group Of 109 Sri Lankan Workers Returned To The Country From Middle East

Another Group of 109 Sri Lankan Workers have returned to the country today(29) from Middle Eastern Countries due to various reasons according to Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.

These workers have returned to the country due to expiration of their visas,left their employers earlier due to harassment and due to abuse by their employers .

Earlier this week a group of 72 Sri Lankan Workers had been brought back to the country from Middle Eastern Countries due to harassment they have faced there.


Japanese Government Has Granted A Loan Of US Dollars 400 Million To Build A New Terminal For Katunayake International Air Port

The Japanese Government has granted a loan of US Dollars 400 Million to build a new terminal for the Katunayake Bandaranaike International Air Port which is currently experiencing congestion due to increased number of tourists according to Japan International Corporation Agency(JICA).

The proposed new terminal which is the second terminal of Katunayake Air Port will have double capacity to host 15 million passengers annually the JICA has announced.

The terminal which will  build on the concept of an Eco Air Port System with advanced Japanese Technology is scheduled to be inaugurated in 2020.It will use the solar energy and a recycled water from the sewage plant  to flushing the toilets JICA has stated.

The Loan granted to build this new terminal of the Air Port  is repayable from over 40 years with 0.1 annual interest according to the agreement signed between JICA and Sri Lankan Government last week.

Government To Introduce A Lottery System To Reward Electricity Consumers Who Are Reducing Consumption Of Electricity-Deputy Minister Of Power And Renewable Energy

Image result for electricityThe  Government has decided to introduce a lottery system to reward local Electricity Consumers who will be reduced the consumption of electricity by 10%  and  20% when compared to previous months according to the  Deputy Minister Of Power and Renewable Energy Ajith P. Perera.

The demand for Electricity has been unnaturally increased  this month when compared to March last year the Deputy Foreign Minister has stated.

Although the capacity of electricity that can be generated is 3900 Mega Watts the demand of 2300 Mega Watts cannot be met due to the prevailing dry weather conditions in the country he has stressed.

However government will not impose power cuts during the upcoming festive season the deputy minister has assured.

Around 1% Out Of Total Number Of Annual Child Births In Sri Lanka Are Sufffering From "Autism"

Out of the 375,000 Child Births reported from Sri Lanka annually around 1% are reported as suffering from the Mental Condition "Autism"which developed from early childhood with behavioral problems according to Pediatricians.

Accordingly there are around 18.750 Children in Sri Lanka up to age of 5 years that suffering from "Autism"at present they have stressed.

Talented ones are there among st Children with "Autism"  and all they need is a big push from the society  to improve their talents according to Dr.Chitramali De Silvathe the Director of Mental Health attached to Ministry Of Health,Nutrition And Indigenous Medicine.

Addressing a Media Seminar held at Health Education Bureau this morning regarding "International Day Of Autism" Dr Silva has stated to address the mental health disorders and Autism among st Children the Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine has decided to establish Child Psychiatrist Clinic per district for the first time in local medical history.



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