Saturday, February 29, 2020

Saving Bananas


US Confirms First Corona Virus Death


A Stock Of Kerala Cannabis Recovered From Kilinochchi

Sri Lanka Army had arrested a person
whilst transporting 323 Kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabis by a Tipper Truck at Jayapuram in KilinochchI area this morning  (29).

Theis  stock  is known as one of the largest stocks  of  Kerala Cannabis recovered in recent history according to the Sri Lanka Army.

The raid was carried out according to an information provided by Army Intelligence Unit .

Weather Warnings For Several.Districts And Provinces Due To Hot Temperatures

The Department of Meteorology has
today (29)issued weather warnings to Ratnapura and Monaragala Districts as well as in some stations at Western ,North Western ,Central and Southern Provinces as well as for Mannar District over high temperatures.

Accordingly 33 degrees Celsius temperature had been reported from.Ratnapura District and 32 degrees Celsius temperature had been recorded in Monaragala District today .

Doctors  warned public to avoid physical activities in outdoors and do not leave children inside vehicles during high temperatures.

Public is being advised to drink plenty of water to keep body refresh Doctors have stated .

A Stock Of Heroin And Ice Narcotic Had Been Taken In To Custody In.Galle Sea

Sri Lanka Navy along with Police Anti
Narcotic Bureau officials had jointly arrested 68 Kilo Grammes of Heroin and 50 Kilo Grammes of Ice Narcotic during a raid carried out in Galle sea area today (29).

The estimated value of the stock of narcotics taken into custody is worth more than Rs.1180 million it has been reported .no one has been arrested in this regard during the raid .

Sri Lanka Navy are conducting fuether investigations over the incident. .

From Yesteryear Cinema -A Song From "Kala Bazaar '(1960)

Two Sri Lankan Males Admitted To IDH On Suspicion Of Infected With Corona Virus Had Been Tested Negative For The Virus

Two Sri lankan  males who had been
admitted to Infectious Diseases Hospital(IDH) on suspicion of  infected with corona virus after arriving in from italy had been tested negative for the virus according to the Director of IDH  Hospital Dr.Hasitha Attanayake.

After receiving test results from Medical Research Institute in Borella today (29)one of the patients had been transferred to Jayawardanapura Teaching Hospital where he was earlier treated for fever and coughing  .Other patient who had been transferred from Ragama Teaching Hospital  is still receiving treatment at IDH Hospital.Dr.Attanayake has stated .

These two patients suspected as infected with Corona Virus as they have symptoms of corona viral neumonia like fever and coughing according
To reports .

Friday, February 28, 2020

South Korea Reported It's Largest Dairy Cases

What Is Corona Virus And What Should I Do If Have Symptoms

Making Chopsticks Into House Furnishings


Wolbachia Infected Dengue Mosquitoes To Be Released To Sri Lankan Enviornment On Momday

Long awaited release of "Wolbachia
"bacteria injected 'Aedes Aegypty  ' dengue mosquitoes to the Sri Lankan enviornment in view of controlling the spreading of Dengue scheduled to be taken place at Ananda Samarakoon Open Theater in Nugegoda on this Monday  (02)morning according to the National Dengue Control Programme.

Australian government Is funding this programme which is being implemented as a pilot project in Dematagoda and Nugegoda areas .

Wolbachia bacteria has been proved as an effective meassure to control the spreading of Dengue during research work carried out  in Australia and many other countries.

A Fire Erupted At Walamalai Reserve In Lakshapana

A fire  had  erupted in  Walamalai
reserve attached to Laxapana  area in Hatton since last Thursday  (27)night it has been reported .

The  Residents of the area had managed to contain  the fire according to reports .
However as the fire began to spread in Upper areas of the reserve since yesterday  (28)Bell-212 Aircraft belonging to Sri Lanka Airforce  is being utilised to spray water taken  from Maussakale Reservoir by  air to  douse the fire

The hot temperatures prevailed in yesterday  (28)and the day after in the area believes to be the cause for the fire  .

Corona Virus Kills 210 In Iran -Hospital Sources Say


Government Has Suspended The Signing Of MCC Agreement

Government has decided to suspend
the signing of proposed  Millennium Challange Corporation  (MCC)agreement with United States of America according to the Co-Cabinet Spokesman Bandula Gunawardane.

This decision had been Taken at the Cabinet Meeting according to the facts and recommendations of the Expert Interim committee appointed  to review the MCC agreement he has stressed.

Earlier some Government Ministers has srated that around 70 percent of the agreement is agreeable. 

A Fire Had Erupted in Newly Cinstructed Building At Bambalapitiya

A fire had  erupted  at a newly
constructed building in R.A De Mel Road near Bambalapitiya Junction this evening (28)believes to be due to the hot temperatures prevailed in most parts of Colombo today .

The fire had been later brought under control by the Colombo Municipal.Council Fire brigade which used four fire brigades to douse the fire .

Two Sri Lankan Males Arrived In From Italy Had Been Afmitted To IDH Hispital On Suspicion Of Infected With Corona Virus

Two Sri lankan males arrived in the
island from Italy with signs of Fever and coughing had been admitted to the Infectious Diseases Hospital  (IDH) in Angoda (Fever Hospital )this evening on suspicion of contacted with Corona Virus  (Covid -19 virus  (28)according to the Health Ministry sources.

The two Sri lankans had been identified as suspects  of Coronavirus at the health unit of Katunayake International Airport Health Unit .

They were later transferred to the IDH Hospital and their sputum Samples had sent to the Medical Research Institute in Borella to check whether they have infected with the virus .

Meamwhile Health officials had hesitant to reveal whereabouts of the two Sri Lankans arrived in from Italy when contacted to get information on them.  

Coronavirus Outbreak I'd Getting Bigger

Love Is Flowing Like An Ocean -To find Out Watch BoX Office Hit "Arzoo" (Wish) Film -1966

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Scientists Explor Biggest Explosion Since Big Bang


President Has Instructed Authorities To Ban Oil Palm Cultivation

President Gotabaya Rajapakshe has
yesterday (27)instructed the authorities to ban the oil Palm cultivation in Sri Lanka with immediate effect due's impact to the Enviornment and water shortage whilst attending a District Coordination Committee meeting to provide urgent solutions to the public issues  held  at Udugama,Galle   .

President has ordered the ban of Palm oil cultivation after people who  attended the Meeting complaint of it to the president.

President has ordered the authorities to conduct  a formal enviornment study on the impact of the Oil Palm cultivation to the Enviornment.


Colombo High Court Remanded Former MP Sajin Vass Gunawardane Over Influencing Witnesses Of His Case

Colombo High Court Judge Gihan
Kulathunge had today (27)remanded the former United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) MP Sajin Vass Gunawardane over the charges of  influencing the witnesses of a complainant  of a legal case against him  ,until 12 th of March.

Attorney General Dappula De Livera had filed a court case against  Former MP Gunawardana under rhe money laumdering act over illegally earning more than Rs.300 million whilst functioning as a MP .

Attorney General had filed indictments against Former MP.Gunawardana charging he had owned 21 industries under the trade name "Cosmos "when he was handed over the nominations for the  2010 General elections.

Former MP Gunawardana had illegally involved in business activities whilst functioning as a MP Attorney General has charged .


All Teachers And Principals Launhed A Work To To Rule Campaign In Government Schools

All teachers and Principals attached to
Government schools have today (27)launched a continous work to rule campaign in schools by demanding solutions for their service demands imcluding removal of  salary anomalies .
Accordingly teachers and Principals are  only involved in teaching activities from today under the work to rule campaign the Ceylon Teachers Union has stated .

All teachers and Principals representing 30 trade unions had reported sick yesterday  (26)over the same demands paralysing the school activities .

If the authorities fail to provide solutions for the demands of Teachers and Principals soon, teachers a will launch a five day long strike from 16th of March the Union had

  stressed .

Japan To Close All Schools To Halt Spread Of Coronavirus

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Sri Lanka Achieved A Lot In Socialising Birth Defect Children -IAn ndian Doctor Says

India is far behind Sri Lanka regarding
socialising children with birth defects and Sri Lanka and it's media are doing a tremendous job in this regard according to Dr.Anita Khar of Birth defects Research Institute in pune, India.

Addressing the closing ceremony of the 09 th International Conference on Birth Defects held at Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo today (26)Dr.Khar has stated that in India most people believes children with birth defects are very unfortunate people and due to this they are being  neglected ."Laws regarding birth defects are not impletting fully .Media too not pay attention to cover on this issue unlike in Sri Lanka. We are very happy and amazed to see the progress achieved by  Sri lanka's   health sector "Dr.Khar has stressed .

Social activists of 36 countries had been participated this conference which was held at Cinnamon Grand Hotel.Colombo from 23 rd to 26 th of February. .

Prime Minister's wife Shiranthi Rajaoakshe had  participated as the chief guest of the closing ceremony .

Hong Kong To Give a cash Gift Of Dollars 1200 For Residents


Former Sri Lankan Ambassador To Russia Udayanga Weerathunge Had Been Further Remanded

The Former Sri Lankan Ambassador to
Russia Udayanga Weerathunga who had been arrested and remanded over the charges of unlawful interference during purchasing of Mig Aircrafts to Sri Lanka Airforce from Ukraine ,had been further remanded until 11 th of March by the Colombo Fort Magistrate Ranga Dissanayake today (26).

The Fort Magistrate Had also refused the bail application submitted by Weerathunga through his lawyers requesting his release on bail .

The Former Sri Lankan Ambassador To Russia had been arrested by the Criminal Investigations Department  (CID) officials on his arrival at Katunayake International Airport on 14 th of february .

Special.Action Committe On Corona Virus Action Commitree Has Decided To Quarantine Those Arriving In From South Korea ,Italy And Iran. At Their Homes To Prevent The virus Spreading Here

The Special National Security Action
Committe on Corona Virus which conducted an Emergancy meeting  at the Health Ministry this evening (26)under the patronage of Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi has decided to quarantine all Sri Lankans and foreigners arriving in Sri Lanka for the new year holiday  from South Korea ,Italy, Iran and few other Middle Eastern countries where the Corona virus is spreading rapidly,  for 14 days at their houses to avoid spreading of virus here .

During the meeting the committee members have also decided to establish four special fully functioned quarantine Centers to quarantine those who shows symptoms of Corona virus infection in near Colombo and in Central,South and North Eastern Provinces besides the one at Diyathalawa Army camp at present .

Foreigners arriving in Sri Lanka especially from South Korea where around 25,000 Sri Lankans are working will be subjected for special screening at the Katunayake Airport according to the committee .

The Commiteee members have decided  to inform health officials to get  the details of foreigners arriving in through planes as small groups from their tourist agents prior to their arrival .

Other decisions that taken at the meeting includes
*screening of all tourist shop Passangers at Colombo and Galle ports and avoid them entering the country .

* The Commiteee has also planned to screen those foreign fisheries technicians arriving in through fisheries harbours

*To import and stored extra Stock of face masks if the Corona virus is spreading in the country as well as locally manufactured them.

Health Minister  is scheduled to inform President ,Prime Minister and the cabinet on these decisions  prior to implementing them.

UNP MP Ranjan Ramanayake Was Released On Bail

Remanded United National Party (UNP)
MP Ranjan Ramanayake has been released on bail by the Gangodawila Magistrate Court at Nugegoda today  (26)after being produced before the court.

MP Ramanayake who was arrested on 14 th of January by the Colombo Crimes Division over the charges  interfering judiciary and judges had been later remanded by the Magistrate Court.

He had been today released on two surety bails of Rs.500,000 each after being produced before the court. However court had imposed a foreign  travel ban on MP Ramanayake .

Meanwhile although MP Ramanayake had made a special statement before the Magistrate Court recently saying the leaked audio clips belonging to him containing telephone conversations had been distorted before circulating in social and some private media channels, Government Analyst Department has today informed the Court that the voice in those audio clips compatible with the voice of MP Ramanayake.

MP had recently undergone a voice test at the Government Analyst Department. 

Coronavirus Now Spreading Faster Outside China

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Coronavirus -The Race To Find The Source In Wildlife

Quotes For Life

Cabinet Approved A Proposal TO Purchase 128 MW Electricity From Private Sector

Cabinet has approved a Cabinet paper

 submitted by Minister of Power and Energy Mahinda Amaraweera to purchase 128 Mega Watt of Electricity to add to the National grid in view of providing uninterrupted  electricity supply to the consumers .

Minister Amaraweera has submitter the Cabinet paper according to a request made by Ceylon Electricity Board to do so it has been revealed .

Due to the current dry weather prevailing  in the country the water levels of most of the power generating reservoirs are receeding and the Water Management Secretariet has already restricted the water supply to the Electricity Board due to this situation Electricity Board has stated.   

Iranian Deputy Health Minister Tested Positive For Corona Virus As Outbreak Worsens


Teachers And Principals Of Government Schools To Report Sick Tomorrow (26)

Teachers and Principals attached to All
government schools in the island are scheduled to report sick tomorrow (26)by demanding solutions for 06 of their service demands including removal of salary anomalies according to Ceylon Teachers Union.

Teachers and Principals representing 30 Teachers Unions will be participated this one day sick note campaign and the teachers and Principals are scheduled to hold a protest march tomorrow during the trade union action .

Ceylon Teachers Union had held three rounds of talks with The Eduction Ministry officials and conducted a protest campaign  on 14 th of february in colombo demanding  solutions for their demands the Union has stressed .

CTB Today (25)Deployed 16 New Semi Luxury Buses On The Southern Expressway Extension To Hambanthota

Ceylon Transport Board (CTB)has today
(25)deployed 16 new semi luxury buses on the newly opened extension of the Southern Expressway to travel to and from Colombo.

Accordingly these semi luxury buses will travel daily to Colombo from Hambanthota ,Tissamaharamaya ,Ambalanthota, Embilipitiya Kataragama and Tangalle  it had been announced.

However Minister of Passanger Transport Management Mahinda Amaraweera had instructed the CTB To introduce another low fare Bus service on the extension for the benefit of Those Passangers who cannot bear the high cost of the semi luxury bus service .

The Bus fare of the Colombo -Hambanthota Semi Luxury Bus service is Rs.880 according to reports. 

A 16 Year Old Boy Has Died After Falling From The Rooftop Of Central Bank Building

A 16 year old boy has died after falling
on to the ground from The rooftop floor of the Central Bank building  at Colombo Fort this evening  (25).

The deceased was a son of a senior Bank officer attached to the Central Bank it has been revealed .

Police are currently conducting an investigations to find out whether the death is a Suicide or an accident .

The magisterial Inquiry had been performed regarding the body by the Colombo Chief Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne this evening .Afterwards the body had been sent to the Colombo National Hospital .

A Sudden Fire Erupted At A Marshy Land In Rajagiriya

A Sudden fire had  erupted at a
forest area of a marshy land in Buthgamuwa Road ,Rajagiriya this noon(25) under hot weather conditions  it has been reported .

Although 04 fire trucks with fire fighters belonging to Kotte Municipal Council had sent to douse the fire the fire fighters not been  able to  reach the site earlier.

However with the help of a Bell-212 Aircraft belongs to Sri Lanka Airforce fire fighters had doused the fire after battling for nearly five hours.

The cause behind the fire has not yet been revealed and Welikada Police are conducting an investigations over the incident. 

Australia-Victoria's Corona Cases Are On The Rise -Most Affected Areas Has Been Revealed