Sunday, September 23, 2018



A Person Was Shot And Killed By A Gunman At Hikkaduwa

A 46 year old fisheries Technician was 
killed due to a gun shooting incident  near the Hikkaduwa Post office this afternoon (23).

The critIcaly injured Fisheries Technician had succumbed to his injuries after admission to Balapitiya
Base Hospital.

An unidentified Gunmen arrived in through the Hikkaduwa-Baddegama main road had shot the Technician who was walking on the road and fled away from the scene.

The cause of the shooting has not yet been revealed.

Three Persons Arrested With A Foreign Made Firearm And Bullets

Pallewala Police have arrested three
Persons with a foreign made firearm and 29 bullets in their possession at Pallewala area yesterday (22)as per the information received by the Police.

The three suspects are of the ages 38 and 50 years old and residents of Bokalagama ,Maduragoda and Kalae Liya areas.

The are due to be produced before the Attangalla Magistrate Court.

A Person Was Arrested With 714 Illegally Imported Foreign Liquor Bottles In Possession

Special Police Task Force Personal have
arrested a 56 year old person with  714 illegally imported  foreign made Liquor bottles in his possession at Aththidiya ,Dehiwala area last friday (21)evening .

The suspect who is a resident of Aththidiya area had been arrested as per the information received by Intelligance Unit officials attached to the Special Police Task Force .

The estimated value of the liquor bottles taken in to custody by the Special Police Task Force Personal is more than Rs.6 million  it has been revealed.

The suspect was handed over to the Dehiwala Police for further investigations and due to be produced before the court.



A Body Of An Elephant Calf Recovered In Vavuniya

A body of a two and half year old
Elephant calf who died after consuming a food containing an explosive device "Hakkapatas" had been recovered by Wild Life  officers in Vavuniya  at  Ilamaradankulam area in Vavuniya today (23).

The Baby Elephant had faced this incident after arriving at Mahailuppaikulam Wewa to drink water it has been revealed.

A 14 Year Old School Boy Has Drowned In Gurugal Oya( River)

A 14 year old school boy has drowned
in Gurugal Oya (River) at Galaha area whilest bathing there this morning (23).

The missing boy went to the oya  to take a bath with one of his uncles .

Police along with the villagers of the area have launched a search mission to find the missing.

A Person Was Shot And Killed In Tangalle

A 42 year old person was shot and
killed by two unidentified Gunmen arrived in from a Motorcycle near a Vehicle service center at Wadigala on Kataragama road ,Tangalle this morning (23).

The deceased was identified as the owner of a Vehicle service center .

Two unidentified gunmen who had fully coveted their faces had shot the deceased and fled away from the scene according to Police Media Spokesman'S office.

Tangalle Police have launched an investigations to arrest the gunmen.

A Road In Embilipitiya Had Been Blocked Due To Tree Falls

Ten feet road  at padalangala area in Embilipitiya area had been completely blocked since this evening (23)after a large number of treas falling in to the road as a result of a strong winds blown across the area.

Due to this situation transport activities of the road had been completely blocked according to the Disaster Management Center.

A bus was damaged while travelling in the road as a result of tree falls the Center has stated.No casualties have been reported due to the incident. 

A Group Of Persons Injured Due To A Wasp Attack At Loolkandura Tea Estate

Around 20 local tourists  had been
injured and hospitalized due to a Wasp attack at Loolkandura Tea Estate in Rikillagaskada area  (Central Province ) this evening (23).

The injured had been admitted to Delthota Provincial Hospital for treatment .

The incident occurred whilst  the injured who are residents of surrounding areas in Kandy were climbing a rock located at the Loolkandura Tea Estate which is known as the first Tea Estate of Sri Lanka .




A Chinese Female Has Died After Falling From A Third Floor Of A Holiday Resort In Nuwara Eliya

A 34 Year Old Chinese Female has died
after falling to the ground from a  third floor of a Holiday resort in Nuwara Eliya where she had stayed this noon (23)according to Police.

The deceased Chinese Female had succumbed to her injuries after admission to Nuwara Eliya Base Hospital due to the serious injuries received to her head.

The deceased female who had arrived in Nuwara Eliya with a group of Chinese Nationals yesterday (22) for a tour had faced this incident while viewing the nature at the front area of the Third floor at the Holiday Resort she had stayed it has been reported.

Cause of her fall not yet been revealed.

Six Foreign Nationals Were Saved After They Were Drifting Away By Strong Sea Waves In Nilaweli Sea Area

Police life saving officers along with a 
Navy Coastguard have saved five foreign Nationals including five Indians and an American national when they were drifting away by the strong sea waves whilst bathing in Nilaweli sea at Trincomalee this noon (23).

The victims including four Indian Females, A five year old Indian girl and  an American male were saved by the Police lifesaving officers and a Navy Coastguard guard who were on duty at the time after the victims called for help.

The Lifesaving officers and the Coastguard had swam towards the victims and saved them it has been reported.Afterwards they were brought ashore by a boat .

The six foreign national had faced this incident after attending a wedding reception of a foreign  couple held at a hotel in NIlaWeli.

A Two Month Old Infant Girl Was Killed And Four Others Injured Due To Motor Car -Train Collision

A two month old infant girl was killed
and four others including her parents had been injured and hospitalized after the Motor Car they were travelling in colliding  with a Matara-Kandy bound Express Train while attempting to cross an unprotected Railway crossing at Gudumulla -Koggala this evening (23).

The critically injured infant girl along with the injured  two females, The driver and a small boy of the car  had been admitted to the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital for treatment where the infant girl had succumbed to her injuries.

The deceased girl was a resident of Kala he, Wanchawala area and had faced the incident while she and her family members were returning home  after attending a function held at a Hotel in Gudumulla -Koggala.

A Farmer Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack-Villagers Had Protested In Front Of The Veheragala Wild Life Office

A 58 year old farmer was killed and
another 55 year old person had been injured and hospitalized due to a Wild Elephant attack at Veheragala, Dimbulagala area last night (22).

The critically injured person had been admitted to Dehiattakandiya Hospital for treatment .

The angry villagers in the area had taken the body of the deceased farmer near the Wildlife office at Veheragala and staged a protest in front of the office for more than two hours demanding solutions for the Wild Elephant problem in the area.

However the Aralaganvila Police officers had later intervened and taken the body to Aralaganvila Hospital it has been reported.

During the protest the villagers had stoned the Wild Life officers.However at the time of the incident Wild Life officers were involved in a strike Based on their service demands .


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